4 One's Own Perfect Hatsu Coupled With The Conquest Of The Tower

A wind blew and caused a gentle rustling in a certain island, the animals were adjusted, some carried dangerous claws, others armed themselves with a tough impregnable armor, yet others were coated with a deadly poison, but most had none of those. What then? What should you do if you want to survive? You have to be clever and always find the best solution, because if you don't.... You will die...

But even their skill could never keep up with an apex predator that can break your neck with just one fast bite all of the sudden.... These animals can't help but let nature take its course and be hunted as prey...

But man? He has already parted himself from nature for a long time ago. He does not need to bow to the laws of nature. After all, man was the only creature that found out how to go from being hunted to being a hunter... Through Nen!

Well, the island that was just briefly described is the one Rex was currently on, it is part of an archipelago south of the Republic of Mimbo and is called Devil.

The name came from the first discoverer of the island... Rumor has it that the straw-hatted captain and his crew were trying to track down a treasure, but accidentally discovered a new island... The crew immediately set an anchor and took part in the task of discovering and exploring the new land... But when one of them tried to open his luggage, exposing his back to the woods, a tiger came out of the bushes and snatched the man by the back of his neck.

When the others saw that they wanted to leave everything and flee... When another tried to run, he could not help but fall over, because his legs were infected with a poisonous parasitic fungus, which affected his legs with purple mushroom heads, with a slight blue tint.

One by one, the members of the crew died a very painful death....

The captain, however, still managed to swim to the ship, and due to the fact that he was about ten times stronger than a normal human, and that decades worth of adrenaline pumped through him, he was able to destroy the metal chain of the anchor with his bare hands, and with a bit of luck and the wind, he was able to leave the island as quickly as possible.

The captain felt a wave of sadness hitting him, but what could he do? Even if he had waited a little longer, no one would have made it back to the ship, and if he had fought on the island, everyone would have died....

But he still couldn't get rid of the sadness, so he looked at the personal belongings of the members, and one day he came across a mirror, but when he saw his face, he went completely insane.

Half of his face was melted!

When he arrived in a port after a long journey, he jumped out of the ship and ran into the middle of the main street.

Every man, woman, child looked at him, by now almost his whole face had melted, he was deprived of all 5 senses and the only things that still worked were his legs, arms and vocal cords.

As the whole city now focused on him and rounded, he pointed with his right arm to the direction of the island and said. "Devil..."

After that he fell down, those were his last words.


Well, fortunately Rex doesn't have to worry so much about that, because the most poisonous or dangerous species have already been hunted to extinction.

The poison of the animals, plants, or the mushrooms could be used for magic elixirs, and the claws of the tigers could be used as precious jewelry to make a lot of money.

But even if it is now safer, a normal person would die within a single day...

"This is the perfect hiding place!", Rex said, who just kicked a stone into a cave.

Shortly after that, he went into the cave and got as far as he could until he found a dead end.

"Hmm, I think that's enough for now".

After that he stretched out his right hand, all the Nen he could get flowed through his arm....

Until the Nen separated from his body and formed into a ball-like form.

This ball began to morph more and more, until it slowly but surely took on a human shape.

It was completely white and shone a birlliant golden light.

Yes that's right, it was Rex's Hatsu.

He then took a knife and cut out the eyes.

The eyes shined and tranced into two balls, that merged in Rex's eyes

"Step one of the Metamorphosis achieved... My vision has increased significantly!", Rex spoke as he saw an angry look behind him simultaneously.

It was a huge bear, who wore silver fur that had been lured by the noise all the way to the back of the cave.

"No time for you," Rex said as he rammed the bear to death at a speed of above 100 km/h (~62 mph) and shortly thereafter destroyed the entrance to the cave so no one could get in.

"So, now my ☆Spare Body☆ is complete! Now comes step 2 of the metamorphosis, survive!"

Rex Hatsu had a total of 3 phases. The first is the creation of the ☆Spare Body☆, the second is to participate in endless training and battles and gain as much experience as possible so that the ☆Spare Body☆ grows, and the third phase is death, if he dies, he awakens back in his ☆Spare Body☆.

The conditions were,

first, that all living beings within the circumference of a kilometer (0.62 miles), get a little irrational anger towards Rex for one year. Rex personally calls this phase the ☆Risky Phase☆ and sports him to travel daily. This was also the main reason why he left the orphanage and his friends, but was by the impact it made optimal as a condition

The second condition was that Rex can't train or grow his body or Nen, but in exchange the ☆Spare Body☆ can train with a multiplier, so if the multiplier is three, then the training done for one day becomes three, it's like training four hours and getting twelve hours from it, this multiplier doesn't really have a maximum, but it automatically starts at 2, with more limitations it can increase significantly, currently it's at 4, due to the extra limitation of having a good chunk of Nen sealed in the ☆Spare Body☆. (Can also rise with more anger through the first condition).

