240 Professional Older Brother

No wonder the name sounded familiar! Arla was the name of my granddaughter from my second last life- as far as I can remember, anyway.

She should have been in her thirties by now with a happy, loving family living her best life, but to think she's fucking dead. Wow.

Well, Arla is not that uncommon of a name, so probability wise, Dora's mother is most probably someone other than my granddaughter.

But the possibility still exists.

"How old was Arla when she came into the Tutorial?"

Let's ask the big gurl herself.

"23, I think," Jennifer replied after thinking for a moment.

The number of candles on Dora's birthday cake was 7, which means this Mommy Arla (that sounds so bad) should have been around 30 today.

The age does match up.


Does that mean Dora is my great-granddaughter?

W o W.

"I see. Please continue."

Fascinating, but not ideal. Dora's affairs have become a lot more personal now.


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