92 Horde in the Hallway

"What should I call the two of you?"  I asked. "Do you both go by Arthurr?"

"I go by the very cool name Arthurr-Sun," the joyful orange-haired one answered, "or just Sun. Which is also cool."

"Arthurr-Moon," the edgy one replied, "or just Moon."

Sun and Moon. You might've started to notice but a lot of Arthurr Dragonpen's abilities and characterizations are based on space itself.

Sun playfully rested his arm on Moon's shoulder, but Moon stepped back, his expression cold. "Get your hands off me, you vermin," he snapped.

"Hahaha," Sun laughed, sending a ball of flames toward Moon's head. Moon swiftly dodged, and the fiery projectile struck a menacing monster closing in from behind.

Turning around, Moon extended his palm, drawing the burning monster toward him with spatial magic. In a synchronized display of power, both Arthurrs swung their sabers and sliced the monster into three parts.


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