224 The Sword

"Ah, by the way, did you hear?" Jennifer asked as if she had just remembered something.


I denied because I naturally hadn't heard anything during the time I was in my room. And since I hadn't left my room, I was naturally unaware of what Jennifer was talking about.

Hmm, now that I think about it, someone in my position would be expected to leave their room to, I dunno, explore this Guildhouse or some similar cringey shit, but you know ya boi was too preoccupied with thinking about how to die in the most horrible way for an ez gg in the bloody bois' challenge.

"A warehouse in the forest outside the city was burnt down," Jennifer continued 'normally', yet a probing gaze was masterfully hidden behind her eyes.

Seems like this little mamacita suspects that I have something to do with that burning.

And honestly, I have no idea why she would think that.


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