How to survive in the Romance Fantasy Game

Living life in this new world was already hard enough.... So why? Why is the villainess of this world obsessed with me?

MCPG · Fantasy
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82 Chs

Avoiding a Whimsical Genius

Rose Brilliance...

The very mention of her name conjured images of a magical prodigy, destined to ascend to the ranks of an archmage, rivaling the greatest minds of our esteemed academy.

Not only was she hailed as a paragon of magical prowess, but she also held the esteemed title of one of Hero's legacy's most cherished heroines.

Though Alice held a special place in my heart, Rose's allure was undeniable.

In the intricate tapestry of the game's storyline, Rose stood out as a beacon of chaos and wonder.

Her route was a whirlwind of adventure, romance, and unpredictability—a journey filled with moments that left players enraptured, craving more.

No matter how many times one played through her story, the experience remained fresh and exhilarating, that was just how random her route went…

But that wasn't all that made her such a popular character though… there was her beauty—a sight to behold, captivating players and solidifying her status as one of the game's most beloved characters.

It was no surprise that she consistently ranked first in polls measuring overall route enjoyment.

But perhaps what truly set Rose apart was her whimsical nature.

She was a free spirit, unbound by convention or expectation, often appearing in other main route storylines in pursuit of her own desires.

Like legitimately from what I remember, she had around 22 true endings that the devs developed just for her, so that players can really immerse themselves on just how random she was.

It was this sense of curiosity and yearning that endeared her to players, making her a character unlike any other in the game.

But yes, while Rose was whimsical, unpredictable, and often seemed to embrace randomness, this particular situation felt a tad too outlandish, even for her.

What on earth was she doing here in the grimy alleyways?

Had these thugs somehow coerced her into coming here?

'Haha…. No that couldn't be the case'

The thought was laughable—Rose was a force to be reckoned with, far too formidable for any of these lowlifes to even entertain the notion of threatening her.

You would need to be at least on Seo's or princess Snow's level to even have the hope trying to inflict damage on this young woman.

So, then…

If not by force, then had she willingly ventured into this unsavory corner of the academy?

It seemed unlikely.

This part of the maze-like alleyways was known to be one of the most secluded and dangerous—a place where even the bravest students hesitated to tread. If you're unlucky you might end getting caught in a much more complicated situation than the one I'm in right now.

Although it mostly only happens during night time, In the game random drug deals and even some random bosses from the underworld show up in these alleyways so it wasn't really that favorable to go through… even the principal herself was very vocal of her disdain of this place.

'If I remember correctly Rose secretly likes attention'

But that still didn't explain why she would come this deep though.

If Rose had simply sought amusement with these idiots, she could have easily found it closer to the main thoroughfares, where her antics would have garnered the attention, she secretly craved.

'Was Lucas nearby, perhaps?'

Could this be some secret route of hers that I had overlooked, with Lucas poised to swoop in and save the day?

Yet, no matter how I strained my senses, I could detect no sign of anyone else's presence besides the six of us here in this dimly lit alley.

"Hey, punk, we're talking to yo—" Before the thug could finish his sentence, he approached me from the left, his intentions clear.

Without a moment's hesitation, my defensive instinct took over, and my hand shot out, connecting with the back of his head in a swift, brutal strike.

It was an automatic response, a reflex one might say. As I was surprised as he suddenly appeared right next to me, trying to grab my shoulder.

But what followed was unexpected.

My blow, fueled by a surge of strength I didn't know I possessed, landed with devastating force, since it was purely reflex, I couldn't hold back my strength and ended up using more than the right amount for mobs such as this guys…

His facial features caved in under the impact, his nose crushed, and teeth sent flying through the air like macabre confetti.

In an instant, he crumpled to the ground, his life ebbing away from a single, decisive strike.

It was astonishing how easily he fell, leaving me to wonder just how weak these thugs truly were—or perhaps, how strong I had become.

But dwelling on such thoughts was futile.

These men were little more than expendable pawns, mere obstacles to be overcome.

There was no sense in pondering their strength when they were essentially mobs in the grand scheme of things.

[You gained + 100 EXP]

[Congratulations, you have learned a new skill!]

[Mana Amplification] [(Proficiency: 1%)]

[Description: Your physical attacks will be reinforced with a layer of mana, increasing your attack power.]

