238 Actual Plan

"And you can trust me?"

"Yes," Jennifer replied more confidently than I expected her to.

I certainly wouldn't recommend that.

"What? Really?"

Why would she trust me when I have yet to give her a reason to?

"To be more precise, I trust Azell and my own intuition."

"You and Azell are quite close, aren't you?"

What are they, secret lovers? I doubt Lecia, Azell's possible long-lost sister, would like that.

But she's not capable of taking out Jennifer to have Azell solely for herself.

Not yet, at least.

I see an opportunity for a play here.

"He has helped me a few times over the years, and he has a keen eye for people. He trusts you, and I trust his judgement."

Over the years?

"That makes more sense. How long have you known Azell?"

"I was there when he made his debut."

Of course.

"I have no idea when he made his debut, so please be more specific."


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