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In this tale, follow Alexander, a reincarnated soul thrust into an ordinary world where he leads a mundane life as an author, drawing from his memories of popular books/anime series from his past life. However, his tranquil existence is upended when the very characters he once penned come to life in his world! From ghouls to ninjas, and even pirates, Alexander's once ordinary life transforms into a whirlwind of chaos and adventure, as he navigates the extraordinary challenges brought forth by his own creations! ... ... ... Chapters Update: 2 chapters everyday Additional Chapters: Every 100 stones = +1 chapter ... [[This is a Fan-Translation.]] .... [Tl/n: Enjoying the story? You can read 20+ advanced chapters on my patre0n. Your support helps a lot!] https://www.p@treon.com/Fanpiece] ... CCTO for the book cover.

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Chapter 62: Schwi and Kanna are going to school!

"Welcome our new friends, everyone. These two are transfer students who have just been transferred from the class. Come on, Kanna, Schwi, introduce yourself."

As soon as the teacher finished speaking, the two little lolis immediately stood up.

"Hi everyone, my name is Kanna Kamui, nice to meet you all."

"Schwi Dola."

Kanna-chan and Schwi directly introduced themselves, and hearing each other's names, the whole class started to discuss in an instant.

"Schwi Dora! Isn't that a character in No Game No Life? But really, Schwi really looks like the Schwi in the anime!"

"Yes, yes, so is Kanna-chan, she is similar to Kanna, and the name is the same!"

"Could it really be that the characters in the anime came out?!"

"How is it possible, are you crazy? I think that their parents liked these two characters so much that they changed their names. Two days ago, my off-line father was planning to change my name to Emiya Shiro, he was beaten by Mom."

"Your father is amazing."

"Your mother is even more amazing!"

If it is in other places, there may not be so many people who know the two little loli, but this is an elementary school. The children here dare not say everything. 90% of them grew up watching Alexander's works. How could they not know the two little loli, but because the children are not in the same grade, they all think that the other party just changed their names. Even Haibara Ai and Edogawa Conan don't have much doubt. After all, they are both adults.

"Okay, let's start class next, Kanna-chan and Schwiy, you two should sit in the last row of seats by the window."

The teacher then arranged the seats for the two students, and then began to give lectures.

How difficult the elementary school courses can be is nothing more than the simple application of the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. However, Teitan Elementary School is a key elementary school. Even the elementary school students are listening to it with gusto. Only four of the kids did not listen.

Haibara Ai, Conan, Schwi and Kanna, the four of them are not interested in the course, obviously because it is too simple and not interesting, but compared with Conan and Ai who have learned to pretend to listen, Schwi and Kanna are relatively simple. Among other things, Kanna has a cute face, while Schwi has a deadpan expression.

There is a difference between being expressionless and being cute. Being cute may give people the feeling that they simply don't understand, while being expressionless usually means that people didn't listen at all!

Apparently, the teacher noticed this,

"Schwi, you answer this question, 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=is?"

The difficulty of this question in the first year of elementary school is difficult. At least many children need to count their fingers and toes. However,

"45." Schwi said the answer directly, you ask such a question to a machine girl, are you looking down on the Ex-machina race?

"Correct..." The teacher was stunned for a moment. She seemed to have underestimated Schwi. No wonder shs couldn't listen to her lectures. So she knew it? Will she be able to skip the class? Will she be able to get 100 points in the exam?

"Haibara Ai, you answer, what is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+8+7+6...+1?" It would take a few minutes for an elementary school student to figure it out, but for a mad-scientist like Ai, it was really an elementary school student's problem.

However, with Haibara Ai's IQ, it is obvious that the teacher is asking her to help her gain prestige, but it is not good to let her bully a little girl. "Teacher, I don't know." Ai is still unwilling to bully others.

"Then Schwi-chan, can you help her answer it?"

"It's equal to 81." Schwi replied with a blank expression, without delay.

"Very good, Schwi is doing better than her classmates." The teacher's face was a little excited. As a teacher, what makes her happier than seeing smart students? But she still have to determine where the girl limit is.


"98" Schwi answered in seconds


"702" is still answered in seconds.

"Wow! Schwi is amazing. I only know how to add and subtract within 100, and she has already calculated more than 700!"

"She is really good, she is better than Haibara." Genta said excitedly.

"I still feel that Conan is smarter." The same is true for Mitsuhiko.

"Yes, Conan-kun must be smarter." This is Ayumi.

But listening to the voice of the trio, Conan was embarrassed. Comparing with other children, he had nothing to be proud of winning.

"Then what about 445000000 + 447395018 =?"

"Sensei, you are too much! Is this the subject of the first year of elementary school? Also, even if such a number is a teacher, can you calculate it by mouth?"

"892,395,018" is answered in seconds, and it is still answered in seconds,

At this moment, the teacher finally fell silent, not because she gave up struggling, but because it was impossible for her to calculate the multiplication of such a large number.

"Ahem, wait a minute, everyone." The teacher looked at the students in embarrassment, and then,, secretly took out a pen and paper to calculate, after a long time, looking at the numbers on the paper, the teacher couldn't help but said dully

"Schwi… you're right!"


In the next second, Ai and Conan quickly set their sights on Schwi!

Can she calculate such a question in seconds, is this student really a primary school student? ?