5 Chapter 5: The New Diagon Alley

Axel didn't know much about fashion so he just let Andromeda choose for him. He had to try on different outfits back to back. An activity he quickly realized that he didn't like doing.

Thankfully for Axel, it seemed that Andromeda had to meet up with someone so he didn't have to suffer too much. 

After they were done, Axel opted to change into a simple t-shirt, jacket, jeans, and sneakers. The thing was, all of them were branded and enchanted! 

The t-shirt and the jacket had the enchantments of color changing, comfort, self-cleaning, warm, and a permanent light men's perfume that Axel liked. 

The jeans are light elasticity, self-cleaning, warm, and comfort. 

Madam Malkin's had also expanded into accessories. So he bought sneakers. He adamantly refused to buy anything else for now.

The sneakers/shoes had a comfort, lightweight, increase/decrease friction. 

The most outrageous thing was: This set, which only the richest of the wizards can afford, was just an extra! The real set will have to be customized, since the enchantments are only for the VIPs. 

He'll only need that one set. It would be able to change into a few categories and would, of course, be enchanted so that there wouldn't be a need to wash. 

Axel was speechless at this 

display of luxuriousness. At one point in his life, he used to be so desperate for something as basic as food that he had to steal it and suffer severe beatings if caught.

Axel's fists clenched. Today, upon being granted the luxuries he always longed for, and more, he didn't feel the slightest bit of joy or satisfaction. 

It was nothing compared to that first fulfilling meal he'd had after he'd successfully gotten money through many painful lessons. He'd felt very proud of himself at that moment.

He had never begged for food. He'd never begged for ANYTHING. 

Everything he got, was after he'd put his life on the line to obtain it.

Thus, looking at the clothes he got for nothing, he made a decision. 

He called out to the assistant, "Excuse me, can you also get me a few sets of simple clothing and a simple Hogwarts set? No enchantments,"

He'd decided to not wear the enchanted clothing unless he's in real need of them, or unless he's capable enough to get them himself.

Currently, he can't waste the stash he got from the man he killed on something as wasteful as this. Thus, he really can't afford the enchanted ones right now. 

The confused saleswoman complied and he didn't explain anything to Andromeda. He didn't want to be an ungrateful bastard. As far as she'd be aware, she's bought him the best clothing available on market and Axel is extremely grateful and happy to wear them. 

One thing to be noted was that the blacks were the richest family in Britain right now. So buying him all this didn't cause a dent in Andromeda's wallet. Of course, Axel was currently unaware of this. 

As they walked out of the clothing store, a newspaper paddler happened to pass him by and Axel saw the front page had the picture of the man he killed.


Axel's heartbeat accelerated. He wanted to buy the newspaper and read it, but—he was walking with the Minister's sister a Master Healer with a lot of experience. She might be able to see through him. Thus, he just kept walking. 

Andromeda looked at Axel's long hair that looked like a bird's nest and covered most of his face. It was obvious that he'd never cared one bit about how he looked. 

"Your hair is in dire need of some care, young man."

She took Axel to a luxury hair salon. There, the shopkeeper applied various types of solutions to his hair and face, making him exasperated. But the more annoyed one of the two was the shopkeeper. 

"Have you never taken care of your hair before?! So much dandruff! I'm just happy you washed up thoroughly before coming. I can just imagine what state you were in previously. 

And, what's with this terrifying haircut?! It looks like someone just randomly cut it with a goddam knife!" The man droned on and on, not giving the veiled Andromeda a second glance. 

It seems that Andromeda didn't know the shopkeeper. Though it makes sense. It was a men's salon after all. She couldn't take him to the beauty parlor that she frequents, could she? 

Listening to the man rant, Axel was a bit speechless. Because

"Well, you aren't wrong," muttered Axel. He used to just cut his hair with the knife whenever his vision was being compromised. Though he'd keep the rest of the hair to hide most of his face. Somehow, even with that, he didn't use to look bad.

It was the man's turn to be speechless. While working on his hair, he realized that Axel didn't know anything about haircare at all. So he generously taught Axel the basics. The man somehow convinced the always apathetic Axel to even agree to have a few more treatments. 

That's how barbers are, no matter which world. They have a way of talking.

Soon the haircut was done and permanent setting spray was applied to his newly styled hair, making it so that even after blowing wind through them, they'll settle back down to the set style.

Meanwhile, when it seemed like there would be no problems with the hairstyling, Andromeda had left to do some shopping since it was a men's salon and she was beginning to attract looks. 

But when she returned, she couldn't find Axel anywhere in the large salon.  

While she was looking around, A striking boy came to stand in front of her. 

His black hair, which was now styled in a way that made it look like they were messy but still looked stunning also, they also had amber-colored streaks running through them, matching his eyes. 

