HP: Wizarding Mafia

Mafia heir transmigrates as a Muggleborn. Come see his journey to the top, he will be born with NOTHING. He will do anything and everything to reach the top. This will be a criminal empire building fanfic. Bad but not evil MC. But there will be a lot of crime, blood and gore. Heavily inspired by The BlackList and Raymond Reddington Cover isn't mine. I put it there as a Thank You.

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Synopsis - Dis-Cord & Pat-reon

This fic is about a reincarnated person as a muggleborn in a shitty orphanage.

He will have Literally nothing, he will struggle and claw himself to the top.

As a muggleborn his option to do business and politics with the purebloods is cut off.

So he will be making a giant criminal organization that will span across the globe both magical and normal, it will be kinda old school, get people into positions, bribe here and there, threats. Murder, smuggling, assassination's, mafia, drugs, crime from both worlds.

There will be no love with the HP cast, at least not the teens. Why do people insist on making them fall in love with children? The MC in his past life was 20-30, still haven't decided on his actual age but you get the idea. 30 year old man, plus lets say 15 years in HP world, that's 45 mentally and they put him together with a 15 year old girl...

The MC's personality will be a less moral Raymond Reddington. I love the actor and the character. He wont be pure evil, but still a bad human being all in all.

That's it for now. This may be the next story after Meditation System is over. The pat-reons will vote on which of my fic's will be next.

I made this so that i have a place to write drafts and put down ideas.

I'm watching Red AMV, I like the 'Born Ready' one

I want my MC to be as badass as Raymond that's my goal for this fic, trying to imitate a legend won't be easy, i hope i will do it right, to show my appreciation for the character


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