17 Chapter 15: Meeting Ollivander

AN: Thank you all for your suggestions. Now let me give you valid reasons I rejected them. First of all those who suggested books, they are available in ROR, so he doesn't need to buy them. Next, things like clothes, gift for the trio, a pet etc. These things will show that he somehow got a lot of money, which he doesn't want to show. Officially he only has a little more than 4 sickles, why would he spent it to buy a present for someone or buy clothes. If others can see what he bought then it must be in 4 sickles range. I was thinking about things he could buy for himself and no one would know when I asked for suggestions.

Next mandrake leaf- I don't intend to make him an animagus yet.

Mandrake potion- On surface this looks like a very smart thing to buy except it will be quite useless if you think about it, he can't use it on anyone else because then how would he explain why and how he got one of the rarest and very expensive potion on him just when the school needed it the most. And he can't use it on himself because, well, he would be petrified and unable to move. Also it could cost at least a few galleons.

Pouch with extension charm- He doesn't really need it yet, also when he needs it, he will make it himself. If Hermione can than why not MC.

Lastly the wand holster- MC would buy it but I don't really see why it's such a big deal to you guys. He wouldn't be using it in classes or anything, just in ROR.

These were the only reasonable things that were suggested. Sorry for the long AN I know some of you don't like them.


I was roaming Diagon Alley when I passed by Ollivander's shop. I decided to go in. I want to buy a wand care kit and a holster. But I will only buy from Ollivander if all of it comes under four sickles because I don't want to leave a trail that suggests that I have more money than I should. If it's more than 4 sickles I will buy from a someone that doesn't know me.

When I entered the shop I saw no one behind the counter, hair stood up on the back of my neck and I immediately knew what was coming. Sure enough Ollivander's eerie voice from the shelf opposite to the counter, "Good day, Mr. Haven".

I turned sharply to see Ollivander emerging out from behind the shelf. I could have sworn I saw a small mischievous smile playing at his lips but it was gone as quickly.

'This old man definitely likes to jump scare people', I thought.

"How can I help you today?", he continued as he walked to the counter.

"Mr. Ollivander, I read in a book that a wizard needs to take care of his wand properly. My wand supported me extremely well this past year. So I was wondering if you could tell me how to take care of it properly", I asked him.

"Of course, of course, it would be my pleasure, it's good to see you taking interest in wand care, it's so rare to see kids your age or even adults taking care of their wand properly, usually wizards take their wand for granted, they forget that it's the wand that supports them in their daily lives", he seemed really passionate about it.

"Now let's see, eight and a quarter inches, Teak wood and a single unicorn tail, strong and sturdy, hmm...", he began examining it. "You know, I like to tell myself that I've surpassed my father in the art of wand making but then I see his work like this wand and I truly can't tell which one of us has made better wand. It rivals or may even surpass my best works", he looked at me and smiled, "looks like you have taken good care of it and it has served you well".

"I just polish it sometimes with a clean cloth, that's all", I said.

"That's plenty in the beginning", he said.

He then waved the wand but his hand jerked and the wand gave out angry purple sparks, Ollivander had a look of surprise on his face.

"This wand shocked me, quite painfully I must say", he looked at it, curiously rubbing his chin.

"Yeah, it used to do that to me too, but it wasn't painful just a tingling sensation", I said

"This is quite unusual, I have never seen such a stubborn and temperamental unicorn core wand, they are quite docile. All wands have a little consciousness or intelligence whatever you want to call it but this wand's behaviour suggests it has a very higher level of intelligence. Looks like it will only work for you and no one else. I must compliment you Mr. Haven, it is quite an accomplishment to gain absolute loyalty of this wand in just a year. Now I'm very interested to see what extraordinary achievements you attain in future", Ollivander said looking at me with interest.

"Thank you Mr Ollivander but I think you are overestimating me too much, I think my wand and I compliment each other very well, " I said modestly.

"That very true of course and we will find out if I have overestimated you or not in a few years. Now let's see about wand care," he then showed me how to properly take care of the wand with a wand kit.

"Can I also get a wand holster for my arm, I heard that it's more convenient than carrying around wand in pocket", I asked.

"Of course, here try this one it's equipped with two way draw method. One is of course you wear it on left hand that will make it easier to draw it with your right hand and the other is, you take this safety pin off, then wear it on your right hand. When you flex your wrist, the wand will shoot out in your grip. I suggest you wear it on your left arm as is traditional. The latter method is quick but quite difficult to master, it has a high chance of you dropping the wand or accidentally flexing the wrist that will make wand shoot out. It is only used by Aurors and Hit Wizards because they need to draw the wands quickly", he explained.

"Okay, how much is all of this? I have four silver sickles", I asked.

He looked at me with pity looks like he just remembered that I'm an orphan.

"You know what you can take this for free, your interest in wands and seeing the unique bond you have formed with your wand is gratifying enough for me. You can consider this a gift or a bet from me on your future," he said with a smile.

"Thank you so much Mr. Ollivander, I will work hard to meet your expectations in future" I said with a bright smile.

"You can come back anytime if you want to know anything regarding wands", he said as I bid him farewell.

'Score! Now I won't have to hide the wand holster since I got it as a gift from Ollivander', I thought as I walked away from the shop.

With nothing left to do I went back to the Orphanage.

I wasn't as bored in the next few weeks before the school starts now that I have got books. I have to say Lockhart's books were quite an enjoyable read. He has a real flair for writing. But it didn't feel like I was reading memoirs of different true incidents. It felt like I was reading total fiction even though I was living in a fictitious world. I can't believe people actually believe that he did what he has written. Some of his feats defy common sense and that's saying something considering people defy common sense daily and effortlessly in this world.

Finally came the day I was waiting for the most- September 1st. I reached Kings Cross a little late than last year as the bus got stuck in a traffic because of an accident. After finally reaching platform nine and three quarters I began looking around to find an empty when I saw a little girl with dirty blonde hair saying goodbye to her father with similar hair, through the window. I recognized her- Luna Lovegood.

I decided to enter the carriage, she is the person I'm genuinely interested in becoming friends with in this world.

I opened the door and asked, " Is this empty?", I Pointed at the seat.

She looked at me with wide pale eyes.

"No it's not, there are quite a few Slimpy Gunries in this compartment, but you can sit here they are harmless", she said as a matter of fact.

I smiled inside my head, 'Yep, that's Luna alright. It's lucky that I met her so quickly in this year. I will make sure , no one bullies her this time'.

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