Now that his face was visible, his scars were also visible. He had one vertically passing over his left eye while the other over his right cheek. But the scars only seemed to enhance his looks. His bright amber eyes were still droopy but there was a hint of amusement in them. 

"Mrs. Tonks, you already forgot me?" He asked, making her come out of her surprise. 

"No way," Andromeda murmured. "You actually look like this?" She wondered out aloud. This little guy is just full of surprises. 

Axel shrugged,

"Well, I wouldn't know. Even I only properly looked at myself today." He informed her.

He'd never bothered before, except for making sure his face was covered. Many times, his head would be covered with a beanie, thus completing his disguise. It was all so that even if someone catches him stealing and he escapes with his high agility, no one would have anything to remember him by once he changes his hairstyle. 

Overall, he'd say that his disguise was 100% practical and functional, considering that even he found himself looking at a stranger when looking himself in the mirror right now.

As they made their way out, Andromeda took out her mirror-like object and began talking. 

"Sirius, where are you?" 

Axel then heard a man's voice from the mirror. 

"We've already been here for a while ago, Andi. We're at the New Cauldron right now for lunch. Are you coming?" 

"Yeah, we're on our way," said Andromeda, pocketing the crystal.

Axel was surprised, "Are you leaving?"

Andromeda shook her head, "No, 'we' are leaving. With that injury, you're going to have problems at Hogwarts. So I thought I'd introduce you to someone in your year. My cousin was also coming for Rose's shopping."

"What? No! There's no need! No! I can manage on my own!" Axel instantly denied it. He would never agree to it!

… a few moments later ...

"How did I even agree to this?!" Muttered Axel as he walked towards the New Cauldron with a smiling Andromeda.

[As previously mentioned, you are weak to kindness and 'puppy dog eyes'. You didn't want to disappoint her and make her efforts go in vain.] helpfully Informed system.

While walking, Andromeda turned to him, 

"Axel, don't forget. You're my friend's son. She died in war and I only found you when you came as a patient." 

"Yeah, but why is this necessary?" 

"It's so that 'she' knows I'll be angry if 'she' bullies you," 

"...What the—?" Axel barely stopped himself from saying his favorite word. Who the hell was this woman talking about?

Andromeda elaborated, 

"Well, Rose is a... little bit mischievous. But don't worry! She's a good girl. She'll definitely help you out."

"I don't need any help." 

Axel looked at his hands which wouldn't stop trembling. He wasn't even sure he would be able to write with this. He quietly put them in his jacket pockets to hide the abnormality.  

He'd be unable to do magic properly for a while as well. Thus, in such conditions, he's sure to face lots of problems there. 

But… so what?! He's not some ordinary little wimp who'd be scared of hardship. He THRIVES in hardships. If he can manage to learn magic under such conditions and manage to fight under such circumstances, he'd come out stronger than ever when his body eventually heals.

They reached the New Cauldron which was located the way they had come from. 

"This is not the best place for food around here right now, but a decade ago, this used to be the only pub around here. So we prefer this one due to the memories."

Andromeda took him to the private room that Sirius had booked.

"You don't need to be scared. Everyone in there is very good." 

At this moment, someone opened the door for them,

"Oh Andi, I'm so glad you could make it,"

Only, the person who opened the door wasn't Sirius like Andromeda expected. It was Bellatrix.


"Bella! What are you doing here?" Asked Andromeda in surprise. Her eyes contained a hint of a warning. 

Andromeda regretted telling Bella about Axel. She should have expected this to happen. After all, Bella only cares about family.

After the shopping today, Andromeda was going to finally ask for Axel's permission to read his mind or at least tell her something about how he was able to resist. It would have helped a lot in her research of curing her husband. 

Yes, in the war, Ted was captured by the death eaters and tortured. She had arrived to save him, but they were too late. Excluding the breaks, the total duration he was under Cruciatus was 9 minutes. 

Andromeda has never been the same ever since. She pursued a carrier as a healer specialized in both mind and body and she became a master Healer. But, she never found any solution. She'd honestly given up and moved on by now, but seeing Axel, she finally had finally given her hope.

She wanted to know how Axel's mind was able to resist the Cruciatus and how she can help Ted regain his sanity with it. 

But still, she'd decided that she'll not force the boy and compensate him properly whether he accepts or not. But, last night, Bella had disagreed with her plans.

She'd guaranteed that Axel would refuse. And disdained her at how she wasn't simply using Legilimency and being done with it.

Right now, Andromeda can't help but be worried about Bella's motives. 

Currently, looking at the stunned Andromeda and Axel, Bellatrix smiled. 

"It is rare that the family reunites. How could I not come? A pity Dora couldn't make it. Now, don't just stand there. Hurry in! Before someone recognizes me." She exclaimed, ushering them in. 

