122 Why are you here?

"Hahahahahahahaha!" I laughed maniacally as I fell down the window.

"Samur!" Noelle and the others obviously shrieked and extended their hands to catch me.

But being the slippery boy I am, I evaded their hands and continued my descent.

"Fuck off, you pieces of shit!" I flipped them off.

Finally, I was going to die-


Hmm? I haven't hit the ground yet, so what's with this explosion like sound?

As I was wondering, suddenly, the world around me started to wriggle. The buildings, people, sky, all started to crumble like sand being blown away by dust.

And just like that, the scene vanished and I woke up.

Fuck, it was a dream. 

Well, let's just go back to sleep and hope I'll be able to pick it up from where I had left it.

"I… I'm sorry," someone started sobbing.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

So now a guy can't even sleep in peace, huh?

This is just wow.


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