1 Story Of Marcus - Chapter 1


Marcus opened his eyes as he looked around, he was in some sort of room, the room had basic types of furniture and as he understands he was lying on a bed, the body itself did not felt weak it was his body,

As he looked around an old woman opened the door he was in and started to walk towards himself.

The old woman had some kind of food on her hands, it was steaming hot, then the old woman took the wooden chair for himself with her one hand and then smiled as she started to speak.

"So young man, speak and tell me who are you"

As the old woman spoke Marcus felt like he was zapped with an electric current and some kind of information started to enter his brain.

After about three to five seconds later, the eyes of Marcus changed and with one little breath, he started to speak.

"I don't know, I just had an accident of some sort then I woke up here, I don't know about my past"

The old woman nodded her head and asked.

"Can you eat by yourself, your body is weak you have to eat"

Marcus nodded and took the bowl of soup the old woman gave him and started to eat it, 10 minutes later he finally took a nice breath and smiled as he felt full.

The food was a broth with the chicken and vegetables it felt good to eat, the Marcus did not know why but he felt like he did not eat any food for eternity.

As the woman saw that Marcus ate the food faster, she smiled and got up from where she was sitting on and started to speak.

"I will leave you alone for now rest and try to build power and strength then we will talk again."

Marcus nodded and pretended to be asleep as the old woman left the room he seriously opened his eyes and sat on the bed.

After that, he whispered.

"HXH System Open"


"Start Of The Series – One month later, "Gon" will catch the Lord Of The Lake -

After, Marcus whispered a system-panel of some sort manifested in front of his eyes.

"Name – Marcus"


"STR = 1.0" (Average Male-Human)


"Agility = 1.0" (Average Male-Human)


"Endurance = 1.0" (Average Male-Human)


"Nen" = 0.0" (It has been not opened)


Nen Abilities (None)


H-S Points – 1 (It can be used for different things such as attributes, nen abilities, and many other things)


Abilities (None)


Marcus understood most of the things from the start because when the old woman asked about himself, he took back most of the knowledge from his old world "Earth" and the current world "Hunter X Hunter Universe"

Marcus was a 20-year-old man with a smart mind and different kind of creative thinking, this creative thinking made him watch and read books from the old world, and his most loved manga, anime was Hunter X Hunter.

So, it was the best thing that can happen to him if he wanted to survive because he had a great deal of knowledge of the Hunter X Hunter.

And not the mention there is a system that can help him with various things and as far as he understands, the system gave him "1" point of H-S Points to open the "Nen Mastery"

Marcus just smiled and took a deep breath and whispered.

"I will be good..."

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