250 Chapter 143: The Wine Sword Immortal_2

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That was his pride.

Ye Hongyu was also impressed.

If it were her, she would definitely eradicate the problem.

Before the closed-door training, several people checked the treasures of the Tianxia Association and found heaps of gold and silver. However, Jiang Ming and the others didn't care about those. What they cared about were valuable tonics like ginseng.

"There are several thousand-year ginseng plants!" Jiang Ming couldn't help but rub his hands, "I'll be unceremonious about this. I'll find an alchemist to refine them into a great elixir pill."

"Great!" Zhou Tian was even more excited.

Even Ye Hongyu was overjoyed.

As for Jianchen, there was no need to mention him.

Eating, drinking, and cultivating, the days passed leisurely and comfortably.


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