Hunted By My Alpha Book

novel - Urban

Hunted By My Alpha

Aimee Lynn Lane

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  • 249 Chs

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The hunt is on... Cara, a shy and friendless librarian, doesn't know why the notorious player Rig Landon has suddenly started paying her attention. After escaping the iron grip of her alcoholic father, she's at university to learn, not to play, and she tells Rig so repeatedly. But Rig bet his packmates that he could seduce any human female they choose—and they chose Cara. Cara's total lack of game puts every one of Rig's seductive talents to the test. However, he's persistent, and the more time they spend together, the less Rig cares about the bet and the more he cares about Cara. Which poses a problem because Rig is carrying a big secret. A deadly secret. Turns out Rig isn't the only one hunting Cara... Will Rig's secrets end Cara's life before he can show her she's more to him than just prey?