HP: Bad Intentions

After transmigrating to the Harry Potter world and being reborn as Grindelwald and Dumbledore's flesh and blood, Blake had awakened the Emotional Treasure Chest System! Make someone's blood pressure soar and you'll get a treasure chest! So … Blake: "Review? You've just learned something, how can you forget it so quickly? " Hermione (deep breath): "Hermione, you have to calm down!" [Ding! Silver Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "What a handsome cat!" (Takes out a cat stick!) Professor McGonagall: "!!" [Ding! Gold Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "Professor Snape, do you want to eat hotpot together? It's delicious! " Snape: "That's my crucible! How dare you! I'll deduct 50 points from Hufflepuff! " [Ding! Diamond Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "Professor, my surname is Grindelwald." Dumbledore: "Hmm? What did you say your surname was? " [Ding! Supreme Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "Soupy, where's your nose?" Voldemort: "Avada …" … Blake: "I'm just a little badger who wants to become stronger. What bad intentions can I have?" (Hands up) ============ DISCLAIMER: This is a Translation of 霍格沃茨:小獾能有啥坏心思呢? If you like a Shameless Mc then this is for you

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Pets Need To Be Big Ones!

This house elf was actually from the Grindelwald family?

Blake touched his chin.

What did this mean?

This meant that Grindelwald had already noticed him!

"Beck … Beck has been a house elf of the Grindelwald family for generations."

"Beck's father, Gucci, is taking care of the old master in Newmungaard."

"But Beck's father, Gucci, recommended Beck to the old master."

There was a hint of excitement on Beck's face.

"The old master had agreed!

So Beck will be responsible for taking care of the master's food, clothing, and shelter in the future! "

"Oh … I see …" Blake scratched his head.

He decided to tell Dumbledore first.

Next, it would be between the two of them.

Blake didn't care.

"Well … it seems that I have to buy an owl."

Without an owl, it would be inconvenient for him to send a letter to Dumbledore.

Blake stood up.


Let's go!

Go shopping with me. "


Since Grindelwald had sent this house elf over, he decided to give it a try.

It would be a waste not to take it!

Moreover, Blake was different from Hermione.

He didn't care about the miserable status of the house elf.

He wasn't interested in overthrowing this system.

That was the most he could do.

He was only a little better to his house elf.

Blake let Sniff the dog stay in the room.

Then, he took the house elf to the streets.

Blake didn't stop walking.

He went straight to the Owl Shop.

After entering the shop.

The shop assistant enthusiastically went forward to introduce all kinds of owls to Blake.

After all, the family that could have a house elf in the house.

They were all ancient wizard families!

They were all big customers who didn't lack money!

Blake listened around.

None of them caught his eye …

Suddenly, he saw an owl squatting in a corner.

His eyes lit up!

"I want that one!"

There was no other reason, because …

That owl was too big!

It was seventy to eighty centimeters tall when it squatted there!

Blake's principle.

Plants had to be fierce and dangerous.

The same went for magical animals.

The fiercer and bigger, the better!

Of course, if they weren't cruel enough.

Then it had to be useful!

Just like sniffing!

So this owl was really to his liking!

"But …" The shop assistant looked troubled.

"What's wrong?

I can afford it. "

Blake asked in confusion.

"No … I just want to say that this Eagle-owl hasn't been fully trained yet."

"And a lot of wildness."

"It has been here for many days.

It's not like no customers have taken a fancy to it. "

"But it just doesn't want to go with anyone of them."

"It still wants to attack people when it's angry."

Blake looked at the eagle-owl with a smile.

The more he looked at it, the more he liked it.

"Gu gu …"

Eagle-owl turned around and glanced at Blake.

Then he turned his head to the other side.

"Ha, that's quite a character!"

It was Blake's first time seeing it.

A mystical creature that was unaffected by his aura as an Archdruid.

"Look …" The clerk smiled apologetically.

"Why don't you buy a snowy owl? It's reliable and beautiful!"

"No, I want this one."

"But …"

"How about this, if I can make it follow me, you can give me a 10% discount."

Blake said with a smile.

"Sigh …" The clerk tried to persuade him but to no avail.

He said helplessly, "This Eagle-owl is really difficult to deal with. How about this, it can't be sold even if it squats here."

"You, if you really have a way to make it follow you, then I'll give it to you."

"You're the one who said it!"

"Okay." The clerk nodded.

This owl had a huge appetite.

It couldn't be sold.

The shop had long wanted to get rid of it.

After Blake and the clerk discussed it.

They came in front of the Eagle-owl.

They only said one sentence.

"Do you want to come home with me and eat meat for every meal?

"Or do you want to stay here and eat owl biscuits every day?"

The eagle-owl turned its head with a swoosh.

Blake smiled and said, "Let's go.

Come home with me. "

He stretched out his right arm.

The shop assistant and some customers who were watching the show sighed secretly.

This boy seemed to be quite rich.

But he wasn't very smart.

You said a few words and the owl left with you?

Even if it left with you.

Why don't you look at your skinny arms and legs?

You can hold this giant eagle-owl with one hand.

Just when the shop assistant and the customers were having such thoughts, and also the onlookers all had the same thought.

"Flap flap flap!"

The eagle-owl really flew over.

Then it landed steadily on Blake's arm!

The shop assistant: …

The onlooking customers: …

The shop assistant looked at the iron feed bag with a toothache …

Blake blinked at the stunned shop assistant.

Just like that, he left Ira's Owl Shop with the owl.

"Who is that boy?"

"He's so strong!"

"Yeah, but why did he say a few words?

That eagle-owl left with him? "

"Yeah … It looks like the owl can understand what he's saying."

Everyone in the shop was shocked.

Unfortunately, the shop assistant and customers didn't give Blake any treasure chest.

Blake didn't ask for a cage.

How could you keep such a big bird in a cage?

It would be better to let it be comfortable outside!

"Let's do something first. We'll eat meat when we get back!"

As Blake spoke, he handed a letter to the eagle-owl.

The eagle-owl took the letter and flew away!

"He's quite a cold guy."

Braque muttered to himself.

He rushed to the magic wand shop.

When Blake walked into Ollivander's magic wand shop.

There was a big sign hanging on the magic wand shop that said temporarily closed.

This was the first time in many years.

When Blake walked in.

Ollivander was still busy at the back of the shop.

"Mr. Ollivander?"

"Oh … You're here …"

Ollivander walked out from the back.

After not seeing him for a day, he looked much more haggard.

It was as if he had aged ten years!

"Wait a moment!"

"I want to measure your data one last time."

"This is related to the material of your wand."

Ollivander said and asked Blake to sit down.

Then, he took out a strange ruler with several gemstones and handed it to Blake.

"Come on, wave it like a magic wand with all your might!"

Blake took the ruler obediently.

Then, he waved it forcefully.

Then …

The gems on the ruler lit up one by one!

In the end …


Reimbursement for the ruler …

Ollivander: "…"

What was the point of testing when the tools were already broken?

"If that's the case, it might not be feasible to use wood as the body of the staff."

"How about …"

As Ollivander spoke, he went to the back and continued to work.

"Please wait a moment."

"I might look for you to test it later."

"If I'm lucky."

"You're going to have your own magic wand today!"

Blake nodded, "Okay."

If it were a few days ago, he would have been very excited.

But now.

In fact, he already had a very powerful wand.

So he wasn't that excited.

Of course, he didn't feel guilty towards Ollivander or anything.

After all, he had designed a magic wand that he could use.

It was also the ultimate challenge that Ollivander had given him!

This was something that both of them were willing to do!

Blake was a little bored as he took a book on the table and flipped through it.


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