[Effects: Attack +75%]

A skill? But I had simply lashed out impulsively, without any conscious effort to channel mana.

Did I just unconsciously use mana perhaps?

'You have gained EXP.....' the notification flashed before me as well, confirming my suspicions about leveling up through combat. It seemed my theory of leveling by killing was indeed valid—a realization that both intrigued and unsettled me.

While I had intended to test this hypothesis at a nearby monster camp near the Woodlock Forest, the unexpected confirmation here in the alleyway offered its own advantages.

"You fucker!" The obese man glared at me with fury, though his lackeys standing beside him appeared more apprehensive. It was clear they were itching to flee the moment our eyes met.

As much as I want to play with this fool unfortunately time was of the essence, and I couldn't afford any delays.

"How dare you kill my little bro—"


Before the mob boss could finish his tirade, my sword sliced through the air, silencing him and his lackeys in one swift motion.

Their heads rolled to the ground, severed cleanly as if they were nothing more than ripe fruit.

System messages inundated my vision with notifications of gained experience, but I paid them no heed. My focus was solely on the bewildered Rose, who regarded me with a curious gaze amid the carnage surrounding us.

She seemed unperturbed by the grisly scene, her attention fixed solely on me. With a quickened pace, I approached her

"…Are you okay?" I inquired, studying Rose's expression as she maintained an intense gaze, her eyes locked on mine. Was there something amiss? Did I have a smudge on my face, perhaps?

Rose nodded weakly; her scrutiny focused specifically on my eyes. It was unnerving, to say the least. I knew she couldn't perceive colors, so what could she possibly be searching for in my gaze? Was there a hidden message I was missing?

After nearly thirty seconds of this intense scrutiny, Rose suddenly withdrew, taking a step back.

"Thank you…" Her voice was soft, her smile gentle as she positioned herself behind me. With deliberate steps, she circled around to face me once more.

"You're really strong, are you a student from the knight department, perhaps?" she inquired, her tone laced with curiosity.


"I see…" Rose nodded thoughtfully, her gaze flickering briefly to the grisly scene behind me.

"You just committed murder. Are you not afraid of repercussions, perhaps?"

I shrugged, confident in my actions. "I don't think the school would punish me for cleaning off their filth. And you're rather calm yourself…"

A hint of amusement danced in Rose's eyes as she chuckled softly.

"Fufu… that's true"


That smile, that look, those gleaming honey-like eyes... I recognized them all too well. It was an expression I had seen countless times before, and I knew all too well the meaning behind it.

Rose was finding this entire situation amusing, reveling in the chaos unfolding before us.

My heart sank at the realization.

I needed to get myself out from this situation as quickly as possible.

The last thing I wanted was for Rose to take an interest in me. If she did, it would spell trouble—a cascade of unpredictable events that I was ill-prepared to handle.

The amount of random boss encounters that pops up the moment you get her attention is absurd as well…

I needed to avoid her attention at all costs.

Of all the heroines I least wanted to encounter in this world, Rose topped the list by far. Not even my whimsical favorite Alice had her level of unpredictability.

With my current level of strength, I was no match for the whimsical chaos that accompanied her main scenarios.

While I had done my best to commit every detail of the game to memory, her unpredictability posed a significant threat.

I relied on my knowledge from the future to navigate the challenges ahead, and Rose's penchant for randomness was the last thing I needed.

I needed to find a way out of this situation, to slip away unnoticed before Rose's attention could fixate on me.

'Lucas, you're the fucking main character where the fuck are you?'

At this rate we might as well just exchange roles… are his main scenarios even properly going as it is?

Tsk, I should've monitored his progress with the heroines.

Anyways, calming my nerves and steadying my breath, I quickly devised an excuse to make my escape.

"It seems that you're relatively fine," I remarked, my gaze flickering to her right arm—the one the perverted bastard had dragged her with.

"Ah yes, those guys didn't really hurt me—"

"Well then, I better go now," I interjected abruptly, cutting her off as I swiftly turned on my heel and began to jog in the opposite direction.

It was a very abrupt way of saying well then bye!

"…Eh?" Rose's voice trailed behind me; confusion evident in her tone.

Before she could fully comprehend my sudden departure, she called out after me, desperation lacing her words.

"Wait, please tell me your name!"

A bitter chuckle escaped my lips as I increased my pace, determined to put as much distance between us as possible.

