116 Path of landmines

Like bruh, maybe I really should rip that heart out.

"You didn't tell me anything about this."

"I told you, Arteria, just get the fuck out. Please."

As if performing a motherfucking heart transplant surgery (where I actually had to keep the patient awake as well as alive) wasn't tiring in itself, I'm now being criticised for just doing my job.

Not to mention that I have to thoroughly clean the room because I don't want someone to smell the scent of blood and barge into my room to check if I'm alright or some shit.

Seriously though, what's her problem?

Was she so proud of being a pure-blooded Vampire? Does she believe that by modifying her body, I have violated its sanctity and turned her into a monster?

Mortals and their puny pride, I tell you.

"The changes that my body is experiencing…" her voice slightly trembled, and she took a deep breath to calm herself. "Are they similar to Vafferan?"


Is that a joke?


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