299 Chapter 164: Red Dust Cage, Breaking into the Heart Realm_2

Translator: 549690339

"It seems you have grasped some of the essence." Guizhang Emperor laughed, "I have come, and I will conquer! Conquering this world and making it my lair will surely take my strength to a new level, becoming a true Deceptive God. At a single glance, I can twist reality, souls, and the essence of life. Under my gaze, all will be my slaves!"

Without a word, Jiang Ming charged directly towards him.

He flickered, creating numerous after-images, and his sword displayed various sword skills, making it seem like twenty or thirty Jiang Mings attacking simultaneously—an incredibly terrifying sight.

His Sword Qi cleaved the void, transforming into a curtain of swords that enveloped Guizhang Emperor.

His figure constantly disappeared and reappeared, attacking like a storm.

However, the terrifying Sword Qi was directly annihilated by bizarre rays of light.


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