Hybrid Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy



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  • 39 Chs

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it is the story of a very powerful young wolf who was orphaned from an early age. he does not belong to any pack because he very often retains his human form. His best friend is the son of the Apha from the North and he will then fall in love with the daughter of the Supreme Apha who happens to be his soul mate. the lone wolves have long been shunned and despised and now they come together to fight a bitter battle against the wolves gathered in the packs. our young being a hybrid and unaware that his father was mistreated by the pack of his best friend and his future bride must then make a decision. he will be a great asset to whatever side he chooses because according to the werewolf myth, the hybrid is the most powerful wolf of all and only appears once in every century. What will then be the decision of the young wolf? Will he abandon his friend or sweetheart for revenge or will he try to save them?