Hunter of the Evernight

Alex, a special operative on Earth who died during a mission, finds himself transmigrated with the identity of an investigative journalist as an agent of a mysterious entity with a simple mission. With the promise that he would be reunited with his family once he was done, Alex accepts the offer and becomes an agent of darkness in a new world teeming with steam-powered machinery and something more... The supernatural. In this new world, he will have to navigate his way through crazy witches, bloodthirsty monsters, religious fanatics, and fallen angels while slowly making his way toward his end goal... Returning to the family he left behind. A journalist by day and a hunter by night, this is the story of the Hunter of Evernight. *** Release rate- 1chap/day ( can increase to 2 if I'm free enough. However, daily updates are assured ) Chapter length: 1k-2k *** Additional tags: #Steampunk, #Lovecraftian elements, #Lowkey MC, #Neutral MC, #Smart MC, #Vampires, #Werewolf, #Cunning MC, #Dragons, #Secret organization, #Cults, #Angels, #Demons, #Evil gods, #Adventure, #Supernatural, #strongactingweak, #misunderstanding, #Horror, #Psychological, #rarebloodline, #Witches, #magitech, #darkfantasy, #monsters, #spirits, #curses, #firearms, #kingdoms, #action, #industrialization, #mysterysolving, #religions, #evil religions, #zombies, #ghosts, #Lost Civilizations, #European ambiance, #Artifacts, #Determined Protagonist, #Misunderstandings, #Monsters, #Hiding True Identity, #Nobles, #Souls, #Special Abilities, #Manipulative Characters, #Sentient Objects, #Hidden Abilities, #Transformation Ability, #Godly Powers, #Gore, #Detectives, #Familial Love, #Schemes And Conspiracies. Cover: Created using Midjourney AI *** Might seem slow in the beginning chapters but please read at least 50 chapters before deciding if this is for you. Alternative titles; Hunter of Evernight, Evernight Hunter, Night Hunter.

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By the angels

"Darn it!" Ambrose cursed in annoyance.

Both he and Natasha were currently in a coach, headed back to the D.O.D headquarters in the central district of BoneHaven.

Fuming, he continued. "We haven't had any headway with the rebel rumors going around and then this whole evil god nonsense comes up."

Glancing at Natasha who remained silent, her gaze fixated on the view outside, he inquired. "Are you sure it was an evil god?... I know you, Nat, and you are…"

"Sir." Natasha promptly cut him off as she turned to meet his gaze.

With a resolute tone, she continued. "I know I can be unprofessional at times and that my actions may come off as childish but there is no way I would mistake the aura of an evil god. The overwhelming yin energy is impossible to miss."

Realizing his mistake, Ambrose calmed his nerves as he coughed awkwardly. "...You are right. I apologize for questioning your capabilities. You are one of our finest Enforcers."

"Thank you, sir."

Sighing helplessly, Ambrose leaned back into his chair. "But this whole situation bothers me greatly. The citizens are still tense because of the rumors. Even though I would rather call it bullshit, judging by how deep into our borders they'd have to move to get to us…the rumors are too good to be ignored as is."

"I agree," Natasha replied. "There has to be a reason it spread."

"Unfortunately we haven't found anything so far and now we might have an evil god lurking in the city as well. This is so tiresome." Ambrose massaged his temples before his expression distorted slightly. "And that annoying bastard Sanders just had to poke his nose into our matters.

"He seems to forget that the only reason he can throw his weight around in our city is because we granted him asylum!... Fucking ungrateful bastard doing whatever he likes. I should skin him."

"That won't be possible sir." Natasha casually said, dousing Ambrose's hot temper.

"Ugh, I know that, no need to remind me." Ambrose threw his hands up in annoyance at his inability to follow through with his words.

Quite used to his tantrums, Natasha remarked. "Mr. Sanders isn't wrong to interfere in the first place. The suspect in question is indeed a valuable employee, what with him solving the Butcher case that plagued BoneHaven since late last year."

"Hmmph, just a lucky break and he already feels like some bigwig, I say bullshit!... There's no way that guy managed to solve a case that stomped the entire Royal Blue for so long, on his own."

