43 The Message

Jason stepped out of the tent and sighed as the golden-haired woman had somehow created her own shelter with rocks, branches, and his backpack as a roof. It looked shaky, capable of falling apart with just a breeze.

"Oh, you are awake!" She crawled out of her shelter and stood up. Her white dress was dirty. However, for some reason, it didn't diminish her beauty, as her face almost glowed with great feminine appeal.

"Yeah..." Jason looked toward the sky as the floating islands blocked his sight of the sun. But the sky was still blue, there were cotton-white clouds, and the forest was quite bright as a result of all that.

Since he didn't sleep one bit, he wasn't sure about the time. Now, he knew it was early morning, around breakfast time.

He then looked over to the neighboring camps and saw that they had put out the fire and buried the corpses. There seemed to be a hostile atmosphere among them, but they didn't dare attack others since it could mean their deaths.


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