20 A tough fight

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When Nobunaga and Uvogin were starting the fire and getting ready to fight, Loki was moving toward the top floor. As he did this, he unfolded his blacklight domain throughout the entire building. The groups of nen users spreading out through the building were slowly being separated without them even realizing it.

With slight manipulation, he could alter their direction slightly while making them feel they were walking straight. All he had to do after that was make an illusion that their companions were following them.

Soon all of the lower-level nen users were running through the building completely separated. Knowing this, he used a small number of Nen to send clones of Uvogin and Nobunaga around the building with the ability to inflict pain, to exhaust them a bit. With this, it would be up to Nobunaga and Uvogin to take them out.

Thinking of this, Loki began to prepare for the main act. Slowly Loki used his domain to subtly guide the elder to the top floor. This way, their fight would not interrupt Uvogin and Nobunaga.

Soon the elder walked into a large ballroom only to find his surroundings suddenly changed. When he looked around, he suddenly found that he was in a large castle with Loki looking down on him.

Loki was currently sitting on a throne, looking down on the elder, looking like a king with his broken mask. His outfit was casual clothes consisting of black pants and a white dress shirt, but his aura was incredibly noble at this moment.

"It's been a while, elder… Were you so sure that you killed me? Or did you perhaps ignore the fact that someone could survive that? Shame on you. You should always confirm the enemy is dead, or situations like this will happen…." Loki said, looking down on him, sounding particularly happy.

Hearing this, the elder grit his teeth. He truly did think he had killed him, but never did he think he would be lectured by a little brat.

"Who are you to lecture me, you little brat! I am the king of this area, and no one is allowed to disrespect me!" the elder yelled at Loki.

"Heh… How ironic that you say that in this situation..." Loki said with a sneer.

"All great kings are bound to fall; however, I suppose you aren't a very great king. After all, you can only be king by restraining the ability of the people here. Power makes you a true king, not your subordinates. Did you really think that by concealing the information of hatsu, no one would be able to defeat you?" Loki asked in a mocking tone as he sat there.

The elder was furious and couldn't stand it. An image of a sun and a moon appeared on the back of each of his hands as he ran up to Loki. Reaching out, he tried to touch Loki only to find his hand drift through and hit the back of the throne room.

Seeing this, he immediately pulled his hand back and turned his head around to see Loki sitting on a throne, staring down at him still. When he looked back to the throne he had just destroyed, he found it gone and instead found himself in the center of the room again.

"Now, don't get too excited… Weren't we having a good conversation? You see, I've thought a lot about this moment…." Loki started to speak, but the elder immediately rushed toward him.

"I don't care about our conversation! Die for me!" The elder yelled as he tried to touch Loki but again found his hand going straight through him. Immediately the elder turned around only to find the same scene again.

"So excited… how about you calm down?" Loki said with a joking tone.

The elder seeing this, was infuriated but forced himself to calm down. He knew that he was only going to make a bigger fool of himself if he charged again. Thinking for a second, he immediately decided that he must be inside of an ability. Knowing this, however, still left him at a loss for what to do.

Although the elder was an advanced nen user, he lacked too much combat experience due to only fighting people without nen abilities due to restraining its information. Last time Loki was also inexperienced, which allowed the elder to fight normally, but now he was much stronger. Realizing this, the elder was becoming a bit nervous.

Immediately he decided to run. Breaking a wall, he ran at a fast speed only to find himself in another version of the throne room. Looking around, he still saw Loki sitting on top of a throne, looking down on him.

"Now, we don't want you running away, do we? Can't allow that…." Loki said, staring down at the elder.

"You can't hold me here forever! I am an elder of Meteor City! Do you know what this means!" The elder yelled, pointing at Loki furiously.

"I'm so glad you didn't change… This wouldn't be near as fun if you had become a bit smarter…." Loki said, laughing a bit.

"I actually have thought of how this day would go for a while…." Loki started slowly and stood up.

Seeing this, the elder slowly backed away. Currently, Loki was giving off an extremely horrid aura that even made the elder sweat a bit.

"Finally, I decided on the way I thought would be most amusing…." Loki said before snapping his fingers.

The hall doors suddenly opened, revealing hundreds of peasants pouring in, yelling and screaming at the elder as they surrounded him. All of them had ragged clothing and broken, deformed weapons such as glass shards, broken knives, and

"Don't you consider yourself a king? I thought it would be amusing to see how strong a king would be in the face of his poor subjects…." Loki said with a laugh, his voice seemingly booming throughout the hall.

The elder tried to stop them but soon began an intense fight with these peasants. He quickly put his hand on one of them and blew them up, causing a huge reaction. While he was fighting, he was even more confused about who these people were.

Soon a person got past him and slashed his leg, causing the elder's eyes to bulge in pain. It was only when he looked at his leg that he remembered Loki's horrid ability. Suddenly as he looked around, he felt weak, seeing that the number of people hadn't lowered.

Although these peasants were weak, it still required him to expand some strength when fighting, or else he would have to face that horrid pain again. He continued to fight the peasants but soon ended up getting injured again, this time in the back.

