73 Aftermath Conversations

As I rested in the back of the car, I wasn't surprised to hear my phone ring.

I'd just left the vicinity of the baron's manor a few minutes ago and by now, the pictures and videos taken of myself and the bishop must've already circuited around the side of the internet that was still awake at this time.

"Bell! What were you thinking?!" screamed the voice on the other side.

"Hello, Mom," I responded as I pulled the phone a little bit away from my ear in fear that my eardrum was going to burst.

"Hey, baby," she calmed down her voice to reciprocate my greeting. Then immediately after, her scolding mother's voice returned, "Just because we allow you kids to have this much freedom doesn't mean you should be using it to do such reckless activities! Think! Think before you do! Don't be so impetuous!"


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