18 Hello there

Because of their short lifespan, a human brain's storage capacity is rather limited. Go beyond that limit, and one could end up being severely mentally impaired.

As the First Being, all my memories, experiences and knowledge make up for a humongous amount of data. If I dumped all that data into a human brain at once, the neurons would fry and the brain would end up charbroiling itself to medium rare.

So, I have a program set up in my soul that unlocks knowledge and memories based on the body I am currently inhabiting.

There is some default data as well which is unlocked every time, like the fact I'm the First Being. The theories required to make new Mana Circuits are also in the default category because I always cast myself new Mana Circuits whenever I'm in a Mana based world.

I mean, who'd want to stay as a weak-ass punk when they could be so much more?

Anyway, if I want to completely heal myself, I'll need to sacrifice some of this current body's memories to unlock some of my knowledge.

And that's what I was initially planning to do after watching Noelle's tear-jerking performance, but since Azell says one of his friends can heal me, I'll keep that on hold for now.

This way, if I do end up dying anyway, it'll be Azell's fault.

Now, for the time being, I need to stop the bleeding and then make up for the blood I have already lost. To do that, I must close or reroute the blood vessels leading to my arms and then arrange for some blood.

And since I don't know if my blood group matches these two's (neither do I have a way to check it), I'll just boost my own blood production.

Doing this would stop my body from going into shock and dying instantly, thus giving me two more hours to live.

I mean, I still have all those damaged internal organs, ruined Mana Circuits and internal bleeding that may or may not have accumulated in the sac surrounding my heart.

So yea, as far as situations go, this is still not ideal.

If I knew that I would be forced to live after killing that Minotaur and saving Noelle, I would have exploded my Mana Circuits in a more controlled fashion.

And just before I was ridiculing Noelle for not thinking through her actions. Wow.

Let's work on the blood thing first so that I don't die of blood loss.

It would have been kinda funny if I did end up dying by that though.

It wasn't a mythical beast, shattered arms or damaged internal organs that took out the mighty Samur; it was plain old blood loss and a broken dream.

Of course, working on blood vessels is a delicate job which requires the help of a trained medical professional exercising extreme precision.

And let's just say that these two seem like the type of guys who'd botch the surgery in such a way that all my blood would go to my arms and I'd speedrun to an early death.

So, it's once again up to little old me to save the day. What a life.

I worked hard to save their lives, and now I have to work hard to save my own life. What am I, a corporate slave? Yikes.

"Poor me…" I let out a sigh.

Not to mention that to perform that surgery, I would need to use Mana, and making Mana flow through my half-destroyed Mana Circuits would lead to…

"AAaaaghhhh! Fuck! Ughh, it hurts more than I expected it to!"

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! Even if I don't die of this blood loss, this pain sure would end me!

I'm actually surprised that this shit body hasn't gone into shock and keeled over yet.

I suppose the years of abuse and torture have really toughened it up.

That's actually kinda sad, now that I think about it.

F for original Samur.

"W-wait, what are you doing!? What is happening to him, Azell?!"

"I'm trying to save myself! Arrgh!"

Can she shut the fuck for a moment?

Why the hell am I even doing this? To satisfy their pity? This wasn't the most tactical decision on my part.

But since I've come this far, I ain't stopping.

Anyway, let's boost the blood production first, which means I'll have to stimulate my bone marrow.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, done.

"He's spurting out more blood!"

Thank you for the keen observation, Noelle.

Now, to reroute or block my blood vessels. Blocking them completely would stop the circulation itself and cause the vessels to burst, ultimately leading to even more blood loss, so I also need to reduce the amount of blood sent by the heart.

So I have to carefully break some of them apart and re-join them using complex healing magic.

And what does that mean? More pain.



After what seemed like an eternity but was only about 5 minutes, I finished my work.

The insufferable pain aside, I do think I did a good job of patching myself up. Maybe I can open a side gig as a nurse.

"A-are you alright…?" Noelle asked, still fumbling with her hands.

Is she seriously asking me that question?

Okay, let's take a look at myself.

Both of my arms have been shattered, my internal organs have been damaged, my Mana Circuits are a mess while my blood vessels have gone through extensive reconstruction.

I looked back at her, and she was still looking at me with worried eyes and expecting an answer.

I looked at myself again. Yep, still in the same condition.

"Well, I'm no medical professional, Ms. Noelle, but I do think I'm about to die in about 2 hours. So, I think we should hurry to that friend of yours."

"Right- huh?" Azell's eyes suddenly widened as he unsheathed his sword and stood before me, his back facing my side.

Noelle didn't look like she understood what was happening here, but she acted swiftly and took a position where she could protect me, her body covering me in its entirety in.

She was probably trying to shield myself with her body.

I appreciate her zeal, but we don't allow people to sacrifice their lives for others.

Of course, as the First Being, I'm exempt from this rule.

"Who's there?" Azell's tone was sharp.

Looks like he does not intend to fuck around.

It would seem he was feeling the pressure because the time I had left to live and the time it would take to reach his friend was almost the same.

The relationship between those two times is not linear though. The longer I remain in this condition, the harder it would be to treat me and the more would be my chances of dying.

But more importantly, there's someone here? Huh, this shit body is so untrained that it cannot even detect a presence.

At this point, I'd be better off designing a new body for myself than trying to improve this one.

Anyway, let's deal with this situation first.

"I'd like to ask the same question." A feminine voice resounded inside this former throne room.

Well, well, hello there, Ms. Mysterious Figure.

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