This caused the elder to almost fall over, giving the others another chance to attack him. The elder tried to run but still got stabbed in several other places causing him to scream as he moved away.

All the while, Loki sat on the throne, looking down on the elder like a king. The elder was panting and furious but could do nothing as he continued to kill the peasants attacking him. He spent his time trying to find a way to break this ability, but after an amount of time, he still had seemingly no idea how.

Several times he tried to escape the throne room only to find that he was back in the throne room, surrounded by people again. Other times he would break past the peasants to try to kill Loki to find his hand going straight through him.

At some point, he had fallen over, causing them all to pile on to him, leaving him defenseless. The elder was also running out of aura and couldn't use his ability much anymore. Soon the elder felt like he was going to die from the pain and was repeatedly being tortured by it.

Putting his hand on the floor, he used his ability and soon fell to the next floor underneath him, causing him to feel even more pain. As he looked around, he found that he was back in the throne room, causing him to panic even more. Looking around, however, he found that he was now being held down by peasants.

"Look how miserable you look… Does it hurt?" Loki asked mockingly.

The elder was furious but could do nothing. From the moment he had entered this room, there was nothing he could do. At this moment, he was only a jester on strings, dancing for his king. As the peasants began stabbing his limbs, the elder finally started to break down.

"How…How could your ability be so strong? To be able to replicate so much space that I can't leave shouldn't be possible! Something like this should have massive conditions! That doesn't even count your illusions!" he yelled as he bore the pain.

The elder was utterly exhausted and could hardly move even though his body looked perfectly fine. Each attack from these peasants seemed to attack his soul and made his entire body burn in pain.

"You're right… An ability to replicate space would have a lot of conditions, but when have I done that?" Loki asked with interest.

"What do you mean?! How else would you explain this situation? No matter how many rooms I enter, it's the exact same!" The elder yelled, which made Loki laugh a bit.

"You know any more experienced nen user would have figured this out by now… This entire time you have never left this room…." Loki said mockingly.

"All I did was alter your sense of direction and give the illusion that you broke a wall leading to a new one. This entire time you have been running in circles like a dog…." Loki said as he broke out in a laugh.

Hearing this, the elder's eyes became dull as he realized this. At this moment, his will to fight had been broken. The entire fight, he was a clone who could do nothing in the face of this monster. Seeing this, Loki smiled and stood up to walk towards him.

"This day was bound to come the day you decided to mess with me," Loki said as he picked up the head of the elder being held down. He could no longer move, and his spirit was on the verge of breaking. At this moment, the elder really began to regret messing with Loki, but there was no medicine for regret.

"Please just kill me, so I don't feel this pain…" the elder barely managed to choke out as he was repeatedly stabbed over and over.

"Elder! There's no reason to die so soon… The fun has just begun! This is merely the beginning of your punishment for messing with me," Loki said with a maniacal laugh as he gagged the elder.


Uvogin and Nobunaga had just finished killing the last of the intruders. With them being by themselves and somewhat tired and scared from the attacks of clones. It allowed them to take all of them down.

This was not without injury, though. No matter how tired or injured, an animal is always most dangerous when on its last legs resulting in several of them attacking with such high intensity that they could not avoid.

Although they were injured, it was relatively small, leaving them only tired and exhausted.

"Heh… To think we would be able to kill over twenty nen users with the help of Loki's clones…." Nobunaga said.

"Hmph… I could have taken them out without his help!" Uvogin said as they started to bicker. It had been about thirty minutes since the fight started, and they were going to the top floor, planning to help Loki. When they got to the door, however, what they heard sent chills down their spines.

"Please just kill me, so I don't feel this pain…" someone barely choked out.

"Elder! There's no reason to die so soon… The fun has just begun! This is merely the beginning of your punishment for messing with me!" Loki said with a maniacal laugh.

Hearing this, Uvogin and Nobunaga looked at each other while before deciding not to enter. For the next thirty minutes, all they heard was muffled screaming and sobbing before it abruptly stopped.

Suddenly the door opened to reveal Loki with an extremely satisfied expression. Uvogin and Nobunaga looked inside only to see the elder on the floor drooling with a blank expression on his face, and his limbs cut off. Loki saw them and quickly smiled to greet them.

"Hey, you guys, I'm guessing everything downstairs is finished? How long have you been waiting?" Loki asked with a calm smile.

This, however, made Uvogin and Nobunaga sweat even more.

"J-Just got here, Loki! It took us a little bit to finish them all!" Nobunaga said nervously. Uvogin instead opted to change the subject.

"Loki, you seem to be okay… Did you finish everything?" Uvogin asked him.

"Yeah, all finished here… It took me quite a while to take him out! It seems that I underestimated him a bit. It was an extremely tough fight…." Loki said seriously, looking incredibly natural.

This caused the two of them to break out into a cold sweat.

"Clearly, you just tortured him to death! Please be a bit more honest, Loki!" the two of them thought together with fake smiles on their faces.

"Well, let's head back now; the building should burn down soon," Loki said as they began walking out.

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