18 It Was A Matter Of Dishonor

Lilith was in awe as she stepped into Floid's office. She has never been in the demon lord's office before!! When the demon queen was the leader of the demons, they never got permission to use the demon castle for anything and so they had to use a mansion that was purchased on the other side of the kingdom. But the demon castle had a completely different vibe! It was beautiful!

Wait! What am I doing!? I'm here to meet the hero!! Lilith quickly got herself in order as she stared at Floid. She looked at him closely and tried desperately to tell herself that this isn't the same man that caused their destruction a long ago, but she couldn't! This is definitely the hero! Lilith remembered all the fights that they had with this hero and also all the times that he ended up killing their entire army! She will never forgive him for what he did! It is unforgivable! Lilith was so angry that she wasn't thinking clearly, so the first words to come out of her mouth were.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?"


Lilith stumbled back as a massive killing intent slammed into her. Floid hummed as he turned towards the side and eyed Rizi. She was still standing with that cocky smirk on her face but the killing intent she was releasing would have been enough to kill a giant!

"This is the office of the demon lord. I will not allow low-level dirt like you to talk to our master like that. Show some respect or I will erase you from existence, succubus slut,"

Lilith quickly nodded her head in fear! She couldn't believe the sort of aura that dwarf had! Lilith immediately knew that Rizi was at least S-class! It is possible that she even has three SS class skills! Floid waited for this to settle down again before he beckoned Lilith over and told her to sit down opposite him. Once Lilith sat down, Floid rest his chin on his closed fist as he finally regarded her.

"Lilith. I can tell that you already know who I am. I won't try to explain my last actions and I also won't give any reason for what I did. But I suppose I still owe you an apology for it. So, let me use this as an apology. Will you come and live here? I promise that you will not lack anything so long as you are a member of my household,"

Rizi's' eyes widened slightly, but that was the only indication that she was surprised at all. It was very rare for a demon lord to grant someone entrance into a household like this. Inviting a succubus is basically unheard of! No matter how high-ranking Lilith was, she was still a succubus and to Rizi, Lilith will always be a creature that is only controlled by its libido!

Lilith looked toward Floid in shock. She also knew how big of a deal this was. Did he even know what he is doing? Inviting her into his household will give her permission to be a commander if he ever goes out to battle. It will give her permission to command other demons in war! Both Lilith and Rizi were shocked by the proposal, but Floid knew exactly what he was doing. He couldn't just let Lilith go. It was one of his mission now to make her stay. If Floid can get this girl to stay by giving her a position in his household then he will gladly do it.

She might be a simple succubus, but Floid knew that she is also a brilliant strategist that can learn very quickly. As the right hand of the king, she was the one that strategized the war that they fought against him. And Floid knows just how many times he had to fight that particular level in the game before he finally won! She is good at diverting attention and making the enemy underestimate her! Sure, she's a little naive, but she will grow past that when I'm done with her! If not for the fact that the demon army she was leading did not have any motivation to follow her then they might have actually won against the humans even if he wasn't there to help them.

Floid thought for sure that Lilith would respond with an immediate yes. He wanted to get this quest done with as quickly as possible. But he was shocked what a quiet 'No' came out of her mouth. Floid blinked in surprise as he saw that her head was bowed and she had her hands squeezed into fists on her lap.

Does she even know what she is refusing!? Does she know what I just granted her!? Floid could see Rizi pulling a weapon out from her spatial space beside him and Lilith flinched in fear when she saw it too. Floid immediately rose his hand and told Rizi to stop. He needed Lilith alive.

"Why did you refuse? An offer like this is not something that I'll give you every day. If you refuse this, you might never get it again,"

Lilith shook her head from side to side. No matter what, she couldn't betray her king. This man here is the enemy. He was the enemy a hundred years ago and she has been dreaming of how she will kill him for all the things he did to them all this while!? How can she just join his household when he is the one that killed her king!? Lilith looked up with a glare and her teeth ground against each other as she forced herself not to shout! She knew that the demon maid would kill her if she ever raised her voice against the demon lord.

"I'm sorry, my Lord. I cannot make myself forget the things you did to me and my army. If I were to join your household I will only dishonor you with hatred and I will also dishonor their deaths. I do not wish to sully the title of the demon lord with the hatred I feel for you,"

Lilith tried her best to say this in a calm voice. Once she was done, she then bowed her head down till her forehead pressed against her knee as she begged him to let her go. Floid was confused. He was very confused. What in the world is wrong with this girl. Is her loyalty to a dead king this intense. So intense that she will even refuse an offer like this now? It has been a hundred years and she still has this sort of hatred for me?

Well, Floid did not hate people like her. Her tenacity was great and she was probably one of the demons with the strongest mental capacity. If Lilith had accepted the offer that Floid gave her, then he would not have done anything bad to her but he will also not care about her at all. He will just see her as another member of the background in his life. But her refusing the offer made him really start to see her. She was now interesting to him.

Floid decided that he would let her go. She wasn't going to die now and he could always try again to get her later. Floid wanted to see what sort of thing she would do if he lets her go.

"Okay, Lilith. I don't think I can convince you otherwise, so leave. But remember that I gave you this offer today. The next time I make an offer like this it will not be for you to join my household,"

Lilith nodded before Floid commanded Rizi to open a portal and the succubus walked through. Once she was gone, Rizi clicked her tongue in distaste. She really wanted to kill that irritating succubus. The fact that Lilith actually refused the demon lord was making Rizi go mad from anger!

"Calm down Rizi, we'll see her again,"

Rizi turned to the demon lord and saw him calmly signing some papers. How can he be so sure? And why does he want that succubus so much? For a moment, Rizi wondered if the demon lord fell for the succubus, but she immediately disregarded that thought. The demon lord didn't even look at the succubus with lust for a second. And if he fell for her then he would have simply taken her. It's not like the succubus can stop him! But then why did he try so hard to make her a part of his household?

Floid didn't have any plans for getting Lilith to come back, but he just knew that she would eventually cross paths with him again. Till then he will drop the bonus Quest to the side and complete it later. At least he already completed the first quest and his rewards will be distributed soon.

Just as he thought that a notification appeared on his screen.

[Main Quest Completed]

[The main quest 'Aid the Town of Hampshire and gain the territory back' has been completed and the rewards will be distributed now]

[New Quest: Find the Japanese swordswoman and kill her. Reward: Unparalleled Architectural knowledge]

Floid rose a brow at the new quest that he just got. This is strange. Floid could already guess the exact person that the system was talking about and he couldn't believe that the woman was still alive!

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