Hunter Academy: Revenge of the Weakest

What do the words Third-Rate Villain mean? Doesn't every human being possess their own background story? Just because a game hadn't explored one's background story, does it mean those characters are irrelevant? In a world where video games come to life, Astron Natusalune is introduced as a seemingly insignificant character—a third-rate villain with a minor role. However, this ordinary facade belies a haunting past that has shaped Astron into the vengeful soul he has become. Someone who would do everything for his vengeance. What will occur if Astron's soul combines with one from Earth? Will he relinquish his position as a third-rate villain, or will he forge a new path? Driven by a singular purpose—to avenge his sister's tragic death and bring justice to a cruel world—Astron embarks on a transformative journey. Witness the journey of the Astron as the young boy experiences a profound shift in his own values as he witnesses firsthand the consequences of unchecked vengeance and the true complexities of morality. -----------------------------------0------------------------------------ Chapter length 1750-2500 At least one chapter a day. You can check my discord if you want. You will be able to see the illustrations here and engage in a conversation with me if I am available. https://discord.gg/BQRMhDxZr8

Darkness_Enjoyer · Fantasy
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397 Chs

Chapter 70.3 - Award Ceremony


A heavy sigh occurred in the middle of the room.

The room exuded opulence, adorned with countless expensive ornaments that showcased the Emberheart family's wealth and status.

Intricately carved figurines, glistening gemstones, and rare magical artifacts adorned every surface.

The most recent technological devices seamlessly blended with antique furnishings, creating a unique juxtaposition of modernity and tradition.

This was her own way of designing her room, after all.

In the midst of this lavish setting, Irina reclined lazily on her bed. The crimson gown she wore cascaded around her like a cascade of flames, contrasting with the subdued hues of the room.

Her fiery hair spilled over the pillows as she released a heavy sigh, the sound echoing with a blend of weariness and frustration.