341 Storm & Pursuit

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The sounds of whipping wind flapped in his ears.

Quinn, in his Noir gear, flew above the fighting Aurors and Death Eaters, keeping his eye on the spell crossfire from behind his mask that had been magically modified to not hinder his vision in any way, especially his peripherals.

He glanced at the prison cage. Tetani Nervum's soot and haze had subsided as the magic had run its course, taking away not only their hands but also their legs as one final revenge. If it was any other prisoner transport, even if they were Death Eaters, he wouldn't have bothered coming here, but it had become personal because the prisoners were the thirteen Death Eaters who had attacked him. He had kept an ear open for it, keeping tabs through his grandfather, and when he heard that it was going down today, he had put on his gear and was out of home with an excuse of going to the non-magical world, that he frequented enough to not seem suspicious.

'They're talking,' he thought. It was faint and well-executed, but he could sense the flow of magic going back and forth between every Auror. He observed the flow and arrived at the conclusion that it was sound magic with it being used to communicate over the wind.

He turned his focus on the Death Eaters— unlike their opponents, there was no communication— or at least none that he could pick up, but that wasn't highly probable.

'Good for me. They'll go down more easily.'

He was done with his primary objective of disabling his thirteen assailants. He wondered if he should exit and leave the Death Eater rescue team to the Aurors, but after some pondering, Quinn decided to stay a little longer to ensure that there were no casualties on the Auror side. There were already on the lesser side, and losing anymore would be a loss of quality magic users capable and competent in dueling.

Quinn controlled the finds and launched towards a Death Eaters like a cannonball. He gyro-ed his legs forward and mercilessly kicked the Death Eater from his broom. He ignored the falling scream and grabbed onto the broom, bombarded it with his magic, setting the entire shaft on fire. Looking around, he picked a nearby Death Eater and sent the burning broom towards them.

The Death Eater, startled at the sight of a burning broom streaking towards him, steered his own broom away, and with his attention consumed by the broom, he was hit by a spell from an Auror. . . just as Quinn had intended things to turn out.

Quinn glanced down, and he could see the rural being left away and the urban building closer— he could tell that within a few, they would be squarely into a city with large non-magical populations under them, making any commotion in the sky a potential spectacle to those down below. . . something that was a severe security hazard.

He took in the aerial battlefield. Even with the fight going for a while, the Death Eaters still outnumbered the Aurors. He needed to trim the numbers enough that the Death Eaters lost confidence and retreated from the rescue operation.

'I guess it's time to blow some away.'

His focus deepened. The magic began pouring out of his magic core. The deep reserves, which rarely saw such substantial expenditure from magic, started to hum as if they were excited about what was to follow. He increased his altitude and rose up above the battlefield, looking down at everyone with his burning purple eyes.

Suddenly, everyone in the air saw large currents of wind whip up around them. They picked up speed, sucking in some of the clouds below them. The swirling winds grew more potent, forming a tornado around them, with Death Eaters and Aurors alike suddenly finding themselves in an eye of a literal storm— but this eye of the storm wasn't calm at all— everyone found themselves clutching their brooms tighter and were forced to adjust their speeds to not running into the swirling wind walls that progressively grew stronger. But then everyone found their danger alarms rang up a storm when the tornado started to shrink upon them, but at the same time, the swirling winds only seemed to run faster.

Quinn turned his glowing purple eyes towards the Death Eaters in the sky and commanded his magic and thus decreed the winds to do his bidding. The winds turned into almost solid pillars and shot at angles towards the Death Eaters.

One of the wind pillars sneaked up a Death Eater from behind and knocked the 'wind' out of him, and he found himself leaning towards the tornado walls. If it was just that, it would've been manageable, but then the winds that made up the pillar surrounded the Death Eaters and forcefully pulled him towards the tornado. The Death Eater's scream got locked inside the winds, but everyone saw the violent outburst of spells shot in panic. . . that was until the man met the tornado. . . and all struggle halted.

And with that halt began the chaos that descended the Death Eaters into what seemed to be a waking nightmare. The fierce symphonies of winds sung under Quinn as the conductor, extending their screaming talons that pulled the masked followers of the Death Eater into its violent embrace.

The magic was one from the Nordic Books of Winds that Quinn had picked up in Denmark. Quinn had learned a variety of wind magics from the said book— usually concentrating on control-type magic, but the book had an abundance of destructive magics with the sole aim of decimating their targets.

Quinn breathed out, and his eyes returned to their usual color. The tornado dissipated just in time for the flight to reach the port town. He glanced towards the direction they had come from, where he had left behind a trail of Death Eaters— he didn't know how many of them survived their fall. . . after all, he didn't know how many were able to hold on to their wands while being pulled apart by the winds.

