HP: A Sociopath Gamer In Magic World

I dies meet a god and let him decide what would be my fate. Yes that is what happen. I died before my time because of god unsightly mistake. Then he offered me some wishes and which world to go, but I decline and tell the god that anything is fine. And now I am in a world with Magic… yes there is magic in this world. Well what would happen and how I will live in this world… curious, well you have to read the story for that… l am too lazy to explain all that.

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Chapter 115: Quidditch Cup Glory!

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Glancing at Hermes I saw him giving me a look, "What?"

"Aren't you worried Potter might get emotionally scarred from seeing his teacher be blown up in front of him?"

I waved him off, "Oh, I'm sure he'll get over it. And if he isn't, do we really care?"


"Then why did you ask?"

"One of us has to be the voice of compassion?"


-Quidditch Field-

I smacked away a bludger before it could hit one of our Chasers.

"Charles! Charles! Charles!"

Hearing the crowd cheer my name I showed my appreciation by waving as I zoomed by.

With Harry in the Hospital Wing, the match between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor went as well as one could expect. In other words, Gryffindor was getting their asses handed to them.

I had taken out their back-up Seeker within the first three minutes of the game, and since they weren't allowed replacements the poor injured boy was left to hover close to the ground.

Currently the score was at 550-0, and any hope at victory was long gone just like their pride.

[You sense danger!]

Without looking I caught the speeding Bludger sent at my head with my free hand. I turned to look at George, who had a surprised expression.

"Oh no, it seems like one of our loveable Beaters has gained the attention of Charles Bell! Don't just stand there! Fly away you fool! Fly from the terrible first year!" Jorden shouted.

The redhead sped up with panic in his eyes!

I sent the bludger after him all while singing a merry tune to liven things up.

"All the other kids with the pumped up kicks

You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet~"

[Singing]'s level increases by one.

After a few more minutes the game ended with Sam finally catching the Snitch.

"Sam catches the Snitch ending the game and making the final score 840-0! Ravenclaw is the winner! Now to tally up the results as to see who gets the Quidditch Cup, but let's be honest here we already know who won!"

The crowd exploded into applause. I'm sure Slytherin was happy that they were no longer the team with the most one-sided loss in Hogwarts History, and the Hufflepuffs were probably happy that they hadn't had it as bad as the other houses.

The Gryffindor team was being carried away by stretchers. Looks like they'd be there to greet Harry when he woke up after all.

As I dismounted my broom I was rushed at by my teammates.

"Whoa!" I didn't have time to protest as Robert and Roger hoisted me up onto their shoulders.

"We did it!" they kept shouting.

I could tell they were excited, not just because we won, but because typically the last two matches of the year were when scouts from Professional teams would come to see us play.

Madam Hooch came onto the field, carrying an enormous silver trophy cup.

"Congratulations. You've earned this!" she told us with a proud smile handing the cup to Robert.

Quest: Quidditch Cup Glory

[Gained 150,000 experience]

[You obtained the random Skill Book: Mana Arrow]

[You obtained Ankle Bracelets of Flying]

(Room of Requirements)

The ankle bracelets really were worth the trouble it turns out.

With them I could fly in the air without having to use any mana, meaning I could be in the air for an unlimited time.

Mana arrow was also an interesting skill too and I was hoping to integrate into my guns later on.

But all of that could wait because at the moment my sole attention was focused on the black spirit stone in front of me.

Today was the day that it would finally hatch. After everything I fed it, I was definitely curious to see what kind of spirit it would be.


"It's hatching!" Hermes screamed excitedly.

The shell exploded outward, coating the entire room in a white light.

Blinking the spots away I turned to see a pair of yellow eyes the same shade as mine looking back at me.

"…A cat?" Hermes questioned tilting his head.

Indeed, it looked to be an ordinary black cat, if not for the black mist it seemed to be emitting.

[ (?) LV 5

Class: Low-Level Spirit

Title: Hell Spirit

HP: 500/500

MP: 1000/1000

Description: [?] is a spirit closely tied to the afterlife. Although it has taken the appearance of an ordinary black cat, its true form is something so horrifying that it can cause those of a weak mind to die instantly. Like all hell spirits it has the ability to place curses on people or an area, possess both inanimate objects and other creatures, as well as eat souls to gain their memories.

It has obsidian claws that are sharp enough to cut through steel and enchanted to leave festering wounds behind. Its love for mischief is only surpassed by its love for Charles Bell who it sees as its creator. [?] is currently feeling happy, nervous, and hungry.]

"What the hell, its already a Low-Level Spirit! I had to work my feathers off just to reach that level. That so unfair," Hermes complained.

"Suck it up, life's unfair," I told him as I smiled at the cat. Opening my arms, the little hell spirit eagerly jumped into them. Normally I wasn't a cat person, finding their selfish sociopathic behavior too similar to my own, but I took comfort in knowing that the thing in my hands wasn't actually one of them. Scratching its chin, I watched it purr in delight. "Let's call you… Jinx."


Great Hall:-

The Ravenclaw table exploded into cheers as the Headmaster finished announcing the result of the House Cup.

Even with Dumbledore awarding the Trio fifty point each it wasn't enough to make up for our large lead, though it did end up putting Gryffindor in second place.

Hufflepuff: 243

Slytherin: 390

Gryffindor: 391

Ravenclaw: 601

Like I said, it wasn't even close.


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