Human Of Rise In Against The Gods

On the day of Yun Che's marriage, an ordinary high school student was transported to a world against the gods with a strange system.

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Chapter 7: The Western Forest l

after 3 days .

It had been three days since Yu Tian had seen that bloody and brutal nightmare.

In these three days, Yu Tian did not leave his room and continued to stare at the sky from the window and take a shower from time to time.

Although he has not completely recovered from the nightmare, he has improved a lot since then and can eat again.

He even talked to the hostel owner while looking at him without having to vomit.

The credit for his improvement so quickly is due to his Gamer's Mind skills.

Although three days had passed, Yu Tian had not spoken to the system, and even the system was strangely silent these days.


"Painful" - Yu Tian hissed in pain and from slapping himself so hard - "There is no time to be depressed."

Even though the nightmare was a huge shock to Yu Tian, he couldn't let it be an obstacle in his way.

Yu Tian had a goal of returning to his family, so he couldn't stay like this without doing anything.

Yu Tian quickly emptied his mind, closed his eyes, and began using Heaven's First Secret Art: Heaven Consuming Technique.

When Yu Tian did the Heaven Consuming Technique, the profound energy in the area around him was quickly absorbed by him.

Thanks to his Gamer's Mind skill, Yu Tian was able to immerse himself in Cultivation without problems.

Yu Tian was completely immersed in Cultivation and didn't even notice Successive Breakthroughs in its cultivation.

Yu Tian continued Cultivation for two hours straight and stopped when he felt that the profound energy he had absorbed had become almost non-existent.

"..." - Yu Tian opened his eyes, let out a breath of relief, and looked at the notice of the system that he had not seen for three days.

[ Elementary Profound Realm ( 7 ) -> Nascent Profound Realm ( 2 ) ]

[ You have acquired the skill : Control of Profound Energy (F) ]

Although profound energy was scarce and turbid in Floating Cloud City, the Heaven Consuming Technique was a divine technique and allowed him to increase his cultivation very quickly.

"How many Profound Entrances are open in my body and how do I open them quickly?" Yu Tian asked, and there was coldness in his tone when mentioning the system.

Even though Yu Tian decided to forget the nightmare and focus on his goals, he still felt annoyed by the system.

[Ding, the number of Profound Entrances opened in the host's body is 22 Profound Entrances]

[And if the host wants to open more Profound Entrances, there are two methods that the host can use at the present time

1. Use Attribute Points to increase the Roots attribute.

2. Use Bloodline Purification Pills. ]

"…" - Yu Tian stared at the methods the system told him and ruled out the second method without hesitation.

Although he felt tempted, he didn't want the Gods Realm to come to his head when he found out he was a Devil.

"The system uses 8 Attribute Points in Roots." Yu Tian ordered, took off his clothes and went to the barrel to take a shower.

[ Roots: 5 -> 13 ]

[Congratulations to the host on achieving Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins]

[ The speed of the host in profound cultivation, flow, gathering, and profound energy release is raised by 200% ]

[ Name : Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins ]

[ Type : Profound Veins ]

[ Rank : B+ ]

[ Description : Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins is something that is achieved when all 54 profound entrances are opened. Having these veins means that the person's speed of profound cultivation, flow, gathering, and release of profound energy are brought to a higher level ]

"As I expected," Yu Tian murmured as he pinched his nose due to the foul smell and black substance that was coming out of his body.

Roots was not only limited to Profound Veins but also to Body.

The black, smelly substance was the impurity in Yu Tian's body and Profound Veins.

After getting rid of the impurities on his body, Yu Tian's handsomeness improved by a few notches and he was considered extremely handsome even by the standards of this world full of beautiful women and handsome men.

(A/N: Yu Tian is a male version of Busujima Saeko with Shiba Tatsuya eyes)

Although the smell was foul and nauseating, Yu Tian was somewhat happy because he no longer smelled the thick smell of blood that had been haunting him for days.

'Damn the cultivation Worlds' - Yu Tian thought and felt that cultivation Worlds were too much for someone who was accustomed to the comforts and entertainment of the modern era.

Honestly, after seeing a lot of fan fiction about cultivation worlds, he thought that living in them was very easy, but after experiencing life for a few days, he felt that he had done something and was being punished by being thrown into this cursed world.

'When I come back, wait for me, you damned writers' - Yu Tian thought and decided to tell every writer who writes about cultivation worlds and teach him that living in these damned worlds was not as easy as he writes.

After finishing bathing, Yu Tian emptied the water containing impurities from the window of the room and sat down looking for comfortable clothes in the system store.

As a person from the modern world, he was not used to wearing traditional Chinese clothes and was more comfortable with modern clothes.

After searching for some time, Yu Tian found Kirito's clothes from SAO.

When he saw it, he liked it and bought it without hesitation because it was clothes from the modern era and should be compatible with clothes in this world to some extent.

[Ding, the Black Knight clothing set has been purchased and 20 system points have been deducted]

[Note: This garment has a self-repair function and he can clean himself]

After purchasing the clothes, Yu Tian quickly put them on and felt very comfortable as if he was lazily sitting on his favorite sofa.

"I feel like there is something missing." - Yu Tian murmured as he examined himself and quickly realized what was missing - "System I want Kirito's special black sword that is at the Nascent Profound Realm level.

[Ding, Midnight Sword was purchased for 50 points]

[Name: Midnight Sword]

[Type: Item]

[Rank: Nascent Found Realm]

[Description: The black sword made of midnight metal was extremely sharp and could cut through monsters in the Nascent Ground Realm like butter. ]

[Price: 50 System Point]

"It's perfect." Yu Tian muttered upon seeing how the sword complemented the clothing set.

Although Yu Tian did not really like this world, this did not prevent him from achieving one of his as a Otaku dreams, which was to fight monsters using a sword.

Although he will go to fight monsters, he will fight regular monsters and not fight Deep Monsters.

Even though he was in the Nascent Profound Realm (2), Yu Tian couldn't control his power well, so it was better to practice using it against ordinary monsters.

After deciding his destination to go to a nearby forest, Yu Tian left under the surprised eyes of the hostel owner.

The hostel owner didn't expect Yu Tian to leave his room, especially after interacting with him for a while.

But this didn't matter because Yu Tian had paid for the room, so he had the right to stay there.

After Yu Tian came out, he attracted attention because of his handsomeness and strange clothes.

Yu Tian was 152cm tall, with milky white skin and a well-defined body, his facial features were sharp, his eyes were sky blue with a black slit like a snake, kindness was evident in his gaze, and blackish purple hair reached the middle of his back.

As for his clothes, they were something they had never seen before, but they were clearly made of high-quality materials.

While walking, Yu Tian bought an elastic to tie his hair because it would bother him while fighting monsters.

Yu Tian quickly left the city and headed to the forest on the western side of the city.

This forest was not only west of Floating Cloud City, but it was also west of the entire Profound Sky Continent.

Yu Tian only went to train but he did not expect that he would find such a big surprise in this insignificant forest.


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