75 Chapter 75: Rookie King! I'll Take It!


Hearing the host's words, the whole scene fell into madness, who is Alexander! He only exists in legends and has never shown up. He is so illusory that people doubt his authenticity. However, it is like this Existence came to the scene today and wants to meet with everyone! How can this not be shocking!

"My God! Alexander! It's really Alexander! He came out! Has he finally come out!"

"Honey, don't get excited, don't get excited, hold on, hold on!"

"I'm so lucky! I was able to see Alexander's debut live! I want to post on 'X'! I want to tweet! I want everyone to look at me with envy!"

"I don't know what Alexander looks like, is he a middle-aged greasy uncle, or a wretched man?!"

"Fake fan! How could Alexander look like that!"

The crowd is full of discussions, and among these crowds, the most excited person is Kasumigaoka. For her, being able to see her idol is simply the luckiest thing. The unhappiness of seeing a nasty guy has dissipated quite a bit.

At this moment, under the attention of all the people, a figure came out from the backstage. He was dressed in clean and tidy casual clothes, with a straight figure and a butterfly mask covering only the upper half of his face. Although people couldn't see the man's face clearly , but it gives people a more hazy feeling.

"Hi everyone, I'm Alexander Chase."

Alexander nodded to everyone and said this sentence. In an instant, the atmosphere in the audience completely exploded!

"Alexander! My God! Is this really Alexander! So handsome!"

"Handsome? Handsome with a mask on? Are you kidding me?"

"What do you know! This magnetic voice! This tall figure! And this perfect golden ratio! Alexander must be a handsome man! No matter! Alexander, I want to give birth to a monkey for you!"

"Tch, the guy who covered his face, what if he looks hideous inside?"

"You're just jealous! Wait, aren't you from the exhibition area of ​​the terminal bookstore next door? What are you doing here, a hostile force! Stay away from my husband!"

"Your husband is a fart! He is my husband, you bitch!"

"Alexander! I'm your big fan!"

With the appearance of Alexander, the scene immediately became uncontrollable, and even many fans were still rushing towards the booth crazily. If the security guards and bodyguards hired by Alexander had not undergone special training, these crazy people at this moment must have rushed right in!

"Thank you for your support over the years. This time, my new work overlord novel manga and anime will officially meet with you next month. I hope you will support me a lot." Alexander finally expressed his purpose, and Alexander already understood , as long as the popularity of his work reach a certain level, the authority of that world will be opened, and the fastest way to open the world is to have good content of the work, of course, also the proper publicity. And this time he personally promoted it so the effect must be very good.

After Alexander finished speaking, he turned around and left here. Propaganda does not need too many words. For Alexander, who has always been mysterious, a simple sentence of six can ignite the audience. This can be seen from the situation at the scene. Some people are shouting, some are crazy, and some people are shouting to have a super-friendship sport with Alexander just to see Alexander's face under the mask, and among these people, Utaha is naturally very excited at the moment .

"The voice is so young and full of magnetism. The other party must not be more than thirty years old. He should be in his twenties. Although we can only see half of his face, I can feel that the other party is definitely not ugly by virtue of this half. But…why does his clothes look so familiar? And that voice, I feel like I've heard it somewhere before?" Utaha was thinking strangely in her mind, and suddenly, a figure appeared in her mind, "That person seems to be called Alexander, no way. How could it be possible! How could Alexander be such a philandering person!"

Utaha threw out an idea as soon as she had an idea. The other party looked a few years older than her, just in his early 20s. How could it be Alexander! Could it be that he started drawing comics at the age of six? Is there such a genius in this world?

"It would be great if I could meet Alexander."

Kasumi couldn't help but think in her mind, maybe God is also taking care of this beautiful girl. At this moment, the host suddenly came out and said to everyone, "Genius Club Company has opened an essay competition for all light novel writers, and the first place in the contest will be directly sign a contract with our company, in addition, you can also get advice from Mr. Alexander! So all light novelists, let's work hard!"


In an instant, everyone became excited and directly want to signed up! They can actually get Alexander can advice, so is it possible to see Alexander's true face!?

"That's going home to open a new book, do you have one together?"

"The rookie king! I will take it!"

"Tch, it looks like I'm going to come out of the arena again."

People who like anime have more or less thought of writing novels or have actually tried it. This sentence directly ignited the flames in the hearts of these people, and among these people, Utaha is exceptionally calm

"Newcomer king of light novels?" Kasumi turned around and left here. At this moment, she only had one thought in her heart.

This newcomer king title! No one can take it away from her!

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