The thought only stayed in his mind for a moment. Quinn glanced towards the prisoner carriage and saw that the winged horses were still flying strong. The Aurors had moved closer to the carriage to keep themselves away from getting sucked into the tornado.

He had taken revenge, cleared away the obstacle for the Aurors, used a magic he wouldn't get a chance to use usually, and had felt great all the way through— now it was time to go home and maybe have a nice meal at a non-magical restaurant on the way. He turned himself invisible and flew away in the opposite direction from the sea.

But it had only been maybe half a minute of flying when he felt something and turned back. His eyes widened when he saw three people on brooms flying in his direction. . . and it was obvious that they were following after him.

'What?' He recognized the three— James Potter, Sirius Black, and Kingsley Shacklebolt in the front.

Quinn pulsed his magic and accelerated faster to force the three Aurors to give up their pursuit. Contrary to his expectation, the three had no problem keeping up with his speed and even a lot of the distance and were now just on his tail. He frowned and turned forward. He thought of the maximum speed of the fastest broom and upped his acceleration to push his speed past that maximum limit.

But then a spell whizzed past Quinn, missing him by inches. His pupils contracted, and his speed faltered because of the sudden surprise. It took mere seconds for Quinn to shake the shock, but that was already too late. Quinn clicked his tongue and twisted himself to face the three Aurors while still flying away from them. He turned his head a smidge and let another spell go past him.

A spell came from Sirius, immediately followed by James, and the link continued by Shacklebolt. It was like archers alternating themselves to shoot a continuous barrage of arrows— there wasn't a single skipped beat, forming a chain of seamless spells.

Quinn grunted with furrowed brows. They could see him— but Quinn knew of that possibility— invisibility spells didn't work well while moving, especially when moving at his current speed.

He couldn't run away from this. He could leave them in dust in terms of flight speed, but that was a problem as flying was something that took a lot of his focus, and there was a high enough risk of him getting hit by a spell. And because of the same reason, he couldn't apparate out.

The only operation was a confrontation.

Or. . .

Quinn glanced down and saw a small town beneath him. It took a split second to make his decision. He cut his forward acceleration, simultaneously creating a partial vacuum beneath him that sucked him down at a revved rate. It must have been surprising because there was a noticeable pause in the spell barrage before they continued.

Quinn sped up his descent, and soon he was on the tarmac road in a fortunately deserted street, and he hit it running— Quinn didn't wait for a second and dashed out of the main road into a gap between the buildings.

'Shit!' he cursed as the other side of the narrow alleyway was another wide street.

As he came to a skidding stop on the concrete of a manhole cover just as a spell blasted the tiles off the paved ground. Quinn looked up and saw Sirius on the other side of the alleyway, flying.

"Surrender," came a voice directly above him where James came into sight.

A yellowish dome suddenly covered the area around them, and Quinn could see Shacklebolt casting the dome.

He was cornered.

"We don't want this to get messy," said Sirius. "It'd be better for all if you come with us peacefully. If you resist, it will get ugly quick, and after what happened before, we don't want that, do we."

Quinn didn't respond, instead kept an eye on all three Aurors and began trickling his magic, slow enough that even the trained Auror couldn't detect the flow of magic. It was better for him to get them by surprise, especially in the current situation.

"Invisible Vigilante," Shacklebolt spoke from above, "I am Captain Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt. The Auror Office and the DMLE have issued an arrest order for you. . . you might think that your actions are doing good for society, but the truth of the matter is that they have been against the law— which is there for a reason. Your blatant disregard of the law is dangerous not only for you but also for those who might take inspiration from you and go down a path that will harm them— unlike you, not all are well-versed in the magical arts.

So it is imperative that you stop your actions and come with us. If you come with us now, I can guarantee that the prosecution will be lenient on your case— even the Minister would support leniency."

"It is a great deal that not many if any get," said James from above. "We want you to work with us against the Death Eaters— if you are of help, we can work a deal for you. Isn't that what you want? The demise of the Death Eaters— just imagine the DMLE working towards your goal with resources much greater than yours."

Quinn listened to them and stood straighter and spoke in the distorted voice of the Invisible Vigilante,


The Aurors seemed disappointed; they exchanged glances before looking down at Quinn.

"Then we will have to take you by force," said James.

Quinn replied, "Goodbye."

He tapped his foot on the manhole cover below him. The magic that Quinn had been tricking in secret had corroded the concrete, so when Quinn tapped it, the concrete broke, and the cover sunk down into the sewers, taking Quinn with it.

The Aurors faces exploded with shock and surprise. They recovered swiftly. . . but it wasn't fast enough as a — POP! — greeted their ears.




Quinn West - Invisible Vigilante - Cornered. . . but not trapped.

James, Sirius, Shackelbot - Three Auror-teers - Bakana!

FictionOnlyReader - Author - Dhoom 2— if someone gets the reference.




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