20 The Almighty [Edited]

"This is the despair of a person who has come into contact with the Dark Continent."

"... So you want to close all the ways of the Dark Continent so that something like this can be prevented?"

Aziel nodded.

"Did you develop your Hatsu specifically to locate the artifacts of the Dark Kontinent or any links... Or does your Hatsu have the ability to eradicate them forever, out of this world?"

"No," Aziel said. "To be more specific, because my Hatsu works the way it does, I'm in this position against the Dark Continent. Someone else on the team is responsible for eliminating those artifacts."

"And what is your Hatsu?", Rex asked him.

Aziel checked the area. "Let's enter the portal once more. It will only remain open for another minute, and besides, there are too many people and cameras present, so this is definitely not the finest location to divulge your most sensitive secrets."

"I guess so."

Aziel yet again took hold of Rex's hand as they bid the explorers a final farewell as they eventually entered the portal before it vanished.

After the two of them walked over the unconscious body of thief, they sat facing each other again.

"So, would you like to start?", Rex asked.




"You've grown, just like I expected."

Rex had a questioning face. "As you expected...?"

Aziel closed his eyes and looked at the ceiling. "You think everything you've experienced so far has been a twist of fate?"

Rex was confused. "What do you mean by twist of fate?"

"Your meeting with Neo, do you really think it was a coincidence that you found a 1 in 10,000,000 talent just like that, in an ordinary orphanage?"

Rex quickly stood up, which caused his chair to tip over. "What... What's that supposed to mean?"

"Do you recall Hikes? The police officer who discovered you in the dark alley and escorted you to the orphanage?

"Yeah...? What are you trying to say."

"What am I trying to say? Ha, alright, let's get straight to the point...








Everything you have done and will do... What you have experienced and will experience in your life... What you love and will love... What you hate and will hate... Your past and future... Your deepest thoughts... Even your preference in women... All of it, I have already seen."

"You?! What do you mean! What are you saying?", Rex's face formed an angry expression.

"Everything you've been through so far, everything is going according to my observation of a perfect world."

"What... What do you mean by a perfect world?!"

Aziel stood up. "You... I planned everything. Everything you accomplished or made, even your meeting with Neo."


""Prove it!"", The two said, simultaneously.

Rex took a few steps back. "You, probably can only read my mind or something!"

"Read minds?", Aziel grinned. "No, I don't need that, I have something much better."

"Ok, then prove that everything I did was planned."

"Remember when Naiki was commenting your fight against that snake bastard in Heavens Arena?"

Rex nodded.

"I ordered him to watch your fight... To get him a little excited when he would be facing you, that he wouldn't hold back...

He saw your immense potential, I explained your Hatsu to him. He was excited to face a formidable opponent, but was disappointed... And also I was the one who told him that you had two Ben's Knifes...

That is why, right before your fight, he prepared a tiny antidote for himself... Do you really think he had a natural immunity to that very strong poison like he claimed?"

Rex was pale.

"I sent Sanbica to you when you woke up in your new body. Remember? When you were training in the cave, naked-"

"Stop it."


"I had Naiki write this letter...

Given that York New was the designated meeting location, you purposefully avoided it and took the farthest place you could have ever looked for."


"Which was ideal since we managed to catch the thief.

I gave YOU the choice for the place of our meeting because I foresaw that you would choose this bunker, a completely black room, you wanted it to be fair, if you fought me we would both be blind, wasn't it?

Do you think it was a coincidence that this room was also the thief's escape route?"


"Rex... Do you believe that your encounter with that weird Zoldycks child was a coincidence?"


"All that, and much much more, but to list them all here now doesn't make much sense since the things I said should be sufficient enough."


Aziel stood up. "But don't worry, it was YOUR willpower and strong moral compass that gave you the power to do all these things."

"Moral compass...?"

Aziel turned around. "I haven't seen anyone else kill such a murderous and dangerous drug lord out of free will, just for the good of humanity.

And I've never seen anyone train as hard as you in the heavens Arena... I didn't order you to create so much effort and sweat.

It was just you alone, who made you travel your adventure."

"And why did you make me suffer when you had Naiki ordered to fight me?"

"It was vital. So that you may experience the real word, I let Naiki to trample you. Only after experiencing what it was like to be treated like trash by someone, could you face the world with your newly discovered ambition and lust for revenge.

You hated the world, you didn't acceptm you rejected it... That... That's what Nen is actually about... It's to impose one's will and change the world according to one's will...

And if I had let Neo attack you, instead of revenge and hatred, you would have felt sorrow and suffering, which is the farthest state of rejection."

Rex was deep in contemplation as he connected all the threads in his head. "This..."

Aziel turned and looked at Rex. "My Hatsu is called ☆Eye Of Providence☆...

It lets me see exactly one possible future that I desire, after that I see the complete time line from the present to that future... For this is the reason why most of my followers call me 'The Almighty' or 'The Great Almighty'...

Well, ☆Eye Of Providence☆ also shows me the key moments I need to achieve for this future I desire... So that this future will turn into reality..."

He reached out a hand to Rex. "And recruiting you was also a key moment for that future."



'I guess I'll have to play the spy and get some more info from this guy, he's definitely bluffing...' Rex accepted his hand and somehow put on a fake smile. "I suppose joining your group was already planned too, huh?"

Aziel laughed as they shook their arms. "I guess you're a fast learner...

Welcome to the group, Rex."


The plot thickens, was it a surprise for you, that everything was already predetermined?



Well, with this chapter I close the longest arc so far... I hope you enjoyed this long arc, and yes, I know that the beginning was a bit rough, but I hope the end made up for it.

Is the boss's ability overpowered? Maybe. Is it one of the best Hatsus? Yes. Is it too strong? No. Why? You'll see.

And another little thing I forgot to mention, Aziel and Netero have a good relationship because they both opposed the Dark Continent... That's why Netero 'recommended' Rex to join Aziel's team, so that there would be even less voyages to the Dark Continent.

(Wow, remember when I said that the Rex vs Naiki fight was the best chapter, I think I was wrong again)

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