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Chapter 181 : You Beast

By the time the girls are done with their training and have enough oxygen in their system, they realize that the ground will be filled with white clouds. And Orion was long gone. 

All they could see was a sea of white clouds. They almost felt like they were in a snow field country or it was snowing early in Scotland this year. The chill in the air was also fully supporting this assumption of the girls.

Little did they know that Orion was still there and the clouds they were seeing weren't actually clouds but rather cotton candy. 

Orion after turning the morning fog into cotton candy as Merlin ask him to do for his training wanted to feel how it would feel like to sleep on cotton candy. 

Will it be like sleeping on Clouds? He really wanted to know and thus after coating himself with magic so those sticky clouds wouldn't stick to him, he jumped in the small lake of cotton candy he created. 

Back to the girls, they soon got curious about the unmoving clouds which were getting squished under their feet and sticking to them. 

Only upon closer observation, they realized that it was cotton candy that they were stepping upon.

"Hey is this real ?" Daphne asked with a little confusion and excitement on her face. Who wouldn't want to visit a land of candies and chocolates? Let alone a 14-year-old girl.

"If there is one thing I learned about Orion after this much time is that there is hardly anything impossible for him," Rose just smiled as apparently she too had the same kind of idea as Orion. 

She found a place where the cotton candy was highest in concentration to jump. Little did she know that the reason she found that area more fluffier than normal was because Orion was lying beneath that layer of cotton candy. 

So just before she was around to jump she suddenly felt someone grabbing her by the leg and pull her in the mountain of cotton candy. 

"KYaaaaaaaaa" a scream from Rose alerted Daphne as she immediately took out her wand but it was too late. Rose was already gone. 

Hestitly Daphne used all the known spells to her to find her friend but to no avail, she couldn't.

And while she was panicking, Rose herself felt no fear. She was currently feeling warm. Even after someone was covering her mouth from speaking anything there was a sense of security in her mind. 

'Orion,' She murmured. 

Somehow knowing that the person who was holding her was none other than Orion. 

"Ah, that's not cool at all. How did you find me ?" Orion who was holding Rose like he was just about to kidnap her, released the girl with a dejected face and expression. He was planning on scaring her. But somehow the girl knew it was him. 

"Hmm, Huff. You idiot you almost gave me a heart attack," Rose all but shouted. Although there was still a chill in her heart from the earlier fright Orion gave her after just a few seconds her heart got calm again. 

Her mind for some reason went back to the time when Orion saved her. This feeling of getting embraced by someone. In her entire life, she has never felt it from anyone besides Orion. The hugs she gets from her friends are different. 

They don't have the feeling of protection in them. Orion in this case is much different. 

"Really, I don't feel like it, Ms Potter. With your reaction just now I left like you are not getting attacked but rather getting tackled by a 10-year-old. Why are you smiling like that," Orion asked with confusion but still smiled as the girl was happy. 

"Oh, how do you know I'm smiling? It's dark here," Rose was stunned. She didn't at all restrain her facial features becuase it was dark here and she couldn't see anything. So she didn't suppress the huge blush coming to her face when Orion practically engulfed her in her arms. 

Only after this that Rose get completely flustered and start to make a fuss to get out of Orion's grasp. 

But who is Orion... currently is he physically capable of even stopping a fully grown elephant in his tracks? His arms didn't even budge. 

"Don't you think that your survival instincts have too much lag when the situation demands for it? Remind me we gonna work on your reflexes after we have done with physical training," Orion mused and said with a laughing tone.

Rose at this quit her pointless struggle to get out of the boy's arms and pouted. 

"My entire body is already aching, I can't do that," Rose huffed.

"Don't worry I will be gentle," Orion joked but later just realised that maybe the girl was too young to even understand the joke. 

"Huh you and gentle ? I know your gentle. You are a beast, I can't handle you. Let me go," Rose immediately replied, definitely not understanding what Orion meant there. Making Orion's joke backfire on him as he himself blushed a little. 

[You beast, you didn't even leave a cute little girl like her. You are the worst of the worst. Scum...]

'Ah here it is, I was just wondering why there is no retort from this old man,' Orion just rolled his eyes. 

Little did he know that beside him, Merlin and Rose, there is one more girl is there and she too could listen to everything they were talking about. 

Daphne holding her wand completely wide eyes. 

Her mouth was opening and closing very second with at the absurd thing she just heard.

She is not naive, she understands what that means. 

"Ro.... Rose and him.


Not this is not right. What about me..." Daphne was stuttering and immediately acted.

Letting go of her wand, she grabbed the first person she could get her hands on and tugged them out. 




"I told you that this is a misunderstanding, can't you just listen for once..." Orion said for the umpteen times but there was no progress, Daphne was looking at him with suspicious eyes, Rose literally had become a Rose with all that red flush face of her. 

After Daphne tugged them out like fish from the water, she was quick to separate both Orion and Rose. Of course, Rose didn't get anything she was making so much fuss about, only until Daphne explained why exactly. 

"Oi Rose, if you have time blushing there then please help me explain to her," Orion chided. Although in novels and anime, this kind of situation might be funny but in reality it's annoying.

But after so many times when the girl didn't listen to him, Orion just sighed and let it go, 'there is no point on explaining to her, if she things that there is something going on between Rose and I then let it be, no in fact let put more petrol in this fire later. It would be funny to see what will happen,' Orion who earlier was planning on clarifying to Daphne suddenly smirked. 




Breakfast was as lively as always especially when two more gluttons added in the ranks of Hungry Lions. Orion on the other hand was no longer considered as a Lion by others. There was a school-wide petition to open a new house just for the boy, with a Hippopotamus logo. 

And maybe the most surprising fact about this was Dumbledore actually considering the petition for once. But then he remembered that he needed to save the lions, soon there popularity will drop like files to flames and thus a fifth house wasn't added beside the long-standing four houses of Hogwarts. 




Later on, the students move to their assigned classes. For Orion, it was ancient runes. He was already a master of it and didn't need to study it but almost every other subject is either outright useless or he won't get any benefit from learning it. 

It was not until almost the end of the normal classes that a teacher told him something he was dreading from the start.

[Oh it's finally, here]

"Sigh, I shouldn't have agreed to this. Not only is it a waste of time for me but also draws more attention towards me," Orion took a sip of the juice he was drinking and sighed.


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