Axel right now was quite surprised. The minister of magic! He recognized the woman instantly. After all, the whole Diagon Alley had her posters praising her. Heck, there was even a statue!

So, of course, he was obviously a bit intimidated when the ravishing beauty closely scrutinized him.

They went in and Axel saw the rest of the occupants in the room. It was a family of four. 

A black-haired man, with a neatly trimmed beard and a mustache. That must be Sirius Black. And the gentle-looking brown-haired woman must be his wife, Marlene. 

And their son and god-daughter and, Jamie and Rose. 

Jamie was a cute chubby boy about 8 years old. And their god-daughter, Rose Potter Black was a pretty little thing, with red hair and green eyes, and attractive noble features, she's said to have inherited the best of both of her parents. Though the only flaw in her flawless appearance was a lightning bolt shaped scar on her forehead, hidden behind her bangs.

All of them were currently looking at Axel with great interest. After all, he was quite the oddball here. Axel has never had so many people staring at him at the same time when he wasn't running away. 

Andromeda swiftly did the introductions,

"Everyone, this is Axel. He's the son of my friend who died in the war. I found him when he came to the Hospital, critically injured. He's starting Hogwarts this year."

"Axel, this is my sister Bella. Be wary of her, she bites." Though Andromeda said that playfully, Axel was actually scared of her intense gaze.

Bella grinned at Axel, showing her somewhat sharp canines. 

"And this, is my dog of a cousin Sirius. He used to be quite wild back in the days," she said, pointing at Sirius.

Sirius laughed as he ignored his sister's remarks and instead focused on Axel, "I like your hairstyle, kid. It has a touch of Paul. And those scars are absolutely badass!"

Paul was the name of hairstylist who did Axel's hair.

Andromeda cut him off, "—And the one who's tamed the wild dog, Marlene. She only has to cry a little and Sirius would do anything."

"I-I don't cry that often!" Protested Marlene, looking embarrassed that her sister-in-law had that impression of her. 

Sirius instantly took her side, "Of course, dear. You know how Andi likes to joke around. She was just kidding. Would Bella actually bite him? Wait—I can't guarantee that. But am I actually a dog—damn, my point is—you don't cry… that often."

Listening to Sirius only made Marlene teary-eyed. 

Everyone was grinning watching their antics. Even Axel was mildly amused. 

This was the infamous Black family in private. They seemed to enjoy themselves and didn't seem to find Axel's presence awkward or bothering. This made Axel relax a bit. 

"This bundle of cuteness is Jamie. He gets pampered by everyone in here," Jamie hid behind his elder sister and peeked at Axel. 

"And finally, this young lady, is your soon-to-be classmate Rose. She's our resident hooligan. Her partner in crime is usually Sirius Black. Rose, Axel still hasn't healed from his injuries so help him out for me, ok?"

Rose nodded her head, looking unwilling, "Okayy, can we quickly eat now? I want to get my wand! I've used my mom's for long enough."

They all sat down and Axel was not happy to find Bellatrix sitting right in front of him. She'd stare at him from time to time. 

"You look familiar for some reason. Have I seen you somewhere before?" She asked curiously.

Axel shook his head, "Not possible. I've never been to the wizarding world before and I've had a drastic change in appearance in the last few hours..." he said as he trailed off.

Bellatrix shrugged, "Well, never mind."

The food finally arrived and everyone dug in. Though Axel was still staring at the food. 

"Kid, are your hands stuck in your pockets? Why aren't you eating?" Asked Sirius jokingly. Everyone only then did everyone notice that Axel's hand never left his jacket pockets. 

Somehow, even Andromeda hadn't noticed. She recalled that somehow, Axel's hands were always in his pockets. And whenever he used them, she was always somehow wasn't paying attention or distracted.

Axel turned to Sirius, "I actually AM eating," He said, and sure enough, his plate was messy and half filled with food and there was some food in his mouth as well. 

Everyone blinked their eyes in confusion. None of them had seen him eat at all, they only saw him looking around. Bellatrix's eyes widened as she realized. 

"No way…" she muttered and Sirius and Andromeda also caught up, each looking baffled.

'The boy was only moving when no one was looking!'

Andromeda was the most dumbfounded of them all. She had gone shopping with him, had him try clothes and walked with him, but never noticed!

He'd somehow managed to blindside everyone present while being the center of attention. 

Though apparently, not everyone.

"I saw it," said Rose, looking at Axel with narrowed eyes. 

"Your hands… they're weird. Something's wrong with them, right?"

'Damn... have I got rusty after torture?'

Axel looked at her for a moment, then sighed. He'd been trying to hide it because it look weak and pathetic as fuck and utterly disgraceful. A master thief with trembling, clumsy hands...what a joke!

But, now that the cat was out of the bag, there was no way to hide it while they'll specifically focus on his hands. 

He brought his hands out of his pockets.


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