HP: The Secret Heir.

I get transported into the world of Harry Potter I am going to become the most powerful and influential wizard of the time.

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Ch. 37 Not this again.

We were at an establishment in Knock-turn alley. The White Wyvern. I asked Florian "Can you tell me why we couldn't just meet this guy, like anywhere else?"

Florian swiped his finger on the table and said "Because this is the establishment that the gentlemen wanted to meet us."

I sighed and just waited for this guy.

A few days ago, Florian got information about a gentleman who wanted Fenrir gone and had substantial support behind him. He wanted to unite the Werewolves of all the England so that they could be more organised and take care of their own.

We waited for a few minutes and then a few people entered the tavern. They looked around and a guy sat down with us. and a guy behind him asked, "What is this kid doing here?"

Florian said, "This here is Jonathan Grindlewald House." The guy behind him snorted and the guy who was sitting with us said "Behave yourself, Alex. I am sorry for my subordinate's behaviour."

I smiled and said, "It's not your fault I have seen many like him."He looked angry

He said, "Again I am sorry. I am Thomas Bell. Let's talk shall we." The name sounded familiar. Alex also sat down with us.

Florian and I relaxed and hung back and Thomas said "We want him gone. What is your price?"

I asked, "What does he being gone mean to you?"

Alex said, "It means everything to us."

I said, "Then the price should be appropriate for the job, such as this?"

Thomas asked, "What do you want?"

Florian said, "We want you and your people to work for us."

Alex was enraged and threw back his chair and said "What did you say?"

I started to increase the pressure around him and said "Mind your tone" in a cold tone. The eyes were cold and composed he then sat down quietly and I removed the pressure and smiled and said "Mr Bell, we both want the same thing. The betterment of your people. I don't suppose I have to say things out loud but Wizards don't like your people. You guys can't get jobs, your children don't get an education, there is no other way than to turn to crime and even there you are not treated as lesser beings."

He asked, "So what are you offering?"

I gave him a file and Thomas read it and asked "So you can do all this for us if we work for you?"

I said "Absolutely, and all you need to do is just work for us."

He then gave the file to Alex and thought about it and Alex was shocked as to what we were offering. Thomas then "It is you it's it?"

I said, "Excuse me what?"

He then laughed and said, "I thought that my wife was crazy but it turns out she was right."

Florian asked, "Can I ask what are you talking about?"

He said "My wife is an Oracle and she said that there is a prophecy in which a wizard will help me and my kind and will lift us out of the shadows. And it looks like it is him."

And then I remembered why his last name sounded so similar he is Alyssa's Dad. And then I asked, "So do you agree to our conditions?"

He said, "I will but I need you to agree to one of ours."

I was excited but contained it and asked "Which is?"

He said, "You need to marry my daughter."

I said "What is wrong with everyone, I get it is a political move but I don't want to do that. Can't we just do like a magical contract?"

He said "No."

Florian asked, "Why?"

He said, "This kid is just 13 and call do stuff like this I don't think I need to tell you what kind of stuff he will be doing when he is an adult."

I asked, "Wait a minute for all, we know he could have come up with the idea?"

He said "No, you looked way too happy when you gave the file and why would he bring a kid to this meeting if you weren't involved someway. And even if you didn't come up with the idea the marriage will still work as intended."

Florian said, "I get that but please is there no way?" He nodded no.

I then asked Florian "What should we do?"

He said, "I don't see much of an option, we already have a good chunk of support from all the other communities and we will be easily able to maintain relations if you get married to his daughter."

I said "How could you just do that? I am already in this much trouble from both of them what do you think will happen when there is more?" I then had an idea and said to Thomas "I would love to accept but I already have agreed to marry someone else."

He said, "That's not a problem, it's a political marriage she will understand and most importantly it's for the betterment of me and my people."

I cursed these traditions I then asked Florian "Can't we just make one?"

He said, "Yeah, but that will be a waste of resources and time. Just marry her daughter."

I said, "Just a few days ago you were calling me a Cassanova."

He said, "Yeah, because you actively did that and that one would be considered a love marriage this is a political one."

Thomas then asked, "So what is it going to be?"

I then said "Why should I marry your daughter? We can just make someone else who is willing to be more compliant."

He then laughed and said "You are good, Jonathan but the thing is marrying my daughter benefits you as well. You see my wife runs my businesses so I can help you and Florian in expanding your business in America."

It was a good offer but I didn't get excited and looked uninteresting and said, "I need some time to think about it?"

He said, "Better do it quick there is news floating that Fenrir is talking with someone."

Florian asked, "Who is he talking to?"

Thomas said in a low tone "It's the remnant of Death eaters they are planning something and they want someone who is better in guerilla tactics and that is Fenrir. So I hope that you come to a decision soon."

He stood up and was about to leave when I asked "Hey can I like talk to your daughter before I agree to anything?"

He said, "Fine I will tell her about this and send you a letter about her arrival. Agree to my condition and then we will discuss how to get rid of him."

I asked, "What is the name of your daughter?" I wanted to confirm my hypothesis.

He said "It's Alyssa Bell" they then left and I was now in a dilemma as to how I am going to tell this to Daph and Coco. The peace that I had will now be gone again. I then asked Florian to not tell Daphne right now, I thought that I will tell them.

