1 A New Beginning And A Paradisiacal Existence

It was a normal day, the birds were chirping and there was as always in the early morning a traffic jam, which annoyed Raul as every day but he has become accustomed to it over the years.

Since Raul lived in a very remote part of the city, and the politicians had never fulfilled their goals to better connect the town, he had to cross the traffic jam-filled bridge to get to the filthy bus stop, which smelled heavily of cigarettes and garbage.

When he got on the bus he couldn't help but get even more annoyed, a teenager....

It was always the same guy who got on the bus at the same time as Raul at the same place and always heard loud music through his music box.

'Doesn't this guy have money for headphones?', Raul and the other passengers thought in annoyance, 'What kind of music is that anyway? Music that CIA agents use to torture ISIS members?'

But fortunately he only had to endure a few minutes, because he had reached his station.

Raul finally reached the city center, where he immediately wished to be back home.

The city was surrounded by hectic people who didn't even have time to clean their faces or put on makeup.

But that didn't stop him from earning money and stuffing his mouth, he had to go to the bank.

In the streets, as usual, he saw a lot of hobos, and even gave one a dollar, which greatly strengthened Raul's sense of self-worth and made him temporarily happy.

After this whole thing, he stood in front of a tall skyscraper. He entered the bank and went to the bathroom, where he opened the bag he had been dragging behind him the whole time.

He took out all his tools, changed his clothes and put on a helmet.

He then stepped out of the restroom and greeted the receptionist before walking out of the bank.

'Oh damn, she is so hot, no wonder she is the first person you see when you enter the bank. Oh man, if only I can somehow get to know her.' he thought, which kind of ruined his mood, knowing, he'll never know her.

In front of the bank he climbed in his hate box, atleast that's what he calls it, which brought him higher and higher, but before all of it, he attached himself with a rope, because safety above all.

He sprayed with a sprayer on a window, and then again wiped everything away.

Yes, that's right. Raul is a window cleaner. He doesn't earn much from this job, but he doesn't earn very little either. But it gives him a feeling of loneliness every time he is locked up alone in the box for 4 hours at a time.


"Uah!", Raul looked left and right of himself, but couldn't locate where the soft voice came from. 'Who was that?", he thought, but after a few seconds he focused back on his work.

'Must have misheard it...', he thought, and switched to the next window.

After an hour he heard the same female voice again with the same word, but this time much louder, which really scared him and made him throw his window squeegee unintentionally high in the air.

"Shit!", he shouted, trying to grab his squeegee before it landed on some passerby's head, and luckily he cought it.

"WHO ARE YOU!", Raul shouted with his arms and legs outstretched, staring upwards.

He bit his jaw hard and said, "Why don't you jump, you fucking-".

He heard a knock, it was an old lady in the building, when Raul looked there he could see that the people in the room must have had a meeting and were all staring at him seriously now.

'Shit, this always happens to me!', he thought, spraying the windows again, while a feeling of shame and emptiness filled him.

But... After a few windows something strange happened. Raul fainted.

There was no one in the building to witness the event.

And shortly after he fainted, it seems that some dubious aura took over Raul's body.

He stood up like a zombie and tried to bite off the rope that was tied to him.

And then Raul's body jumped out of nowhere, as the voice commanded.

Raul's body seemed to glide deep in a dark sea where the water was devoid of any mass.

In the vastness of the void, he slowly began to regain consciousness.

His whole body felt heavenly as the strange substance touched his skin and it was probably the most comfortable he will ever be in his life.

Probably this comfort was also the reason why Raul never had the idea to open his eyes.

For an indefinite time he glided through the endless body of water, it was impossible to tell whether seconds, years, or even millennia had passed, but apparently time does not exist here, which contradicts all logic, but even this had an end for Raul.

"Here.", called a celestial female voice.

Raul's body glided closer and closer to the woman whose body resembled a goddess, who by all appearances was looking for Raul and attracting him to her.

When Raul was finally in front of her she said, "Your second chance.... Is voided." And Raul's body continued to glide beside her...

Raul kept moving away and couldn't look her in the face, let alone stand up, only his ears were working. But without knowing it, a hole appeared nearby, which tore Raul in and detached him from the Void.


It were the loud police sirens in a city.

People on the street stopped walking to watch the chase, but the homeless complained about the noise, most of them were sleeping under a bench, wrapped in newspaper, but not only they were awakened, our protagonist, Raul, who was in a garbage can, came back to his senses.

"Huh? Where am I?", he wondered aloud, but the stench answered it for him and Raul quickly jumped out of the disgusting garbage can, while a black banana peel stuck to his foot.

He realized that he was in an alley and wanted to get out quickly before any unforeseen things happened, but before he did that, his human dignity was struck that he should at least wipe the garbage off his clothes.

But when he did that something very strange struck him....

"WHY ARE MY ARMS SO SMALL?", he shouted as loud as his vocal cords would allow, but when he heard himself he was even more confused than he was before.

'Shit what's going on here?", he thought and ran out of the alley as fast as he could.

But unexpectedly a policeman was standing in front of the alley.

When they saw each other, the policeman came closer and closer, kneeling in front of Raul.

'Does this really mean that I am a child?', Raul asked himself, when he saw the obvious size difference between himself and the policeman.

The cop grabbed his shoulder and asked Raul, "Hey kid, what are you doing in the alley? Were you the one yelling?"

The sounds coming out of the policeman's mouth could not be classified by Raul's brain. The language sounded as if it was not from this world, no resemblance to Indo-European, Asian or any other language group he knew.

When the policeman saw the confused Raul, he held his hand and got into a police car with him.

The policeman opened the back door and tied Raul to it with the seatbelt, because Raul couldn't move, he was still a bit scared about the whole thing.

As they drove off, Raul stared through the bars of the car, trying to position himself perfectly so that he could see his own face.

'What? I... I have light blue hair? Impossible... Did my parents dye them?'

Later he tried to see the policeman's through the rearview mirror.

The policeman had a rather unkempt beard and wore a tired face, his eyes were brown and his eyebrows were very thick.

When the policeman finally noticed him starring, he said, "You know, it's rude to stare at other people." in a gentle voice, but when he noticed that Raul didn't show any reaction, he understood that Raul probably didn't understand the language, or was deaf.

"I hope you won't make us do a lot of work."


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