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As the younger of the two, silver took the initiative to move. He circled around Charanko like he is used to do during his fights in the arena to make an opening. He circled twice already but unfortunately for him, Charanko looked like an impenetratable wall.

'In that case, a straight on attack then.' Silver ran straight to Chranko and throw a combinations of punches as well as a side kick to the knee. Charanko watch in amazement as different forms of attacks are thrown to him. From boxing to muay thai and at one point Silver even did a quick maneuver to try to do a standing arm bar on his left arm. However Charanko is not a pushover. He parried the attacks left and right and even managed to lossen the arm lock and kick Silver at the same time to make some space.

Charanko would also even jump every once in a while to escape some sweeping kick from Silver.

He is in shocked on the strength Silver is displaying for a kid. He knew from the feedback he is receiving that the kid is a lot stronger than him. So strong that if he is not careful he might suffer some broken bones. Fortunately for him, the kid has no flow on his attacks. They are wild and uncoordinated making some gaps he can exploit in between attacks.

A boxing straight cannot immediately be transitioned to a muay thai knee spear without first preparing your pivot foot for the strike. Doing so would lessen the force you are trying to apply to your enemy. This minute preparations are like a warning signal for Charanko to prepare a different set of attack coming from the kid.

Despite that however he commended the child to have a proper form on his attacks. The kid may be a mess on attack combinations, but the strikes he produce are in proper form as if the kid has been practicing them for years.

But with just this, he knew he can beat the kid. This kid is like the epitome of the kid who had practiced a thousand forms once while he is the man who practiced 1 form for two years.

After 5 minutes of continues spar, he decided that the masters should now have better idea on the current strength and weaknesses of the kid. 'It's time to end this.'

Charanko started his offensive on the kid. Earlier he was only doing defensive forms such as parrying, defending and evading. Now he is throwing punches and kicks.

Silver would do an uppercut and he would step to the side to dodge while at the same time positioned himself just enough to throw a quick punch to the face. Silver would then comeback with a kick in which he would block and redirect the kick to lissen the force. He would then also counter with a kick of his own. He is beating Silver like a wing chun dummy.

'I guess this is the end.' He throw a punch to the kids stomach that would force the kid to be out of balance and then he'll follow with a final kick to the chest to end the fight.

However before the stomach blow hits, the kid crossed his arms to parry the coming punch from below and then redirect his punch to the side. He was surprised for a moment and made a distance from the kid.

'That was a Shingen-Ryu form, does he know Shingen-Ryu or was that a fluke?' Not knowing what to take of it, he continued with his attack.

Then he saw an unbelievable sight, he saw his defensive forms he used earlier being used against him. Although the use is a bit rough on the edges, the forms are generally correct and the flow is much better than the kid's previous attempt of frankenstein martial arts.

Silver is now only using the Shingen-Ryu defensive forms so the gaps of changing fighting form from one to another no longer exist and now he is able to defend continously from Charanko's attacks.

From the side, Master Roshi and Bisky is like watching Charanko do a shadow boxing against himself who is almost half his size.

There are minute differences but the uncanny similarity of the forms cannot be ruled out. Then as the minute goes, the kids forms become more fluid and natural and eventually the kid is starting to throw a punch every 10-15 strikes from Charanko.

Bisky focused her eyes and observed that the kid's crystal-blue eyes now have a shade of scarlet at the edges. 'Contact lenses? Is he from that clan? Is this the secret behind the eyes or is it unique for him? Such a wonderful kid. (♡_♡ ) A cold crystal-blue that shines at the bottom of the sea, a stone protected by the mermaids. Yet the kind of stone many would venture just to get a glimpse of it. This kid is such a precious aquamarine.'

Charanko is now feeling the pressure, from a sure win a few moments ago to now unable to land a solid strike. 'This cannot be! I shall not be defeated by a copy-cat kid who copied 1000 art forms. I shall win even if it means i need to overcome my own limitation'

"ahhhhhhhh" Charanko shouted with vigor and with it his strikes become more powerful, concise and accurate.

At one point everything just clicks with Charanko as if a gearbox that is newly fabricated and oiled. At that precise moment, Charanko's perception was at an all time high. As he was throwing his fist, there is this nagging feeling that if he wanted to he could do a lot of damage to Silver's body. But he knew better, for the past two years their master Roshi ingrained in their body how to hold back as necessary and that Shingen-Ryu is not meant for wanton killing, so he simply added a force just enough to push the kid from his pedestal and end the bout.

As the punch approaches, Silver for a moment felt his life was threatened, but then it suddenly subsided and now just felt like a slightly stronger punch. With the angle it is coming from the only thing left for him is to try and block it.

Then the punch connected to his lower abdomen...

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