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World Setting And Magic System

The setting of the world and the Magic system of the Harry Potter world is pretty understandable, but the problem comes when we go into the details.

For example, just think about the magic power itself. In none of the movies or the books, there were even one mention of magic limit or magic exhaustion.

It's almost like it's the magical power of a Wizard or Witch is inexhaustible. 

So, to address this kind of issue, I am writing this.


1. I will try to make the world as realistic as possible.

2. In this story, Wizards do have a hard limit on their magic. And will run out of magic eventually.

3. There will be a clear level distinction between the powers of a Wizard. 

4. There is a clear distinction between Soft Magic and Hard Magic. More explanation later.


Here are my self-made levels of wizards.

Level 1 Novice (Level of a Student) 

level 2 Intermediate (Level of Adult) 

Level 3 Advanced (Level of Professors/Aurors) 

Level 4 Master (Level of strongest modern wizards like Dumbledore)

Level 5 Grand Master (Dumbledore or other dark lords with Elder Wand) 

Level 6 Warlock ( Level of Founders)

Level 7 Magus (Level of Merlin or Morgana or Solomon) 

Level 8 Royals (Level of Dark Morgana with the power of Laylines)

level 9 Wizard King (Level of Death)

Each level is ten times stronger than the last level. 

Remember that I am only talking about the raw power and not the skills. Even a level 3 wizard can beat a level 5 wizard if he is skilled while the other side has only power.

And just like skill, knowledge is also not included in this scaling. Only raw power.

There are just hard-line limitations on the progress of a person as well. Like Hermione.

She might be never able to go stronger than level 3 in her entire life as her innate magic talent and power are not strong enough. But she can become stronger through knowledge and skills.


Soft Magic means magic which does not have a reason behind it or a set of rules. Like the ancient magic done by Lily, it was all intent to save Harry.

Hard Magic is something which does have systematic rules. Like most of the charms and curses.

There is also direct magic which makes changes in the world directly like charms. While indirect magic can be said to be potions or divination.

There will be also Ancient Magic which is technically just a way of using magic. Like editing a photo on your phone with a free app it's like modern magic, Ancient magic is like full-fledge-out Photoshop.

Another example is when you play a game like GTA in which driving a car or plane is pretty easy but you only get the best control of a car when you have the wheel in your hand.


There are 4 aspects of casting magic in this world. Something which I believe is more realistic.

Its Spells, Intend, Magical Power and Law.

Spells are the ancient words/language which wizards made after slowly letting the magic remember them.

(Yes, in this world, magic is sentient as otherwise there is no way 11 years brats can just wave their wands by this knowing few words and do magic, magic is sentient and needs some kind of trigger to activate)

Intent is the main force behind making any magic work. Intent shapes the magic to do different things.

Magical Power in the HP world is hard to understand as we don't know where it comes from. So for the time being I will considering earth in this world naturally great magical power which only wizards can draw and use.

There body can naturally can draw this magic from birth. Muggles can draw magic. There are further two distintion between those who can draw magic. Those who can use magic and those who can't.

To use magic, one needs to store magic inside themself which is done in Magic Core and need magical circuits in there body to to use that stored magic.

Squibs don't possess either a magical core or have undevelop magical circuits to use magic but unlike muggles they can draw magic inside there body.

The stronger the wizards the more magic power he can draw and unlike the mages at Kamar Taj, there is no backslash.

Its almost like mutants but everyone is drawing the same kind of power.

And lastly Law.

Modern Wizards don't use this concept anymore. The last use of Law in the Harry Potter Universe can be considered as the creation of the deadly Hallows.

I will explain Law more in detail later on as the story progress. And update it here as well.

The last one is something which the modern magical system does not use.


There are two magical Systems. Modern and Ancient. 

Modern systems is weak but easy to use and lack flexibility just like you are using your phone camera to take a quick pic or record a video, easy but not very powerful.

Ancient magic is like giving magic the right commads and being able to interact with magic closely, like now you are using a 10,000 dollar film production camera. Hard to do and but powerful.

I will add more and update it when I feel the need of it.


Ancient Magic, I will add this later when I will touch that subject in the story.