How to Raise Your Regressor

A Professional Transmigrator meets a newbie Regressor. ❄️❄️❄️ He lived an average, fulfilling life and died of old age. The next moment, he opened his eyes as the Princess of Asmaria. While looking forward to his new life, he died again. And so began his 151,897,914th life as Samur Eckart. Samur is a Professional Transmigrator- or so he says, as he gets transmigrated into a new world every time he dies. However, each time, his memories return only moments before his death. If he successfully survives, he gets to live that life, if he dies, well, he just moves on to his next moment of death. Once again on the verge of death as Samur, he’s saved at the last moment by a young boy. Surprise, surprise, the young boy is a Regressor. As a man of honour, Samur intends to repay his debt then leave because the world is too inconvenient to live in. Well, that’s what he thought, at least, but the Regressor and his friends are kind of… weird, and he can’t seem to get away at all? However, not everything is as it seems. Samur’s whims have made him the part of an eternal lie. Shadows dance in glee as they concoct a requiem far grander than anyone can imagine, while the Lights tremble in delight as the apocalypse threatens the Universe. The dies have been cast, the play has been written, the characters are on the stage, and the sacrifices have been made. And so, it’s finally time to let this game begin. ~~~~~~~~ The cover photo obviously does not belong to me. Discord: https://discord.gg/qxmPDzXYTZ Instagram: @_anit666_

Anit666 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
240 Chs


"Even with Lecia, you!" Neia screamed.

Holy shiet.

"What about me?" Lecia frowned as her gaze alternated between us.

See? I knew these fuckers would somehow fuck things up.

And to think that Neia had to open her mouth right before I was going to wrap everything up and call it a day. This shows that as long as these wankers are around, I cannot relax even until the last moment.

It's impressive, in a sense. Wow.

Of course, one could argue that it was me who incited her into spouting this bullshit with my 'rude' words, but she's still the one to blame.

The amount of time we have spent together and the things we have been through together (that sounds strangely romantic but whatever) should have been enough to make her realise that I was just joking.

In fact, I was expecting her to go along with my joke, have some light-hearted banter for a cheap laugh or two, then go along her way, yet here we are.