HP/DC: Satan Soul

given another chance by a powerful being our main character is give the powers and appearance of Mirajane Strauss. in her early years she must deal with the troubles of hogwarts and once she leaves all manner of superpowered beings. DC comics Au / Harry Potter Au

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another passage of time

So I'm following the Wiki timeline and some of these events are months appart. After the mirror of erised part the next story event is in February and that's just a quidditch game. After the game the next event is April. Like damn they fr spread these events over a year.


After Christmas the new year came and went. Slowly I created a stable relationship with Draco. We would sit next to each other in our joint classes and spend time in the library learning spells together.

Over the course of the last few months I'd learned a few new spells from the later years.

The main one being the shield charm Protego. I had also successfully created my own version of the marauders map.

The basic Satan soul magic had also been mastered. Once I mastered it I unlocked Satan soul Sitri. These form was much more taxing and with my current mana reserves I could only hold it for around 30 minutes. Compaired to my basic Satan soul form which I could hold all day.

The most likely reason was that my low mastery made the form harder to keep up then the already mastered one.

Research into rituals had also gone well, I was now confident enough to proform them. I already had a few in mind.

Letting out a sign I couldn't help but think aloud. " so much time has passed. My relationship with Draco is a lot better but it kind of ruined my relationship with Harry… no doubt Ron's doing."

Letting out yet another sign I began making my way towards the library to meet with Draco. However on my arrivel I saw Harry Ron and Hagrid within the library's animal section.

'Oh I see he must have already gotten the dragon egg.' Seeing them walk off I couldn't help but have my eyes follow them. Once they where out of my sight I mused to myself once again. " not that I care"

As I continued on my way I couldn't help but feel a small amount of annoyance. My brow furrowed. " hmmmm, fine I'll go see that stupid dragon hatch."

Turning around I began to find myself walking towards Hagrids hut with an irritated expression. Whist walking past a hufflepuff student I overheard them whisper to their friend. " the she-devil is angry again warn everyone quick" as the little whisper ended they quickly shot off to do god knows what.

After making my way towards hagrids hut I saw that the door was closed and Harry, Ron and even Hermione where inside.

Walking up the giant steps towards the door I hammered my against it. The voices inside quickly quited down as hagrid opened to door slightly for him to peak around the side.

Hagrid gave me a look over before letting out a not so subtle sigh. " and who might you be miss?" Turning my head up to Hagrid I couldn't help but frown again. 'WILL I ALWAYS BE THIS SHORT!' Even with my mind shouting I answered him calmly.

"I'm friends with Harry and I saw him come in earlier can I come in too?" Hagrid not having the heart to turn someone away turned his head around to no doubt look at Harry.

When he looked at me again he nodded and then opened the door for me to come in. Seeing the golden trio together I couldn't help but smile a little bit.

" hello Hermione. it's been awhile, we didn't really talk since you came back from the Christmas holidays" seeing Hermione I couldn't help but greet her as ever since she came back she'd been avoiding me.

However before she could answer a voice cut through room creating some tension. " she doesn't want to talk to a house traitor like you. Right Harry, she's been spending time with those slimly slytherins" the amount of contempt in his voice honestly made no sense.

Yet again before I could speak an angry Hagrid retorted Ron. " now Ron theirs no Need for that! Your all students at hogwarts and should get along." Hearing this Ron turned his attention to Hagrid "but…." A stern glare form the giant quickly shut him up.

" i see you've been listing to Ron's nonsese, just because I want to get to know my blood relatives I've been ostracised by my friends? Shows how much you all care." My words where bitter and I was sour about it. I spent much time with Hermione in the library and for all of it to be ruined because of his words felt wrong.

My words caused both Harry and Hermione to lower their heads in shame whist Ron just snorted. Hagrid being the peace keeper he was decided to change the subject.

" my would you look at the time. I think it's best you all leave for now. I'll tell you when the eggs going to hatch." Hagrid began to shoe us out

Hermione began to speak to man with her voice slightly raised. " you can't keep the dragon here Hagrid! After a week I'll be the size of your house. You won't be able to hide it then" Hagrid simply paid her no mind and closed the door.

Hermione being as stubborn as she was began to bang on the door. However once again she was simply ignored, with a fierce expression.

Seeing no reason to say around I decided that it was time for me to return to the dormitory and check my status.

10 minutes later I found myself lying in my bed.

'Hey system, check my status' giving my order the screen appeared in my views

[ name: Mirajane Strauss black

Race: human/demon - blood ratio 65/35

Template sync - 38%

Wizard class - A

Magic density/amount - S


Physical boost, greater vitality, greater posion resistance, greater curse resistance


Fairy tail magic - Satan soul(M), Satan Soul Sitri(B), transformation magic (M)

Fairy tail curse magic - N/A

Harry Potter magic - Levitation Charm(M), Unlocking Charm (M), Locking charm (M), Mending Charm (M), disilusionment charm (M)

Important magic HP - Legilimency(M), Occlumency (M), transfiguration (A, protego (A) ]

My stats had been growing smoothly. " over the next few days I need to gather ingredients for that ritual. Nerves of an acromatula is the main ingredient. Once I get that I can start to enhance myself further".

Seeing that it was already pretty late I decided to call it a night after making my preparations for the next few days.


I change Miras name to just be a double barrel surname since people keep complaining about the Nee bit. Personally I think it sounds better with the Nee but hey oh