Humble Beginning Sweet Ending: Wife, Please Don't Leave Me Book

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Humble Beginning Sweet Ending: Wife, Please Don't Leave Me


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It is a sweet journey of two orphans who found a home in each other. But is it as simple as it appears? Vol I: Humble Beginning (Completed) Ch 1 - Ch 46 Vol II : Wife, Please Don't Leave Me (WIP) Synopsis: "When love gives you a chance to confess, take it. Because once gone, it is lost forever." Jenny has loved Gabriel all her life. They had spent their childhood and teenage years together, but because of an unfortunate event, they got separated. After getting back, she married him in hopes of having a happily ever after. But she soon realized that Gabriel was hiding something from her. The shadow of the past was glorious, but now, it was nothing but mere memories to Jenny. Will Jenny be able to walk out of her past shadows and embrace the reality? How could Riel share the truth with her when he himself was crouching in the dark? Will they be able to talk things through? Or will their love perish in silence? Were they ever bound by the red string of fate? Or was it just a coincidence? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “I am Gabriel. Do you remember me? Are you free? Can we meet?” She tried to respond but could only manage a mere “Hmm”. ‘Yes, I remember you. Even if my flesh is scraped, you will find your name carved on my bones. Even if I am burnt, my ashes will carry your fragrance. Yes, I am free. Always have been for you. Yes, let’s meet, please.’ Cover image credit belongs to the rightful owner. Artwork by Tuoc Thuc via Pinterest.


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