Chapter 57: Don't Forget That Mandy Carter Saved Your Life_1

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The housekeeper just came in from outside.

Spencer Sullivan asked the housekeeper, "Which hospital did Sienna go to?"

The housekeeper replied, "Serenity Hospital."

Heather George's voice followed the housekeeper's, "Spencer Sullivan, I'm telling you, you must be good to Mandy Carter and Sienna for the rest of your life. Don't forget that it was Mandy who saved your life. Otherwise, you would have died in that bitch's hands."

The last sentence was full of hatred.

As Spencer Sullivan said, the hatred for the Young family would not be resolved after Yoel Young's death.

Listening to Heather George's words, Spencer Sullivan's steps faltered, and the hand hanging down beside his leg curled and trembled slightly.

Then, he took another step forward.


Yvonne Young leaned against her bed, watching Yolanda's video. The smile of her little boy in the video was very healing.

Her mood became more relaxed.

'Knock knock'