Florian went home and I questioned myself as to how will I break the bad news to them. I then decided to ask them to come for dinner and there I can talk to them.

(A few days later)

I then went to 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging. I never really expected to go there. I walked up to the door and knocked on it. And Dudley opened the door. and asked, "What do you want?"

I said, "I am looking for Victoria."

An annoying voice came from then back "Who is it, Dudley?"

I said, "Some guy is here for Victoria."

And then Vernon came and said, "Who are you here for boy?"

I said, "I am here for Victoria, If you can just call her we will be out of your hair."

He said, "Lily there is someone for your daughter."

I was shocked to know that Lily was also here is it possible that these Dursely's are nice? Lily then came to the door and they left and she said, "Oh, hello Jon, how are you?"

I said, "I am doing fine Mrs Potter and I see that you are visiting."

She said "Yes, my sister asked that Victoria, Harry and I spent some days here. I couldn't say no to her."

I thought it looks like they are okay, so why did Coco say that she would be having the worst summer? I then said, "Mrs Potter if you can just ask Coco to come."

She said "Sure thing, Coco come down Jon is here to pick you up... So what will you guys be doing?"

I said, "Well, mostly dinner and Tv in my new House, Coco still hasn't seen it."

She asked, "Where is it?"

I said, "In Knight's bridge."

She was surprised and asked "Oh, wow that is a nice place. How much did it cost you?"

I said, "I mean it cost me a little but I wanted a place to be stable you know, most of the other properties I own are damaged."

Coco then came down she was wearing Jeans and a floral print white top and asked "Shall we go?"

I said "Yes."

Lily then said, "Be sure to bring her back by 8."

I said "Not a minute late Mrs Potter. Bye"

We then got in the car and left I had asked Daph to be at home before us. Jelly was preparing dinner for us. She asked, "What is it you look a bit off?"

I said, "Oh, nothing just a work problem."

She then asked, "How is your summer going so far?"

I said "Pretty good, Tv sales are up. I am trying to look for some solutions for a problem at work with Florian so all good things, So how is your summer going?"

She sighed and said "I am bored out of my mind I can't practice magic and mom didn't allow me to bring anything to make potions and Dudley is a Jackass, always trying to pull some stunt with Harry and Me. Harry even got in a fight with him." I thought well, Dudley didn't change all that much, well it may be because he is still a kid.

We then reached home and Daphne was already there. Coco looked around the house and said "Daphne you did an amazing Job, The place has so much light and life in it."

Daphne smiled and said "Thank you, now Jelly has made dinner and Jon just got cable we are going upstairs and watching Edward Scissor hands. It's about a guy who has scissors for fingers" Well, the movie was much more complex but it was easy to describe it like that.

We then sat down and had a Tv dinner and I was thinking as to why I made a Dinning room if I was going to eat in my room all the time.

After the dinner was done they were still watching the movie and I said "Hey, I wanted to talk to the both of you."

Both of them said Indifferently "Hmm?"

I then said, "Please just pause it for a second it is important."

They then paused it and looked at me annoyed and I said "Well, if you both remember correctly I had a problem with the wolves. But now I no longer have that problem, I have found someone to lead them for me."

Vicotria said, "That is a good thing."

I said, "Well, I now have a new problem." I then explained the situation to them.

Daphne then said, "How do they all keep coming to the exact same conclusion?"

Victoria said, "Because they are smart? So what are you going to do?"

I said, "Florian said that marrying his Daughter will be the best course of action."

Daphne asked, "Who is her Daughter?"

I said "Alyssa Bell."

They both then said, "Oh,... yeah then it is fine."

I was confused and asked, "Why is it fine?"

Daphne pointed out that "You wanted to break into America, she can help there."

Vicotria said, "And we already know her, she is smart and supportive, so no compatibility issues with us."

I said, "I thought you both would have been more devastated or something like that."

Daphne said, "We both knew what we were getting into so, we kind of prepared ourselves for this and this is not your fault really so don't feel bummed out."

Victoria then said, "It would be nice to talk to her before you agree to marry her."

I said, "She will be here in a few days. You guys should talk to each other and flat out any kinks."

We all then just normally watched the movie, it was not that awkward because we didn't talk about it afterwards.

Daphne went in her own car and I dropped Victoria with mine. We walked up to the door and she said "I had a great night, well except for the part with the politics but all in all a good evening."

I said, "I am sorry Coco because of me you have to go through all this."

She said, "Don't blame yourself, Jon, these things are a common occurrence in nobility, and you don't have to worry about me or Daphne we both know how much you care about us and we know that doesn't change with the addition of another person."

I held her hand and said, "I am so grateful for you."

She smiled and said, "I know." She then kissed me on my cheek and went inside and said "Good night Jon."

I waved and said, "Good night Coco."

My life is about to get even more dramatic and I don't like that. I wish it could have been more simple.


The segment with Cotton 🐍

Greetingssss readersss, I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Thank you for voting and commenting on the chapter.

I would like to say that the interactions with Victoria and Daphne are such as this because both of them have grown up to be the Heirs of their Household, and although political marriages are a common occurrence not many wizards have multiple wives, it is not unheard of. The interactions with them may seem mature because they all are mature, they were trained to be mature.

Thank you to all the people who voted.

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