Trust me, under different circumstances, I would have gladly exchanged pleasantries and shared my name without hesitation.

But unfortunately, I couldn't afford to become entangled in the unbearable unpredictability of forging an acquaintance with her—not when my own plans hinged on maintaining a careful balance of control and the already tattering reliability of future knowledge.

But as I glanced back, I noticed a genuine curiosity mingled with a hint of sadness in Rose's expression. Damn, that look always got to me—it reminded me of all the bad ends she'd faced for me in the game. I could still recall the moment she sacrificed herself to ensure I pierced Liyana's heart...

"Lucas…" I called out to her before veering left down the alleyway.

Her face lit up with happiness at the sound of her name, a bright smile gracing her features. Yet, her eyes still held a spark of curiosity and intrigue.

Lucas... It wasn't my name, but it felt right to play along.

After all, ensuring the scenarios unfolded as they should was crucial.

At least until Liyana comes into play.

The damn protagonist had a job to do and so did I… for this world's sake and for my own happy end.

'…. Well then good luck taking care of that bomb Lucas'


In the girls' dormitory section of Codex Halls, a young woman with flowing black ebony hair and piercing crimson eyes stood before her wardrobe, a frown creasing her brow. With meticulous care, she surveyed the array of clothes before her, only to realize with a sinking feeling that she had exhausted her options. None of the garments she owned seemed to align with the recommendations of her beloved book.

"I don't have it…" Seo muttered, her gaze shifting to the towering pile of discarded clothing behind her. Despite her efforts, she couldn't find anything suitable for the occasion.

Her trusty guide, [How to Make Friends] had emphasized the importance of spending quality time with one's best friend to nurture a strong and lasting bond. And according to its advice, only the finest attire should be donned for such occasions.

Yet, no matter how fervently Seo searched through her wardrobe, nothing matched the image of the ideal outfit depicted in her book.

Adding to her frustration, it was already too late to go on a shopping excursion—she was scheduled to meet with Riley in a mere fifteen minutes from now.

"What should I do?" Seo murmured; her voice tinged with a hint of dejection as she contemplated her wardrobe dilemma.

Suddenly, a voice broke through her thoughts, accompanied by a polite bow.

"Uhm, Miss Seo…"

"Lina?" Seo's curiosity piqued as she turned to face her personal maid.

Lina, the dedicated servant assigned to Seo, had observed her young mistress's struggle with choosing the perfect dress for an unknown occasion.

Well-versed in such frantic deliberations, Lina had a hunch that Seo was preparing for a date.

After all, with the school providing top-notch clothing for every possible occasion, it was unusual for Seo to spend so much time deciding—unless she was searching for something specific.

Although Lina usually deferred to Seo's decisions regarding her attire, she couldn't stand by and watch her mistress flounder. It was evident that Seo lacked experience in such matters, and Lina felt compelled to intervene.

"If you don't mind, Miss Seo, may I know what type of clothes you're searching for?" Lina's inquiry broke through the tension, offering a glimmer of hope to Seo.

How could she have forgotten?

She had personal servants now—they could surely help her with this predicament.

With a sense of relief, Seo reached for her book and eagerly showed Lina its contents.


But her hope quickly turned to confusion as she watched Lina's eyes widen in shock before she swiftly slapped the book away.

Lina sighed heavily as she blushed intensely….

"What kind of book were you reading young miss?"


Everything depicted in the book was far too revealing, too suggestive for a simple date.

This wasn't even a night date and the number of lustful descriptions and guides, that book had was far too dangerous to be held by such an innocent person.

Was she trying to seduce someone?

No… That couldn't be right.

"As expected, I can't let this go on…"

"Lina?" Seo ventured cautiously, her confusion growing.

"This won't do, Miss Seo," Lina interjected firmly, her voice tinged with disapproval. "You are much too innocent for these types of things."


Seo was taken aback by Lina's sudden assertiveness.

Before she could respond, Lina moved with purpose, seizing Seo's hand and selecting the best clothes from the pile she had amassed.

With determination gleaming in her eyes, Lina vowed to transform Seo into the most beautiful woman for this occasion alone.

"Don't worry, Miss Seo. I will ensure that this very important integral part of your youth becomes the most memorable part of your journey here at the academy" Lina declared with conviction.


Seo could only offer a hesitant nod in response.