HP: Bad Intentions

After transmigrating to the Harry Potter world and being reborn as Grindelwald and Dumbledore's flesh and blood, Blake had awakened the Emotional Treasure Chest System! Make someone's blood pressure soar and you'll get a treasure chest! So … Blake: "Review? You've just learned something, how can you forget it so quickly? " Hermione (deep breath): "Hermione, you have to calm down!" [Ding! Silver Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "What a handsome cat!" (Takes out a cat stick!) Professor McGonagall: "!!" [Ding! Gold Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "Professor Snape, do you want to eat hotpot together? It's delicious! " Snape: "That's my crucible! How dare you! I'll deduct 50 points from Hufflepuff! " [Ding! Diamond Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "Professor, my surname is Grindelwald." Dumbledore: "Hmm? What did you say your surname was? " [Ding! Supreme Treasure Chest 1!] Blake: "Soupy, where's your nose?" Voldemort: "Avada …" … Blake: "I'm just a little badger who wants to become stronger. What bad intentions can I have?" (Hands up) ============ DISCLAIMER: This is a Translation of 霍格沃茨:小獾能有啥坏心思呢? If you like a Shameless Mc then this is for you

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Cassandra: I Want To Customize A Magic Wand Too! I Don't Believe I'm Weaker Than Him!

"Although as long as you restrain yourself, you can prevent the wand from exploding."

"But …"

"Make a wand for the customer that is completely comfortable to use."

"This is the mission of the Olivander family for so many years!"

"Don't worry!

I will definitely make a wand that allows you to cast magic freely! "

Olivander comforted Blake.

"Then I'll have to trouble you, Garrick."

Dumbledore expressed his gratitude.

Olivander nodded at Dumbledore.

He secretly praised in his heart.

Although he didn't know what relationship this child had with Dumbledore.

But …

Look at his talent!

This magic power!

If not for the fact that Dumbledore was not young anymore.

You mean this is his son.

Even Olivander would believe it!

Just as the two adults were chatting.

Blake took the time to glance at Kassandra behind him.

She had her head lowered.

He couldn't see her expression clearly.

But from her small hands that were tightly gripping her skirt.

He could tell that she was not calm inside.

Blake actually had the beginner level of Godly Telekinesis.

It came from the previous newbie gift pack.

The beginner level of Godly Telekinesis might not be able to spy on a great wizard like Dumbledore.

But this kind of little girl …

Blake understood at a glance.

Blake originally thought that she was just like Hermione.

She was just slightly affected by him.

Unexpectedly …

This little girl actually broke through his defense …

The corners of Blake's mouth curled up slightly.

He liked this kind of stubborn little girl who wanted to be strong.

There was no choice.

The drop rate was too high.

"Alright, come on, Mr. Green."

"I have to measure the data for you again."

"This time it has to be more detailed."

At this moment.

Olivander waved at Blake.

However, Blake shook his head.

"Mr. Olivander.

Have you forgotten? "

"There's a lady behind who has been waiting for a long time."

Olivander heard this.

Then he looked at the little girl who was still sitting on the bench behind him.

He couldn't help but let out a long "oh".

"I'm very sorry!"

Originally, he wanted to help Blake choose the wand first.

Then, he would entertain the little girl.

But he didn't expect Blake to be so difficult to deal with.

More than eighty of his wands were blown up in a row.

His Dao Heart had almost been shattered by this little guy.

It took him a lot of effort to muster up the energy.

Naturally, he had completely forgotten about the Little lady behind him.

He quickly walked out from behind the counter.

He came to Kassandra's side.

He said very sincerely.

"I must apologize to you."

"It was really an accident just now."

"So …"

"Ahem, how about this, I'll pick a magic wand for you now."

"Also, consider this wand as a gift from me. I won't charge you for it."

They had been there for a long time.

The little girl had been waiting silently.

He had waited for so long.

He had forgotten about her.

This was indeed impolite.

It was not in keeping with his principles of doing business with the Ollivander family.

Therefore, he decided to give her a magic wand as an apology.

In any case, more than eighty of them had exploded today.

Losing another one wouldn't be a big deal.


I don't need it! "

"I have money!"

Kassandra said stubbornly.

"Uh … Okay."

Kassandra rejected his offer.

This surprised Ollivander a little.

But since she didn't need it.

Then forget it.

"Then … please come over."

"I'll pick a magic wand for you."

Ollivander turned around and walked to the counter.

"No … Mr. Ollivander."

Ollivander turned around in surprise.

He looked at Kassandra.

He didn't understand what Kassandra wanted to do.

"I … I also want a custom-made magic wand!"

"A magic wand that suits me perfectly."

Kassandra finished speaking.

She glanced at Blake.

Blake felt Kassandra's hostile gaze on him.

Hey, this little girl is really interesting.

I didn't offend you.

Why are you so hostile?

Tsk tsk.

Hermione was indeed cuter.

Although she had also been beaten up badly by him.

But not only was she not hostile.

She even sent him some candy from time to time.

However, when he thought of Kassandra's personality.

Blake figured it out.

A strong and proud little girl.

What you don't have, I want to have.

What you have, I want to have more.

And I want a better kind of person.

After all, maybe since she was born.

The blows she received.

It wasn't even as many as she came today.

After hearing Kassandra's request.

Ollivander glanced at Blake in surprise.

But he thought this little girl was surprised because she heard it.

He wanted to custom-make a magic wand for Blake.

That was why he also wanted to get a custom-made magic wand.

After all, a custom-made magic wand was indeed much easier to use.

Usually, there were wizards who often asked him to custom-make magic wands.

"Of course, our shop also has a custom-made magic wand business."

"But the price may be relatively expensive."

Ollivander said.

"It's okay. I said, I have money."

Kassandra took out a money bag from her pocket.

The pleasant sound of gold coins colliding came from the bag.

"Hiss … She really is a rich little girl!"

But Blake just sighed.

He was interested in money.

Actually, he wasn't very interested.

After all, he wasn't really short of money.

When he was in the orphanage.

He was very rich.

Not to mention that he was now adopted by Dumbledore.

Then he was even more not short of money.

Dumbledore had been the principal for so many years.

He had also published many books and papers.

Not to mention years of salary savings.

Not to mention the royalties for those research papers and published books.

He could retire on the spot without worrying about food and clothing.


Blake was a member of the Dumbledore family.

How could he be short of money?

"Oh … I don't need so much."

Ollivander waved his hand and said.

"Since that's the case, then you come over too."

"I'll measure the data for you first."

"Then we can start work tonight to make a magic wand suitable for you."

Seeing the money bag.

He knew that this little girl must be the eldest daughter from a pure-blood family.

So he agreed very quickly.

Most pure-blood families were extremely rich.

Of course … They were alsosome extremely poor …

It was clear that Kassandra belonged to the wealthy group.

It would be a waste not to earn this money.

"Come on, come here and register."

"Then we'll start measuring."

"By the way, Albus, you guys go buy other things first."

"It's getting late."

Ollivander reminded him.

At this moment, Blake realized that it was almost 4: 30 in the afternoon.

Many shops in Diagon Alley would be closed at night.

Therefore, they really had to hurry.

Blake ignored Kassandra's hostile gaze.

After leaving the magic wand shop.

He began to go to various shops with Dumbledore to buy the things he needed.

Except for the magic wand shop.

The place that Blake was looking forward to the most.

Naturally, it was the bookstore!

There shouldn't be any more accidents in the bookstore today, right?!


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