"In any case, he did and right now, the attack that his family has suffered could be related to it."

"I don't care much." Ambrose frankly replied. "The only reason I'll keep tabs on him is for the evil god case. We still have to find the rebels that infiltrated our city anyway."

"And Mr. Regulus?... We promised to help him find his brother."

"I don't have the time, Nat."

"But, sir…"

"There are more important things to worry about!" Ambrose scowled before taking a step back. "...I understand you became an Enforcer to protect the good people of BoneHaven and that is what you are doing."

"By abandoning a helpless citizen?"

"Can we call him helpless?" Ambrose raised a brow. "He has the backing of Sanders, I'm sure he'll be fine without our help."

Leaning forward, he added. "You don't plan on abandoning the entirety of BoneHaven all for one man, do you?"

Pursing her lips, Natasha shook her head. "No sir."

"Good. Now we'd have to set some tails to keep tabs on that man. Without alerting Arthur of course." Ambrose muttered as he leaned back and hummed a tune to calm his nerves.

Natasha didn't bother with a response since it wasn't required, instead busying herself with the view outside.

Just in time, the coach soon came to a stop with a voice coming soon after.

"We have arrived, sir."

"Finally," Ambrose muttered as he opened the door and stepped out before reaching in for Natasha.

Whispering a short thank you, Natasha accepted his hand and came down from the coach.

Walking over to the coachman, Ambrose promptly paid the fee of 30 Kobo.

This was the official currency used in the Zion Empire, licensed by Emperor Enoch VII, who ruled 300 years ago.

The Kobo that he introduced was split into notes of 5,10, 20, 50, and 100.

Of course, this didn't mean that precious metals weren't still in use but they were used mostly to save wealth while the Kobo was used in daily activities.

After collecting his due, the coachman bade the duo farewell before going on his way.

With that, both Ambrose and Natasha walked toward the building before them.

It was a large building on the market side of the central district.

In BoneHaven, there were three marketplaces.

One was in the Western District for the lower-class citizens, one in the Eastern District for the Middle-class citizens and the last one was in the Central District.

There was none in the southern district due to the massive pollution brought about by the steel and coal factories in that area.

In any case, the building they entered sold liquor of the highest quality, one much appreciated by the nobles and rich merchants of the central district.

Walking over to the bar, Ambrose pulled out a 50-kobo note and placed it on the counter.

"A Marine ale, if you could and I'd like to check your stock at the back."

The bartender, a middle-aged man with a beard glanced up from the book he was reading and met Ambrose's gaze.

"Is there a need to follow protocol?" The man remarked before looking around the room that was large enough to contain over a hundred people with shelves of different assortments of wines.

Currently, there was no one apart from himself, Ambrose, and Natasha.

"Of course," Ambrose remarked smilingly. "After all, I do require a Marine ale."

Made from grains gotten from the countryside, it was one of the several known iterations of the primary drink, Farm Malt.

With a few add-ons, the normally golden brew would take on a light blue coloration.

The man shook his head. "I'll bring it over…"

Before adding with a mischievous grin. "After all, you will be needing it soon enough."

Ambrose furrowed his brows. "What do you mean?"

"Go in and you'll know." The man remarked as he got to his feet and pulled out a bottle of Marine ale alongside a glass cup.

Still feeling apprehensive, Ambrose shook his head and led the way with Natasha following behind.

He used the backdoor just behind the counter and entered an elevator shaft.

Pushing the down button, the contraption moved at a moderate speed until a slight bump caused it to stop.

A beep later and the doors opened to reveal an underground office large enough to contain over a thousand people.

Currently, however, the office was as silent as could be, with a few nervous whispers echoing.

Ambrose grew even more apprehensive as he reached into his coat and placed his hand on his revolver while Natasha pulled out a metal contraption that looked like a pipe with a switch on it.

Walking over to the edge of the balcony on which the elevator stopped, they peered over and upon seeing a woman seated at the center of the office, wearing a red gown with a hat and a net covering, Ambrose couldn't help but mutter.

"By the angels.."

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