HP: Bad Intentions

After transmigrating to the Harry Potter world and being reborn as Grindelwald and Dumbledore's flesh and blood, Blake had awakened the Emotional Treasure Chest System! Make someone's blood pressure soar and you'll get a treasure chest! So … Blake: "Review? You've just learned something, how can you forget it so quickly? " Hermione (deep breath): "Hermione, you have to calm down!" [Ding! Silver Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "What a handsome cat!" (Takes out a cat stick!) Professor McGonagall: "!!" [Ding! Gold Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "Professor Snape, do you want to eat hotpot together? It's delicious! " Snape: "That's my crucible! How dare you! I'll deduct 50 points from Hufflepuff! " [Ding! Diamond Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "Professor, my surname is Grindelwald." Dumbledore: "Hmm? What did you say your surname was? " [Ding! Supreme Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "Soupy, where's your nose?" Voldemort: "Avada …" … Blake: "I'm just a little badger who wants to become stronger. What bad intentions can I have?" (Hands up) ============ DISCLAIMER: This is a Translation of 霍格沃茨:小獾能有啥坏心思呢? If you like a Shameless Mc then this is for you

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The Old Friend You Mentioned, Could It Be Yourself?

Godric Valley.

Dumbledore looked at the small town.

His eyes were full of memories.

At this time, Blake was leaning against the wall.

He stood on the side and calmed his turbulent stomach.

Why was Phantom Shift so uncomfortable?

Blake thought.

Maybe it was the same reason why Muggles would get seasick?

"Professor Dumbledore!"

An unfamiliar middle-aged man quickly walked over.

"Mr. Pierre."

Mr. Pierre excitedly shook Dumbledore's hand.

"We've already done what you asked us to do.

Here are the keys. "

Mr. Pierre took out a bunch of keys.

He handed it to Dumbledore.

"Thank you very much!

Mr. Pierre.

You are still so capable. "

"Thank you for the compliment!

Professor Dumbledore … If you need help again next time, remember to come to me! "

Monsieur Pierre left in excitement.

His eyes were fully focused on Dumbledore.

He didn't even look at Blake.

"That gentleman must be your top fan, right?"

"That's … what Muggles say, a super fan."

After Blake calmed down.

He walked over with a suitcase.

"Ah … maybe he just likes the way I do some things."

"Not really … uh … a fan."

Dumbledore said modestly.

"Okay, the new house has been arranged."

Dumbledore shook the keys in his hand.

"To be exact.

This is my ancestral home … but, since … I haven't been back for a long time. "

"So I guess I asked Mr. Pierre and his team to help me renovate it."

Dumbledore's ancestral home was located on the edge of town.

It was a small two-story house.

In front of the house was a small barren garden.

Behind it was a lush hill.

It was basically built on the hill.

Seeing the woods, Blake was intoxicated by the fragrance of the plants.


Big bear can stay there. "

"Hmm … and the small garden in front … I think I can cultivate a lot of interesting plants there!"

Blake liked this place.

At least, he could safely grow some strange plants here.

He wouldn't be noticed.

After all, this was a place where half wizards and half Muggles lived.

However, most of the wizards had set up Muggle Expulsion Spells in their homes.

It was rare for them to discover anything strange about the wizard's home.

Even if he found something strange.

They would also think that it was haunted …

As for the lush and verdant back mountain … …

According to Dumbledore, that piece of land belonged to the Dumbledore family.

Blake thought about where he should hide his magical animals in the future!

The garden might be a potential place

Putting the luggage away.

Blake released Big Bear.

Blake started to look at Dumbledore with wide eyes.

He could slowly familiarize himself with his new home.

But Diagon Alley …

He wanted to go now!

"Okay … I was going to introduce you to the neighbours."

"However, since you want to go to Diagon Alley now …"

After experiencing the Phantom Transfiguration once, Blake's eyes lit up.

Blake didn't feel so bad anymore.

Dumbledore did not take him to the Leaky Cauldron.

Instead, he used Phantom Shift to appear at the entrance of Diagon Alley.

