How to survive in the Romance Fantasy Game

Living life in this new world was already hard enough.... So why? Why is the villainess of this world obsessed with me?

MCPG · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
82 Chs

SkyHigh Auction 2

The auctioneer's flamboyant announcement echoed through the grand hall. "Here comes our first item!"

The accompanying drumroll and lively orchestra amplified the drama of the moment. The host, adorned in a peculiar star-shaped mask, twirled around, his arms wide open in a theatrical gesture as the curtains behind him parted to reveal a large cage.

"Does he really need to be so dramatic?" I muttered, bemused by the spectacle. But considering this was as much a show as it was an auction, the entertainment aspect made sense. Glancing at Seo, who seemed thoroughly captivated by the host's antics, I had to admit it added to the experience.


Suddenly, a loud, primal roar echoed through the hall, startling the audience. It sounded like a lion, but there was an unfamiliar undertone to it. The host made a grand leap and gestured toward the cage behind him.