The third condition is that the ☆Spare Body☆ takes a year to create, if Rex dies while creating it, there is no next attempt and the ☆Spare Body☆ dissolves. Rex also cannot create a second spare body if the first one still exists. But the ☆Spare Body☆ trains and gets experience since day one.

The fourth condition is that if the ☆Spare Body☆ is destroyed, all the experience gained is lost and you cannot create a ☆Spare Body☆ for the next three years.

The fifth and therefore last condition to complete the metamorphosis is death.

One ability that the ☆Spare Body☆ can use before it is created is to strengthen a part of Rex's original body significantly, Rex has already used this when he took the eyes. But this ability only applies to the part of the body parts that one took. When you resurrect, these body parts are missing and cannot be regenerated with any Nen or Hatsu in the world, but they come back in the next Spare body.

Something else that is also quite good are that Involuntary limitations, parasytic Nen Hatsus, or unwilled Manipulation, are canceled upon dying as they are fixed to the body and not to the soul.

" So, by Manifestation, I create a body.... through Manipulation I change my muscle fibers, nervous system and other attributes of the body and strengthen them with the Enhancement, the multiplier comes from all the condtions that will impede my life and at the end there is the additional 1% of my Specialization, which kind of connects me and the body, so that my soul knows where the Spare body is and feeds the Sparebody with experience and so on..."

"Haha, it isn't the first time my soul has wandered..." said Rex as he scratched the back of his head with his hands and gave off a weird smile.

"Haha... I think that would be enough to protect myself against the Instant kill Hatsus like Camilla's cat or Alluka.... Or to protect myself against parasytic Hatsus, plagues, manipulators or diseases.... Did I forget something? What else could kill me? Hmm... It's no use thinking about it anymore, now I have to go to Heavens Arena!"

These were also the last words he uttered on his voyage to Devil Island, as he quickly made his way back to the republic of Padokea.

Once in the city, he looked at all the sights he knew from a stolen travel book.

Arriving in the market he saw many small stores, many of them were busy bargaining and all of them were wearing colorful and odd clothes, but Rex already got used to that in the orphanage.

'Oh hey that looks funny, wait, why does he only have 6 legs?', thought Rex when he saw a crab mask sitting on a box.

He then walked up to the Arabic-looking vendor. "How much for the crab mask?"

"1,000 Jenny good price!", the vendor replied.

"No, not good price." Rex said. '1,000 jenny? That's almost 20 dollars, is he crazy?'

"Come on hahaha!", Rex laughed. "Come on, for 1,000 jenny I get a horde of camels along with a concubine."

"Okay, then make me a good price!" the salesman said in a happy voice, while at the same time patting Rex on the shoulder.

Rex gathered all his courage and said. "250 Jenny, no more, no less."

"Uhuhuhu, you my friend are joking, I have seven wives and 10 kids to feed, otherwise we starve to death."

"I heard that store next door is good too!" Rex said, pointing with his finder to the mask store just a few stores away.

"You know odd boy, I like you, and that's why I'm doing a special price for you, this crab mask for 700 Jenny."

"Well persuaded, let's make it 300."






""425!"", they both said together.

'Haha, 425! Less than half, a bargain, Oh my, the old man didn't expect that!', Rex thought, as he took his wallet out of his pocket, opened it and handing the money to the seller.

'Hehe, such a fool, 150 Jenny would have done it too...' thought the salesman and made a peace sign after giving Rex the crab mask. "Bye bye and thank you my friend!"

"Wow 991 meters (3251 feet, I'm getting tired of this🥺), and with such a funny shape... what metals they must have used?", Rex commented while wearing the crab mask, getting closer and closer to the Heavens arena, but before he went in, he looked back at the city to marvel at it again.

"Hey you! Crab boy! Don't stand outside the automated doors the whole time, you're letting all the cold air in. I am freezing!", said a pretty receptionist, who was obviously pretty pissed off.

"Yeah yeah, just chill out, after all... I came here to sign up!"


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You could also see how much Rex planned ahead and his biggest fears, which is why I find this Hatsu very fitting for him.

Since Rex knows almost everything about Nen and its effects etc, it was very easy for him to create a strong Hatsu that even uses 4 types of Nen.

What? It's too Op? Well... It's still a thousand times weaker than, Meruem's Hatsu, Aura Synthese, or Morena Prudo (the one with the levels), which don't even need training to raise Nen and body strength, so I think it's pretty balanced as it is.

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