1 Introduction

Fear. Pure fear, the sort of fear that makes your skin itch. When you can feel every hair on your body rise, when you feel like your skin is crawling. Fear that makes your body freeze, paralysing you on the spot, that s the sort of fear I felt when I heard her blood-curdling scream.

The only thing was I was her big sister, so I couldn t run away. I had no choice but to move, to go to her. I forced my legs up the front porch of the Pack house, running in the direction I could hear her screaming my name. My feet pound on the floorboards in panic. I m moving so fast, I felt myself slipping on the hallway rug, making me skid along the floor and into the wall. My head and shoulder twist at an awkward angle into the kitchen door frame, with enough force that black dots danced in front of my vision. My collarbone and shoulder send shooting pain through my body as I feel my shoulder dislocate on impact.

"Aria! Aria!" Her petrified scream echoed through the house. Jumping to my feet, my head spun. I turned the corner into the kitchen to see the Alpha dragging my sister by her hair into the basement with a whip in his other hand. I start running to her, grabbing the basement door frame just in time for him to slam the door shut on my fingers. My own scream escapes my lips in agony. I reach for the door handle, only to find it's been locked. I start trying to yank my hand free. I could hear her crying and screaming for me on the other side of the door.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" I screamed at him, slamming my body into the door, trying to free my fingers and get in. Not being able to get a run-up, I threw my body with all my might towards the side where my fingers were stuck, the door moving just enough for me to free my injured bloody mangled hand. My fingers were definitely broken as they twisted and jutted out at unnatural angles. Backing up into the kitchen, I ran full force into the door and bounced off, knocking the air out of my lungs. I stood up, backing up again and running harder. I dropped my shoulder hitting the door with so much force it burst open, my feet hitting air as my body was thrown down the stairs landing at a weird angle. My head smashing into the basement s concrete floor.

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