237 Normal life

"I need your help," Jennifer replied resolutely.

Huh, I did consider that possibility when I was wondering why Jennifer brought me here but had disregarded it, but to think she really needs my help. Wow.

How low must she have fallen to seek help from someone like me?

F for her.

"For what, exactly?"

I wonder what she needs MY help for? Are the Gods after her niece? Or is the country planning to hold Dora hostage to make Jennifer do their bidding?

Or maybe Dora's suffering from some fatal ailment, a cure for which does not exist in this world, for example stage 4 cancer (she shouldn't have smoked all those cigarettes).

It's also possible that Dora is being targeted by the Aggressors because they want to nip the bud before it blossoms i.e. they want to kill Jennifer before she becomes a problem to them using her only weakness.

The possibilities are endless.

"I… I want Dora to have a normal life."


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