HP: Bad Intentions

After transmigrating to the Harry Potter world and being reborn as Grindelwald and Dumbledore's flesh and blood, Blake had awakened the Emotional Treasure Chest System! Make someone's blood pressure soar and you'll get a treasure chest! So … Blake: "Review? You've just learned something, how can you forget it so quickly? " Hermione (deep breath): "Hermione, you have to calm down!" [Ding! Silver Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "What a handsome cat!" (Takes out a cat stick!) Professor McGonagall: "!!" [Ding! Gold Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "Professor Snape, do you want to eat hotpot together? It's delicious! " Snape: "That's my crucible! How dare you! I'll deduct 50 points from Hufflepuff! " [Ding! Diamond Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "Professor, my surname is Grindelwald." Dumbledore: "Hmm? What did you say your surname was? " [Ding! Supreme Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "Soupy, where's your nose?" Voldemort: "Avada …" … Blake: "I'm just a little badger who wants to become stronger. What bad intentions can I have?" (Hands up) ============ DISCLAIMER: This is a Translation of 霍格沃茨:小獾能有啥坏心思呢? If you like a Shameless Mc then this is for you

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Unconvinced Cassandra! He Is Better Than Me? Impossible! Absolutely Impossible!

Cassandra stared at him with her beautiful big green eyes.

She looked at this scene in shock.

Mr. Ollivander.

He had the technology to make wands.

On a worldwide scale.

He was ranked in the top three.

Even if he was ranked first.

He could afford to be.

But now.

He was such a world-class wand master.

He was actually stumped by that boy!

And he looked.

And he seemed to be showing signs of breaking down?

This was truly an inconceivable matter!

Kassandra was a proud child.

Because since she was young.

No matter in which aspect.

She was extremely talented.

She was far more outstanding than their peers.

Because of this, among her peers.

There were really not many who could catch her eye.

Too invincible.

What this brought was loneliness and emptiness.

This year, she was going to enter Hogwarts.

So she was still looking forward to meeting someone who was qualified to be her opponent in school.


When she saw Professor Dumbledore.

Such a powerful and famous wizard.

He actually personally sent a child to Diagon Alley to buy things.

Her curiosity was piqued.

What kind of person was he?

How could he be worthy of being personally received by a great wizard like Dumbledore?

Perhaps this boy was capable enough to be her opponent?

It just so happened that she hadn't bought a wand yet.

Hence, she followed behind Blake and Dumbledore.

She entered the wand shop.

Then she saw Blake blow up the wand.

To be honest.

Even though her family had a long history.

She had never heard of such a thing.

Even though she claimed to have seen the world.

She couldn't help but be surprised by this.

Because of this, Kassandra unknowingly contributed a silver treasure chest to Blake.

"It seems that this guy is really interesting."

Kassandra, who had this thought.

Because of this, she continued to watch curiously.

When Blake picked up the second wand.

And when he successfully turned a box into a lifelike little white dove.

Only then did Kassandra truly feel shocked!

Because …

She couldn't do that!

Cassandra remembered herself not long ago.

Under the serious guidance of his parents.

It took a whole week.

That's why I used my mother's magic wand.

Turning a match into a flawless silver needle.

At that time, her parents were pleasantly surprised that she was the genius of the Worley family!

Because she wasn't even 11 years old at that time.

The magic power in his body was limited.

Yet she was able to do that.

It was already very impressive.

But now …

This boy was about her age.

Unexpectedly, when he was testing the wand.

Turning an inanimate object into a bird?!

How was this possible?

Her father had clearly told her that.

Because there wasn't enough magic.

Right now, she still couldn't do that!

Then why could that boy do it?!

However …

Although Cassandra was not convinced.

But she had to admit it.

The current her.

She really couldn't do it. Shee really couldn't do it …

From a young age to an adult.

This was the first time Kassandra had lost to someone her age!

Kassandra was shocked.

A trace of hostility rose in her heart.


I admit that you have the ability to be my opponent! "


If I also had a great wizard like Professor Dumbledore to teach me. "

"I could do it too!"

Kassandra thought, unwilling to admit defeat.


Detected shock. ]


Extracting the treasure chest for the host! ]


Congratulations to the host for obtaining a gold treasure chest! ]

Blake turned his head.

He saw the expression on Kassandra's face.

Naturally, he knew who contributed this gold treasure chest.

Before he could think further.

The system notification sounded again.


Detected great frustration. ]


Extracting the treasure chest for the host! ]


Congratulations to the host for obtaining a diamond treasure chest! ]

"Uh …"

Although he was happy to obtain a diamond treasure chest again.

But …

Looking at his ashen face.

Ollivander, who had contributed a diamond treasure chest to him.

Blake couldn't be happy.

First of all.

Such a big wand shop.

There wasn't even a wand that was suitable for him!

In other words, he wouldn't be able to buy a new wand today …

Secondly …

Today, Ollivander was a little miserable because of him.

Even though he didn't do it on purpose.

"I'm sorry, Garrick. I'll compensate you for today's losses."

Dumbledore sighed.

Then he took out a money bag.

He placed it gently on the counter.

In fact.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that Ollivander had suffered heavy losses today.

More than eighty wands had exploded.

According to the price of about seven gold Galleons per wand …

That was a huge loss of more than five hundred gold Galleons!

Although Dumbledore didn't know why such a thing had happened.

He guessed that it might have something to do with Blake's background.

After all, he was a new life form that had been cultivated in a petri dish.

Compared to an ordinary Wizard.

There must be something different about it.

"Don't worry, Blake. As for the wand, I'll think of a way."

Dumbledore comforted Blake.

He knew very well that a little Wizard yearned for a wand.

So he knew very well.

When a little Wizard couldn't buy a new wand.

The disappointment in his heart …

"Wait …"

Just as Dumbledore was about to pull Blake away from this place.

Ollivander suddenly raised his head.

He stopped them.

Blake saw the unwillingness in his eyes.

"I'm not short of money.


"Although Mr. Green blew up so many of my wands."

"You've brought me an unprecedented challenge!"

"I shouldn't be afraid of challenges!"

Ollivander thought of how he had wanted Blake to go to Germany to find his old colleagues.

He couldn't help but feel a little ashamed.

He was the world's top wand master!

How could he admit defeat so easily?

"Mr. Green!" Ollivander walked out from behind the counter.

He held Blake's arm.

"Obviously, there's no wand in the shop that suits you now."

"So … I'm going to tailor a wand for you!"

Blake looked at Ollivander's bloodshot pupils.

"Uh, how can I accept this?"

He had blown up more than eighty wands.

But the other party didn't want his compensation.

And he wanted to tailor a wand for him?!

"Please don't reject me, Mr. Green."

"I can guarantee that if I can't solve this problem."

"Other wand craftsmen won't solve it either!"

"And … I feel that this is a great opportunity for me to break through my current skills!"

Blake looked at Ollivander, who seemed to have gone crazy.

Blake calmly pulled his arm out of his hands.

Tailor a wand for him.

Of course, it was good …

"After all, you don't want to be unable to use a wand in the future, right?"

This sentence hit Blake's weakness.

"Okay … I agree."

"That's great!

Thank you! "

Ollivander excitedly gave Blake a big hug.

This scene made Kassandra, who was at the side, confused again.

They're about to blow up your store. "

You're still thanking him?!


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