4 The Sun and Moon

Loki was extremely pleased with his hatsu.

It was something that embodied his entire being and individuality.

It was his representation of the God of Mischief.

After learning of his hatsu, it was time to begin to dissect his ability and investigate it.

His ability, fortunately, would not change his fighting style too much. Black Light would allow him to fight much like he did as a hitman but bring new variety.

As a hitman, he would use holograms to trick his opponent or guide them. The problem was these holograms were typically static and unmoving unless he put more work into specific scenarios.

Black Light would allow much more freedom than those holograms.

Loki immediately began planning how to expand his Nen ability.

After thinking he came up with a special type of illusion he could make by manipulating the black light.

The special type of illusion would be a living illusions that could inflict heightened pain on others at the cost of some of his nen. By using manipulation in addition to the black light in his field he would be able to manipulate the black light to work much like genjutsu from Naruto in which they could cause pain.

The downside of this was that these constructs could only influence someone's senses if those constructs make contact with the target. This infuses some small amount of nen into the target which allows him to manipulate the feeling of pain within the body.

The first living illusions that Loki created as practice were carbon copies of himself. These copies could move and speak as well as use nen. The limitation, of course, was that Loki had to decide how much of his nen he would give each of these copies.

These illusions worked much like shadow clones; if the nen given to them ran out, they would disappear.

This also meant that they could be destroyed if someone was to disrupt the nen within them.

These living illusions allowed him to fight well in one versus one or a one versus many situations. Within his domain, he could make himself a mirage to the enemy while they had to figure out which illusions would deal pain.

Although the wounds inflicted by his living illusions did not affect the actual body, the pain it brought was enough.

The pain brought by his illusions was much more than usual. These living illusion raised the sensitivity of pain up to 5x the normal amount. This could debilitate even people who train to withstand pain like the Zoldycks, however would have much less effect.

This effect would work much like Itachi Uchiha's Tsukuyomi, in which you cause the opponent to fall due to mental trauma.

When Loki used holograms in his previous life, he excelled in hidden weapons such as needles and throwing knives.

He was able to continue practicing with them even after he traversed.

He continued practicing these skills using small pieces of sharpened rocks and some cleaned needles he found in the dump. The only issue was he had no poison currently.

Loki was not someone averse to using things like poison. Although many disdained using poison, he believed it was essential to use any advantage.

As a Manipulator, he did not have a great attribute percentage for enhancer, with it only being sixty percent effective. He could supplement this, however, by manipulating his black light to help him. This could also be supplemented when he made vows.

Another weapon that Loki had wanted to start using was sharp finger claws. These claws would work well with his fighting style and were good for administering poison quickly.

These claws would have extremely sharp fingers without being too bulky and limiting movements. With this sorted out in his head, he began focusing on different facets of his ability.

He had wanted to practice strengthening his hands like Killua did, but he did not know the exact skill.

Although he could not get the same ability, he could feel that his hands and fingers were much stronger than in his old life.

All of Loki's skills point toward a fighting style that would work in tandem with his illusions. This would either lead to his opponent having a mental breakdown or allow him to kill his opponent in one shot with his gauntlets.

The only current drawback was that Black Light could only be released in a range equivalent to his En. That was currently 75 meters.

This was fine for now, but he would need to continue expanding his En as much as possible in the future.


Loki spent the next six months training his hatsu abilities and made a lot of improvements.

It had been a year since he came to Meteor City, and Loki had made a lot of progress.

From what he could tell, Loki was thirteen years old, which worked well for him. His body was now in a good state; he was ready to start exploring Meteor City a bit before he left.

Although he had lived here for the past year, he didn't leave his hut too much except to get small amounts of food such as black rice.

After walking around a bit, he found a mask in a trash pile. It was somewhat cracked, and the upper right was completely broken off, but it attracted him.

The mask had a giant smile like the one he used to wear.

He grabbed it and started to put it on when he heard shuffling behind him.

Near him were several kids digging through the trash and a short old man covered in dirty, ragged clothing and a mouthpiece covering his nose and mouth. This old man was currently ordering around several kids with a whip in his hand.

Suddenly the old man saw him and came over to look at what he was wearing.

"Ohh, this is a good piece; I'll give you some black rice for it!" he said as he began to grab at it.

Loki saw this and immediately grabbed his hand. The old man who saw this was infuriated.

"What do you think you're doing? Give me that right now, you slimy kid or I'll kill you! You're just one of the many workers around here! Don't think we can't afford to lose a few!" he screamed, causing the others to turn and look at them.

"I'm not one of your workers…." Loki said coldly as bloodlust soon radiated off of him.

The one visible yellow eye looked extremely scary with massive killing intent shooting toward the old man.

Seeing this, the elder laughed in disdain. He was one of the few nen practitioners in this place, and nobody could match him. In Meteor City, he was king. In this place, only strength reigned supreme.

"So be it! Soon you will experience regret for challenging me!" he yelled as he lit up with powerful ren.

Seeing this, Loki immediately fired his ren, shocking the old man.

"How do you know how to use nen!" he said while pointing at Loki.

Loki didn't speak, however, and began moving at high speeds towards the old man. He wanted to truly test himself in this fight.

Suddenly two marks appeared on the old man's hands. Seeing this, Loki was instantly wary, knowing this should be the elder's hatsu.

On one palm was a Sun, and the other was a Crescent Moon. After which, he shot his hand towards Loki in quick succession.

Seeing this, Loki dodged, not knowing the enemy's ability, and activated his own ability. Suddenly twinkles of black light unfolded around them, which caused the elder to look around warily.

Suddenly many clones of Loki began to appear and run around the old elder.

One of them ran up with a small rock shiv and began to stab at the elder. Although the elder swiftly defeated him, it was enough for him to get stabbed in the gut. This caused extreme pain to flow through him and made his eyes bloodshot.

The elder screamed out and fell over in pain. Although he had fought a lot, he had never felt pain at this level. He was sweating and trying to catch his breath, but before he could, more clones came over with rock-type shivs in their hands.

Normally this fight would be extremely easy as the moves were straight forward, but sometimes his hand would slip through and sometimes connect. Half of the clones that attacked where immaterial and he could not sense which were which.

Soon he felt extreme pain. He tried to hold on to sanity as he defended himself from the clones. After defeating them, he stood up with a terrifying expression.

He was releasing extreme bloodlust and wanted nothing more than to kill Loki right now.

Seeing this, Loki had all clones throw their rock shivs at him, and while he defended some, he failed to defend the real one hidden within them.

The elder knew he couldn't go on like this and quickly put his palms on the grown, leaving marks on it. Quickly he moved back to the place where the mark exploded with a massive explosion.

Seeing this caught Loki off guard but he still had some nen left and he decided to spread out more clones in the area. Seeing this made the elder's eyes bloodshot but he continued to fight.

After a time the elder was panting and was extremely tired but Loki was the same due to some nen exhaustion.

This gave the old man a chance to get close. Loki reacted quickly in his exhausted state and fired some more of his shivs, landing on the old man in the chest and arm.

Although Loki's action was quick, it allowed the old man to touch Loki's chest for no more than a microsecond, but this was enough to place a small mark on his chest.

Seeing this, the old man smiled as blood dripped from his mouth due to his injuries.

"Finally got you little rat… Now feel the power of the Sun and Moon…!" he choked out, which caused Loki's eyes to dilate.

Immediately he tried gathering his men around the mark, but he was too late to completely block it.


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