1 1. Prologue.

I opened my eyes , a bright light piercing my eyes .

' somebody close the curtains' I groaned.

My eyesight is blurry.

I try to adjust my eye to the light and observe my surrounding.

The thing I saw was that I was lying in a clearing in the middle of trees.

I try to remember where am I.

Last thing I remember was going to sleep last night.

I don't remember sleeping in the middle of the trees.

I am trying to clear up my mind.

' Where am I ? what am I doing out in nowhere?'.

'Did I get kidnapped', I thought in my mind .

After that immediately I was hit by massive headache. I groaned intearnely.

Some foreign memories appeared in my mind.

I am Deep Aras. that's the name ringing in my mind telling me that's my name.

I am 18 year old boy who set out to be a hunter.

'Hunter huh!' I thought.

'that sounds familiar' thinking as I organise other memories.

As I was on my way to exam sight I was mugged by group of bandits and was robbed of my things and left to die in the middle of the forest.

'so that explains the trees'. I thought.

'huh! hunter exam '.

'I am in hunter x hunter world'.

'I transmigrated but how?'.

Never mind how I am still digesting the fact that I was transmigrated to another world and that too hunter x hunter world.

After digesting the fact that I transmigrated to HXH world, I dropped the thought of taking hunter exam.

If I can be overwelmed by a group of mobs then I am just seeking death by attending hunter exam.

The first thing that came to my mind after dropping thought of participating in the hunter exam is that I am weak.

' I have to become stronger, lot stronger than Gon, Leorio and Kurapika after they rescued Killua from his family'.

As I was making my decision I am searching for a safe area to start my training and daily necessities.

I was searching my memories for any nearby town .

As it turns out I was near some small village near Dolle harbor which was near Zaban city the area of 287th hunter exam sight.

I remembered that the exam I was going to participate in is 286th hunter exam.

I had to go to somewhere from Dolle harbor to the exam sight.

'And thank God that I am only 1 year away from the beginning of the plot'. I thought in my head.

Now I will go to nearby village and start to train untill next year and attend the hunter exam.

As I was approaching the village I noticed that it's near the sea then that means the village realy on fishing for their livelyhood.

Thank god that I hid my belongings before I got robbed otherwise I would have been completely broken and piss poor.

I start to searching my belongins so I might as well find something usefull.

After searching I found a short saber, a kitchen knife, a ten meter long rope, some medicines for poison, infection and other basic drugs, two set of clothes, some food and a bottle of water and twenty thousand jenny.

As I was walking I was thinking of training

and how to acquire food for the rest of the year.

I do have some money but it will only lasts for a few months at most.

I know hunting and I can hunt from time to time .

And I should find some work to do.

I also just finished my highschool education.

And I didn't know what to do in the future so that's why I was going to take hunter exam to see where my future leads me to.

I can work in the village library or in the fishing boats. although I don't know how to fish I can atleast do some chore work in the ship.

Travelling in the sea for sometime was always my dream in my past life after watching one piece anime.

By doing this I can do both things at once learn how to fish and also do some training by doing heavy work in the fishing boat.

After walking for some time I can see the outline of the village.

I reached the village after some time .

It was nearly sunset time.

I can see the fishing boats returning from the sea aporoaching the village.

The view of returning boats in the sea and to add it all the background of sunset it is the most beautiful thing I saw after entering this world .

The village was pretty moderate.

There were street lights were being lit up.

I approched a villager to ask for direction for the nearest and cheapest inn in the village.

"Excuse me, can you point me the direction of the nearby inn. I'm new in the town" I asked.

the villager turned towards me and answerd "walk straight and turn left at the first intersection and you will see the Cats club inn on the right side of the road". he walked off after answering my question.

I followed the path that the villager pointed me towards to and I turned to left in the intersection and saw the inn .

I entered the inn and approached who I think is the owner of the inn.

" Can I get a room to stay" I asked the man.

He looked up to me from the counter and answered " 250 jenny for a day with two meals morning breakfast and dinner at knight and 200 without the food".

"The give me a room for a week without the meal" I thought for a few seconds and said.

I paid him 1400 jenny and got registered.

"Room no 104 on the first floor" he says as he hands me the key.

I walk up the stairs and entered the room.

The room is quite small with a single bed, a a a table, a chair, a bathroom.

As soon as I entered the room I kept the bag on the table went to sleep.

It was pretty tiring day. From me walking up in the forest in another world and travelling by foot for nearly for hours to get to the village. I was spent.

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