After Blake got used to the dizziness caused by Phantom Shift, he started to panic.

He curiously looked at the legendary Diagon Alley.

Blake found himself standing on a street paved with cobblestones.

Behind him was a brick wall.

Behind the wall should be the Leaky Cauldron.

The soft sunlight shone on a pile of crucibles outside the nearest shop.

There was a sign hanging above the crucibles.

"Copper – brass … all models, automatic mixing, foldable …"

Blake pointed at the crucibles and asked. "What is this?"

"This is a crucible. It's used to boil magic potions."

Dumbledore patiently explained to Blake.

"Oh … can it be used to cook hot pot?"

Dumbledore smiled and replied, "Hmm … it should be possible."

"Actually, I haven't done that before."

"I guess no one has done that before."

"But we can go back and try it ourselves."


Diagon Alley could be said to be the central business district of the British wizards.

It was much wider than Blake had imagined, and there were many shops.

However, it was such a wide street.

It was almost full of people!

It was very lively!

"Let's go, I think... what you're most interested in is getting a magic wand."

"Isn't it?"

Blake followed behind Dumbledore.

It was the first time he stepped on the cobblestone street of Diagon Alley.

He followed behind Dumbledore and kept looking at the surrounding shops.

There were all kinds of strange shops.

Blake didn't know what they were selling.

Of course, to fit the image of a Muggle child.

As they walked, Blake asked questions along the way.

Although his questions were a bit strange.

For example:

"Dragon's liver, sixteen sikes for an ounce?

How much is one sike worth?

Can this dragon's liver be fried? "

"Why do they have to use a broom?

Don't they have brooms to sweep the floor at home? "


However, Dumbledore still patiently answered Blake's various questions.

Soon, they arrived at their destination.

Compared to other shops, this shop was different.

It was small and shabby.

The golden sign on the door had peeled off.

It was written on it.

"Ollivander: Made in 382 BC, Excellent Wands."

In the window of the shop.

There was a lone magic wand on the faded purple cushion.

"Let's go in," Dumbledore said with a smile.

Blake expectantly followed Dumbledore into the shop.

However, as soon as they walked in, a voice rang out.

Not far away, a little girl in a green dress appeared.

She had long, soft, and flowing blonde hair.

There was a hint of habitual arrogance on her pretty face.

"Professor Dumbledore?"

"Who's the boy beside him?"

"To be able to make Professor Dumbledore personally come to Diagon Alley to buy school supplies."

Her curiosity was instantly piqued.


Blake looked at the interior of the famous magic wand shop.

The shop was very small.

Because there was only a bench in the corner.

There was nothing else.

And behind the tall counter.

Thousands of narrow cardboard boxes containing magic wands.

From the floor to the ceiling.

There was a thin layer of dust everywhere.

Blake was a little sceptical.

The reason why Ollivander didn't clean up the dust was because Ollivander didn't need to clean it up.

It was to give his shop a sense of history …

"Oh … Professor Dumbledore!

What a rare guest! "

"I remember that your wand was made by my grandfather."

"That's a good wand."

"But I'm sure you don't use it anymore, right?"

Ollivander was a rather skinny little old man.

His messy hair betrayed his slovenly personality.

His silver-white eyes left a deep impression on people.

"Good afternoon, Garrick."

"I'm here to buy this child a magic wand that belongs to him."

Dumbledore reached out his hand with a smile.

He pushed Blake, who was standing in the back, to the front.

"This is the grandson of an old friend of mine."

"Blake Green."

Dumbledore didn't ask Blake to change his surname to Dumbledore.

Perhaps it was because he didn't know how to explain it to others.

Why would the Dumbledore family suddenly have a descendant?

As for the surname Grindelwald, it was even more impossible to use it.

Therefore, he could only tacitly agree to Blake's former surname — Green.

And he planned to tell others.

Blake was the grandson of his old friend …


After all, appearances couldn't be deceived.

Especially an old guy like Ollivander who had seen countless people.

Ollivander's eyes swept back and forth between Dumbledore's face and Blake's face.

"The old friend you're talking about, it is not yourself, right?"


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