HP: The Alchemist [DROPPED]

THIS NOVEL IS FROM MTL. I AM NOW USING THE ORIGINAL NOVEL AS THE FRAMEWORK FOR THIS. The plot events remain unchanged, but I am revising and enhancing the narrative for better flow and readability. I will also remove any references related to patriotism and geopolitics. This story is very slow paced, so be warned. Please feel free to point out any spelling, grammar, or plot errors in the comments below. I'll make efforts to rectify them promptly. It's important to note that I do not own the rights to Harry Potter or the original novel. Chapter Updates: Expect new chapters approximately 1-3 times a week.

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Chapter 19

Professor McGonagall turned back around to face us with her list. She once again told everyone to be quiet. She also asked us to get into a single file line so it would be easier for people to get to the stool. The Great Hall was a large room with four tables in parallel. The students sat on either side with other student wearing the same colour robes. There were hundreds of candles between the four tables laid out, with the same interval between them lighting up the room.

The candle flame, according to Albert, must have been magical. How else would you explain the lack of wax and smoke? All kinds of thought came to Albert's mind when he saw the Sorting Hat such as can it read my memories about my previous life and why has nobody cleaned it? Albert hoped that the Sorting Hat would be as unhygienic as he thought.

When the Hall broke into an applause, Albert broke out of his daydream.

"Are you nervous?" A girl asked. Albert realised it was the girl he helped from before.

"No. Not really. I'll be happy where I'm sorted as long as it's not Slytherin." Albert responded.

"Your name will be called in alphabetical order of your surname. The Sorting Ceremony will now commence." Professor McGonagall announced. "Anderson, Albert."

Albert walked down the middle of the Great Hall, his eyes scanning the sea of people around him. As he made his way through the throngs of students, he seemed focused and determined, his steps measured and steady. Despite the rising noise and chaos in the Great Hall, Albert remained calm and collected, seemingly unaffected by the surrounding commotion. As he approached the front of the Great Hall, he quickly sat down before Professor McGonagall placed the Sorting Hat on top of his head.

"Please, not Slytherin. Please, not Slytherin." was all that was going through his mind. Although he knew the possibility of him being sorted in Slytherin was abysmal, he still thought it for the Sorting Hat to hear.

"Well, aren't you a tricky one? Your heart is full of ambition, but not quite enough for a muggle-born to be placed in Slytherin. You are courageous but would never do something without it having benefit you. You are intelligent, to say the least, and you only show loyalty to your family and maybe your friends. A tricky one, indeed." The Sorting Hat echoed in my mind. "You have all the qualities the founders were looking for, but tell me. Which one will you have me sort you into?"

"Any other one but Slytherin," I replied.

"It is decided then, I shall place you in…" The Sorting Hat echoed once again.


Albert didn't mind this. He would be content with the Sorting Hat decision and there he could make pure-blood contacts. He could also make friends and not be like a certain someone who will be joining in two years' time. And the bonus. He could help the twins retrieve the Marauder's Map earlier than in canon and complete his mission. After the Sorting Hat called out Gryffindor, the tablet on the left closet to the wall burst into cheers.

However, the twins and Lee Jorden could not believe it. Wasn't he meant to be sorted in to Ravenclaw? He had all the characteristics, so why wasn't he? Is there something wrong with the hat? After giving it a few thoughts, they could care less. Their friend is going to be with them in Gryffindor.

When Albert walked to the Gryffindor table, his robes changed to match the others at the table. Some older students even gave him a high five and a pat on the back. One, which he presumed to be the prefect due to wearing a badge, gave him a hug and welcomed him to Gryffindor. He found a place to sit and saved some space for his friends. The Sorting Ceremony continued. Albert looked over to the crowd as Cedric Diggory was called.

Cedric looked very similar to his canon counterpart. If he remembered correctly, he was supposed to die during the Goblet of Fire, but because of his existence, he may not. You know, the Butterfly Effect. The sorting went on, and both the twins and Lee Jorden were placed in Gryffindor. The red-hair twins were ecstatic to be in Gryffindor. After they were sorted, Professor McGonagall put the parchment away and sat down in her seat.

"Wow. We thought that they would sort you into Ravenclaw." George said. "It doesn't matter. You're here with us and promise you, you'll have the best time of your life if you stick with us."

"I can't wait." Albert said.

After the sorting was over, Dumbledore stood up. He raised his chalice, and with a fork, he tapped the rim of the cup. The ring echoed until it brought the room to a halt.

"I know. I know. Most of you are hungry. I'll keep this short. Welcome back to Hogwarts and for those of you are new, Welcome to Hogwarts. I remind students to stay away from the Forbidden Forest. Magic can not be used in the corridors and quidditch trials will take place in the second week of term. Now, I'll like to say a few words: Squeak, Oddment, Twinkle and Tweet. Thank you for listening." Dumbledore said food popped up in front of everyone. The feast had officially started.

Compared to other head teachers he had in primary school, Dumbledore knew how to keep a message short. He didn't drone on for half an hour and didn't say the same point more than once. He knew everybody was getting a little hungry.

"Excuse me prefect, but do you know the reason why Headmaster said those words?" Albert asked.

"No. He says four different words every year before we being the feast." The prefect responded.

"So, you don't actually know. I think I'll have to ask Dumbledore himself to find out why. But thank you anyway for trying to answer my question." Albert said.

At this moment, he knew why the Weasley twins were surprised to say this boy was here. He was every bit a Ravenclaw as the one on the table over. He belongs to that table. In his long tenure of being a prefect, he has never heard this question. Not even from a Ravenclaw. And I can't remember the last Ravenclaw who said they wanted to talk to Dumbledore for answers to this stupid question. But the boy is right. Why does Dumbledore say that?

The reason why Albert asked that was because of curiosity. Also, it was one of his biggest questions in his previous life regarding the world of Harry potter. Even the Fandom could not come to one answer. The most likely answer was that they were house-elves, but it looks like he has no choice but to ask Dumbledore himself.


Lightning struck the roof of the Great Hall and caused a brick the fall off the wall. Dumbledore got out his wand and cast a Mending Charm on the wall to make it look good as new. Dumbledore then looked towards the students and said, "Hurry up, children. Your food is getting cold."

Dumbledore placed his wand on the table and resumed eating. The Great Hall soon fell under the chatter of student as they eat and talked at the same time and then Dumbledore let out a small smile.