Human System in a World of Gods

Author: Alekzi
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  • 134 Chs
  • 5.0
    17 ratings
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What is Human System in a World of Gods

Read ‘Human System in a World of Gods’ Online for Free, written by the author Alekzi, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: During the age of gods, the realms were singular worlds, separated from others.However, shockingly, twelve great scienti...


During the age of gods, the realms were singular worlds, separated from others. However, shockingly, twelve great scientists—humans—created a machine that even shocked gods, which allowed traveling between realms possible! Realms, all different from each other, had to learn co-exist with each other. However, it wasn't easy. Age of Chaos happened when all the realms were at war with each other and only after few hundred years, the war ended. The peace is still at fragile state and even a doings of one person, can shatter that... __________________ Disclaimer: Cover is mine, made by Dini Marlina

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The Lost Value of the Kpelle Tribe.

The Kpelle or Guerze lived in North Sudan during the sixteenth century, before fleeing to other parts of North West Africa into what is now Mali. Their flight was due to internal conflicts between the tribes from the crumbling Sudanic Empire. Some migrated to Liberia, Mauritania, and Chad. They still maintained their traditional and cultural heritage despite their migration. Some of those countries still respect their cultural and traditional practices. Unfortunately for Liberia, the emergence of western education, Civil war and the signing of other International instruments by past governments, have stolen the pride of the largest ethnic group in Liberia. The Kpelle are primarily a virilocal polygamous society dominated by the rice culture life cycle. They are the largest tribe in Liberia, the most recent and accurate estimate being that of the 1962 governmental census which places their number at 211,081 or twenty percent of Liberia’s population (Kory 1970-17:60). Throughout this research, I established that the PORO and SANDE were the two traditional practices that brought pride to the Kpelle Tribe and contributed to a decent living condition. It was difficult to see a typical Kpelle man or woman who was not part of the PORO and Sande before the emergence of western education. The PORO and SANDA were the first set of educational system established before the emergence of western education.

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Lelouch In DxD with a Lust System

'Suzaku your going to be hero now the messiah who saved the world from emperor Lelouch vi Britannia the enemy of the world as Zero' Lelouch smiled finally completing his plan with a sword piercing through his heart. "Lelouch." Suzaku lets out tears falling from his face. "The punishment for what you have done shall be this then, you will live on always wearing that mask serving as a knight for justice and truth." Lelouch says feeling the blood fall from his newly acquired wound. "You will no longer live as Suzaku Kururugi you shall sacrifice the ordinary pleasures of your life for the benefit of the world for eternity." Lelouch says his bloody fingers touching Suzaku helmet. "This Geass I do so solemnly accept." He steels his resolve tears still apparent in his eyes pulling the sword out of Lelouch's chest with his body falling down to his throne slowly sliding down leaving a trail of blood. That is the ending of Lelouch and the famous anime known as Code Geass but what if a certain god saw this and was frustrated by Lelouch lack of lust. "No you shall live once more you can save a world but cannot find the time to enjoy the savory taste of a woman UNACCEPTABLE" Don't own the cover and also sorry if the intro was a little too long I got carried away. This will have smut so I'm sorry for those people that just like action and no romance but if you read my bio you can tell what kind of author I am.

Siebog · Anime & Comics
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2 Chs
Table of Contents
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Volume 0 :Auxiliary Volume
Volume 1 :Anti-God
Volume 2 :Five Academies


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My five star review isn't put in a vain since I truly believe that this is my best work (so far) since I don't know what I can write in the future. However, this is by far, the best I can write at my current skill level and I really hope you all will like it as well.


Bro Leki writing another banger here. I'm proud of how much his quality has improved since his first novel and can't wait to see this in the upper ranks! Good luck man, so far so good [img=recommend]


I really like the books by alekzi they all give me peace of mind at least somewhat unique than others especially white online was the best this is also interesting till I have read so far


OMG! OMG! OMG! I've been waiting a long time for my favorite author to release another masterpiece. His novel has never fail to fill my heart, body and soul with a sense of tranquility and satisfaction. I'm certain this is going to be another masterpiece like all his other novels so far . keep it up sir! !


Just know this author novels are always masterpieces..Been waiting for him to drop another for the longest and here it is and reading it so far it’s perfect!!! So give it a try u won’ t regret it


i beg you bro please start working on "Ghost Rider in Twilight" again please i am begging you bro first time in a month i got intrested in a novel but got backstabed because it was last time uploaded 1 year ago please start working on it again please..........


I don’t give 5 star reviews lighty but this novel deserves it. Don’t hesitate. Just don’t. Very good writing, very well executed original idea, fleshed out characters and worldbuilding. Just read it. I just wish I found this later and it had more chapters.


Love all your works…please keep the updates regular..


Author can you tell just how many chapters this novel will have, i am stacking up chapters and would like to know that.


I have to say I read all novels from alezki and I feel he is one of the authors with best potencial in webnovels. Character design, character development and character relationships. Very few novels does this well here but this author pull it very well. Where the author fails the most until now is the second half of the story, one novel was interrupt when and the other drop in quality in the middle. I am liking this one until now, feels like a big improvement in world building. Hope you can keep same quality until the end. If yes you can be consider one of the best authors here.


I am immensely impressed by this book so far. Author, you have done a fantastic job of creating people that feel real in a fantasy setting. I look forward to seeing how your story unfolds.


why are non-privilege chapters not updating?


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Not bad. I'm really enjoying the novel right now. I hope the author can continue writing this. [img=recommend] [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Huge fan of Alekzi's works. I honestly am very much enjoying this story, and I can see a noticable increase in quality of the story. The concept is also something I find extremely unique with a nice plot. There's so much potential in the novel, and I hope it will be another masterpiece like MAS.


[img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend]


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