228 Birthday Party?

"Because we are going to a birthday party," Jennifer smiled in response to my question.


I'm 100% sure that Jennifer is feeling really smug right now for suggesting her 10000 IQ 'solution'.

She must think it was absolutely genius of her to take me to a birthday party because I didn't host one on my own to show me how wrong I was and how much I missed by not celebrating my own birthday.

Honestly, Jennifer should just go fuck herself.

"Who's birthday party?"

Besides, isn't it too convenient that she has a birthday party ready to take me to the moment I told her that I didn't celebrate my own?

I call bullshit on this one, chief.

Azell, the cheeky motherfucker, must be behind this. He must have collaborated with Jennifer to ensure that I would go to a fucking birthday party and enjoy myself.

He's going hard to prevent me from killing myself.

Of course, his efforts will be in vain.


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